The Other Happy Place - Chapter 0

by Jessi Sheron

This Chapter 0 to the cosmic horror story The Other Happy Place will serve as the project's Art Book.

The story concerns Vinnie, a young woman who travels to another dimension run by bizarre otherworldly beings, Vinnie is exploring and trying to stay alive, while documenting her adventure in the form of a journal.

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Pink Midnight Presents: Barber Psychic

by Paul Allor, Juan Romera & Claire Napier

Clarence Adams is a small-town barber with a horrible secret: when he cuts your hair, he sees your future. But Clarence tells no one, and does all he can to keep the future intact. He works. He gets married. He lives a life. He lives the life he knows is laid out for him.

Pink Midnight Presents: Barber Psychic follows eighty years in one man's life, as Clarence tries to do what's right by doing nothing, even as an increasingly uncertain future threatens to swallow him whole.


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A Good Sport

A Good Sport

by Soizick Jaffre

A Good Sport is a graphic memoir written and drawn by French cartoonist Soizick Jaffre, detailing her participation in the 2018 Gay Games, her lifelong love of athletics, and her own personal search for freedom. This memoir is visually rich with Jaffre's colorful, expressive illustration style that runs the gamut from realistic portrayal to eye-popping surrealism. A Good Sport deftly balances both personal and world history to paint a picture of feminist triumph and queer self-determination.

Jaffre's journey takes her from the beaches of France to the streets of Saigon, from the cafes of Tel Aviv to the bowling alleys of America. Along the way we learn some of the history of the Gay Games and their origins in Olympian Tom Waddell's fight against discrimination. We also see how the Games provide a gathering point for a world of queer athletes whose drive to compete is also an expression of their personal struggles for equal rights in their home countries. Throughout A Good Sport, Jaffre makes the connection between one's right to participate in a chosen sport and the "game of freedom" that we all must play to become our best selves.

A Good Sport is a full-color trade paperback over 150 pages in length, published by award-winning imprint Stacked Deck Press. It features an introduction by cartoonist and comics scholar Justin Hall and a foreword by Gay Games organizer Pascale Reinteau. A Good Sport has something to inspire, inform, and delight readers from all walks of life.


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