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About Us

We give creators what they need and fans what they want.

What is Zoop?

For publishers and creators, Zoop is an all-in-one pre-order, production, fulfillment, and marketing solution that connects them directly to their fans. In addition to data and analytics reports, social and email integrations, Zoop handles the admin and business side of things, so publishers and creators can focus on creating more of what their fans want.

For fans, this is the easiest way to have direct access to what you love. Want to support a campaign by getting more than 1 item? Get ‘em all! Need multiple of a single item? Let’s do it! Tired of having to buy something during a campaign, and have to wait for the “after-campaign” campaign to buy something else you wanted? No more of that! Let’s make it easier on everyone!

Why we are here

While the idea for Zoop was born in 2018, the 2020 Pandemic proved that we needed an end-to-end, low-risk, direct-to-consumer solution to meet the needs of the fandom community.

We aim to sustain and grow our favorite industries (and beyond) by bringing crowdfunding, e-commerce, production, fulfillment, and distribution together under a single, simple platform.

Because a reliable distribution system should be the standard. Because publishers shouldn’t be forced to constrict their staff and output. Because creators shouldn’t waste valuable time researching and vetting potential 3rd party vendors, making profit and loss spreadsheets, and calculating shipping costs. Because fans should be able to have a more à la carte experience on a streamlined & intuitive interface and connect with the creators they love. Because no one can do it alone.

How we got here

Zoop was conceived by Jordan Plosky and Eric Moss in the summer of 2020. After enlisting CTO Marvin Osswald to head up development, Brett Schenker to handle in-house marketing, and Camilla Zhang (former Comics Outreach Lead at Kickstarter) to advise on customer experience, they launched the new platform in June 2021 to much critical acclaim, and continue to run campaigns on it for comics projects and beyond.

Jordan Plosky, Co-Founder & CEO

  • - Founder & CEO of subscription based digital comic startup, ComicBlitz (acquired in Nov 2018 and rebranded to ConTV + Comics)

  • - Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

Eric Moss, Co-Founder & COO

  • - Project Managed #1 comics crowdfunding campaign of all time, BRZRKR

  • - Former Sr. Director, Business Development, IDW

  • - Former Disney, Cryptozoic

Marvin Osswald, Co-Founder & CTO

  • - System Architect

  • - Full Stack Developer

Brett Schenker, Digital Marketing Czar

  • - Founder GraphicPolicy.com and Boardgametoday.com

  • - Comic industry data research featured in The Atlantic, Forbes

What we stand for


We have the unique opportunity to connect directly with our clients and their fans, advocating for their needs and issues. When they provide feedback, we do more than listen—we act. That bond is what sets us apart.


Clear communication is the backbone of effective, and fulfilling teamwork. We strive to always be honest and open with each other, with our clients, and with our community.


We want to service our customers better than anyone else. By listening and learning from them with humility and understanding, we can make our own product that much better for them, their fans, and for us!


We know that diversity in people and ideas (so long as they do not infringe upon anyone's rights, life, and emotional and physical health) are key to building a more just, imaginative, and successful world. We go the extra mile to be representative of the world we wish to see, internally as a business and externally in the clients we work with.


We are in the business of empowering our clients, so it makes sense that we should empower our employees, who have equal say in the product and the business. We believe collective decision making not only empowers our employees and clients, it brings them long-term happiness.


A company is nothing if they do not have happy team members who are excited to work, and innovate. Everyone needs to feel valued, and appreciated. Whether that's in regards to job description, title, compensation, time off, personal issues, etc. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think we could provide our clients and employees joy.