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Free For All

by Patrick Horvath

It's the newest release from the creator of IDW's hottest selling indie comic of 2023/2024, BENEATH THE TREES WHERE NOBODY SEES.

Welcome to the future. The world is at peace and thriving. Housing, food, education, healthcare… all of the basic requirements for living are now provided for by the World Finance League, and it’s all funded by a lottery. Wealthy citizens of the world are picked at random and given the choice to either donate half of their assets for the greater good of the world, or fight to the death to keep it all. Among these trillionaire gladiators, two former lovers square off in this global arena to settle their differences once and for all.

Regardless of who lives or dies, we all win.


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Hack/Slash: The Card Game

by Zoop Games


The long running comic book series Hack/Slash is coming back to crowdfunding, but this time…fans will do the slashing! Fan-favorite “Slasher” villains from the series’ 20 year history will terrorize 1-6 players in a pulse-pounding deck building card game that recreates key events from the comics!

Players will play as the heroes, Cassie and Vlad, and build up their decks with more powerful attacks, combos, and special moves. The core game comes with a “Double-Feature” offering two villainous Slashers from the Hack/Slash universe, with more expansions and Slashers to come!


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Los Ojos

by Trevor Mueller

Andres Sanchez is a hitman for hire with a special ability - when he looks people in los ojos (the eyes) he doesn’t see them as human, he sees them as angels or demons. He believes demons walk among us disguised as people, and he uses his ability to select his targets, only killing those he thinks are monsters. But lately he’s started to question if his special sight is showing him the truth, or if he’s just crazy.

Haunted by the possibility that he may be killing people and not monsters, Andres now has to rethink his powers and his profession. At the same time, he’s forging a relationship with a woman and her son that he saved, while secretly being hunted by both the FBI and a mysterious organization of assassins who also have supernatural senses like Andres.

It’s John Wick meets John Constantine: one man with two guns fighting his demons both literal and imaginary!

Los Ojos is a 132 page full color graphic novel for mature readers from award-winning writer Trevor Mueller and artist Francesco Iaquinta, with a special exclusive cover by Ben Templesmith!


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