Deliver Us From Evil #1

by Peter Breau & Mattia Doghini

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Repeatedly interspersed with disconcerting glimpses into the historical depravity of mankind whenever steered by the whispered word of the Devil, Peter Breau’s plot for issue one of Deliver Us From Evil is probably best perused with the lights on and a stiff drink to hand. Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine a reader experiencing a more disturbing twenty-two-page periodical as they’re brutally thrown into the chaos-filled world of the mysterious Mister Lazar and the seemingly diabolical doings of D.R.E.D.D.

Just as discombobulating as this publication’s pleasing plot is Mattia Doghini’s engrossing artwork, which adds an incredible amount of atmosphere to the storytelling, courtesy of the artist’s heavily shadowed sketching style and the decision to boldly print the comic in just black and white. The illustrator’s double splash-page of Montauk’s interior is well worth the cost of this comic alone as it should take any perusing bibliophile an eternity to fully assimilate all the different dimensions it depicts.... this excerpts of a review written by Simon “Blaxkleric” Moore

Deliver us from Evil #1
Writer/Creator: Peter Breau
Art: Mattia Doghini
Letters: Francisco Zamora
Constantine Lazar created by Peter Breau/Adam Fields/ Mattia Doghini
Silent Violette created by Peter Breau/Mattia Doghini