5500 Miles of Comics

by Betje Ton

With over 250 pages of humorous and heartfelt comic journals, Betje Ton chronicles family life in Los Angeles and her move to the Netherlands during a global pandemic.

With her incredibly popular 'slice of life' comic strips, Betje is one of the most subscribed to Substack accounts in the comics category, and that’s saying something when you’re up against Hickman, Snyder, BKV and the like!

For fans of Emitown, Lucy Knisley, Jeffrey Brown, Hedger Humor


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Let's Be Honest

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Happy Tear

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Travelogue Roadwork PDF

A travelogue made on a family trip from the Netherlands to Italy.


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Betje has over twenty years experience as an illustrator and cartoonist and is happy to help people...



One evening, I picked up a pen and drew about my day. For five years I didn’t stop: I drew with my hand in a cast and I drew when we moved internationally during a global pandemic. I drew about homeschooling my kids while trying to work and I drew about that time I almost set the house on fire. My home changed, the kids grew and my drawings improved. And then, all this drawing ended. I drew about that too. Finally, I had a chance to have a good look and make a selection.


That’s what this book is: the very best of roughly 5500 miles of comics. Over 250 pages of relatable, funny and heartfelt comics.


Autobiographical comics, as they’re written and drawn by the person who had the experiences,  are an incredible way to see the world from someone else’s perspective. Now that we all seem to live in bubbles of like minded people, it’s incredibly meaningful to have this kind of insight into the life of someone you wouldn’t meet otherwise. You will either recognize yourself in these stories or learn something new.









With over twenty years of experience as an illustrator and cartoonist, Betje has illustrated anything from children’s books to calendars and greeting cards that were sold all over the Netherlands and the United States.  


She writes and draws short stories for Tina, one of the longest running comic magazines in the Netherlands and has created cartoons that were shared by Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, 9Gag and many others.


"We the reader are invited to accompany Betje through everything from a trip to the emergency room to expat tears to moments of pure bliss with old friends. Betje uses her humor, honesty, and charming artwork to bring significance to small, human moments we all recognize."

- Natalie Nourigat, Director of Far From The Tree, author of I Moved to LA to Work in Animation 


"Betje’s daily comic journal is such an honest and real look at life’s moments—the ups, the downs and everything in between. And her drawings! They are wonderfully humorous and bring the whole thing to life. I love reading these every day! "

- Adrienne Hedger, Cartoonist for Hedger Humor

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We anticipate a Fall '23 fulfillment after a successful campaign, and Zoop will coordinate with the overseas publisher and printer, provide updates and communicate any delays that may pop up.

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