Age of Canaan

by Nir Levie

Follow the gods of Canaan as they navigate celestial warfare and moral dilemmas, weaving a captivating tale of myth and humanity. Brought to you by Inkwell Award-winning creator Nir Levie.

"Gorgeous, surrealist, provocative..." - STEVE ORLANDO

For fans of 300, Vinland Saga, Berserk, Tale of Tales, The Storyteller


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Original Art - Ch 2 pg 10

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Original Art - Ch 1 pg 10

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Original Art - Ch 2 pg 01-02 DPS

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The Story

In the realm of gods and heroes, Akhat, adorned with a divine bow, faces the wrath of Anat, the passionate goddess, who covets his enchanted weapon. Akhat's bold defiance sparks a furious vendetta, and as Anat dispatches her formidable falcon warrior to end his tale, an unexpected hero, Paghat, fueled by grief and rage, steps forward to rewrite the destiny set by the gods.

Embark on a thrilling adventure with the Ancient gods of Canaan in a dynamic fantasy graphic novel interweaving five tales from the 13th century BC Ugaritic chronicles. From epic battles mirroring the seasons to tragic vengeance and divine conflicts, each story unfolds in a captivating tapestry of action. The collection concludes with a mesmerizing love song, using the oldest surviving written melody to poignantly capture the beauty of nature and love through vivid, action-packed imagery. Join us on this mythical journey by supporting the project – where gods clash, heroes rise, and epic tales await. Your backing makes the magic happen!

Delving into the vast tapestry of human mythological history reveals an abundance of narratives, with only a fraction standing the relentless test of time. The stories that endure are often the ones co-opted by major religions, leaving behind a concealed wealth of untapped tales. As a descendant of Jewish heritage, my fascination lies in narratives untouched by the fingerprints of contemporary religious ideologies. Exploring mythological concepts linked to the Levant, I unearthed an epic literary source that remains largely unscathed. The Ugaritic texts unveil the Canaan ideology through a rich tapestry of myths and legends, a worldview deemed pagan by modern standards. The ancient Canaanite society's focus on nature, encompassing farming, animals, seasons, and the ebb and flow of droughts and rains, echoes through these texts. In the modern era, there's a resurging interest in these elemental themes, rendering these stories not relics of the past, but instead, surprisingly relevant and resonant in today's world.



Pinup Gallery

Brent Mckee / Bruno Seelig


Gonzalo Ruggieri / Jason Crager


Jesse Simpson / Artyom Trakhanov



Steve Orlando (DC Comics):
“AGE OF CANAAN is a gorgeous rebirth of an epic poem, and epic world, that's too long laid in obscurity. This is the kind of retelling folklore demands--gorgeous, surrealist, provocative artwork with heroes and struggles that bridge the mythic past and our present.”

Carson Grubaugh (Living the Line):
“Nir Levie brings ancient Canaanite mythology to life with gorgeous psychedelic artwork, dizzying curvilinear perspectives, bold, near-fluorescent colors, and epic figurative work that enhances the mythic proportion of these poems. This book easily competes against the likes of Fraction and Ward's ODY-C and the best that Tradd Moore has to offer, but ups the ante by introducing the world to a long under-represented root of our shared mythological lineage.”

Jesse Schedeen (IGN):
“one of 2022's most unique graphic novels” (BIORIPPLE)

Dustin Holland (CBR):
“The strongest addition to the cyberpunk canon in recent memory is Nir Levie's BIORIPPLE”

Andrew Firestone (Screen Rant):
“Bioripple is a stunning and contemplative wonder of artistic vision as well as an innovative spin on the technological dystopia that will have readers hooked”

Kris Longo (Modern Fanatic):
“20 years ago Paul Pope’s 100% made me feel like I was reading special and visionary. I had the exact same feeling when I first saw BIORIPPLE from nirlevie. I’d tell you to remember his name, but I am certain you won’t forget it.”

Chris Coplan (AIPT):
“…Levie knows how to build…as he works as an architect. But when he’s not expanding the physical world, he’s assembling some rather bonkers projects that poke and prod the very lines of reality.”

Tim Hayes (Tripwire):
“Levie’s art is fluid and flexible, right-angles a rare thing as fisheye and barrel lens distortions combine all the claustrophobia of subjective viewpoints with the occasional feeling of VR footage.”

Joel Meadows(The Jewish Chronicles):
“Welcome to this artist’s mind-bending graphic world”



I am an an Inkwell Award-winning (2023) architect, artist, and comic creator with a passion for pushing the boundaries of storytelling. With projects like Bioripple (Heavy Metal) and collaborations with Humanoids, I strive to challenge the conventional laws of the universe, exploring innovative and unique narratives that invite readers to reconsider their perceptions of the world. My approach involves weaving plots in a mathematical manner, aiming to provoke thought and engage readers on a profound level.

Stretch Goals

$5,000 - More pinups added from more artists (UNLOCKED)

$7,500 - we will add a Behind the Scenes chapter (20 extra pages) with scanned selected inked pages, Pencils, layouts, scripts, references and more

$10,000 - 3D print of a character from the comic – the godess Anat

$15,000 - another 3D print – the god Baal 


At the end of the campaign, 7 out of the 8 chapters will be done, and the book will be ready for print by June ‘24. Fulfillment would then be anticipated to start by late summer ‘24.

Nir will send updates with behind-the-scenes information along the way, and Zoop will be here to communicate with supporters should any delays occur, if there’s confusion about delivery, or if any other concerns pop up.

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