Almost Real: A Speculative Biology Zine (Vol. 5 • Mythology)

by Jay Eaton & Hye Mardikian

Legends new and old come to life in Almost Real’s fifth mythological volume, powered by our contributors’ speculative imaginations.

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Unleash the world of the Tarrasque! Select this tier to not only get the zine and the digital PDF, but also the 11x17" Tarrasque insert poster by Mar Spragge and Puzzled Jay Productions! NOTE: this tier is available for Stretch Goal add-ons.



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Get the zine and the digital PDF, the 11x17" Tarrasque insert poster by Mar Spragge and Puzzled Jay Productions, and the Zoop campaign-exclusive Griffin enamel pin! NOTE: this tier is available for Stretch Goal add-ons.



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Get the zine and the digital PDF, the 11x17" Tarrasque insert poster by Mar Spragge and Puzzled Jay Productions, and the Zoop campaign-exclusive Volume 5 iron-on woven patch! NOTE: this tier is available for Stretch Goal add-ons.



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5 copies of the Almost Real Vol. 5 Zine (with the Tarrasque poster included in all copies)! NOTE: We reserve the right to request proof of identification of relation to vendor if you select this tier."


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Vol. 5 Tarrasque Poster Insert

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Extra 11x17" print of the "Tarrasque" Poster Insert by Mar Spragge and Puzzled Jay Productions! This item is campaign-exclusive and won't be reproduced!


Vol. 5 Griffin Enamel Pin

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Vol. 5 Iron-on Woven Patch

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Extras of the Vol. 5 iron-on woven patch! This item is campaign-exclusive and won't be reproduced!


Almost Real Vol. 1 Softcover and Digital PDF

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Vol. 1 softcover and paired digital PDF! 13 artists blend the fantastical with the scientific in a 60+ page collection of fictitious critters inspired by 90s era publications.


Almost Real Vol. 2 Softcover and Digital PDF

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Vol. 2 softcover and paired digital PDF! Take off into the world of speculative biology with Almost Real's second volume focused on flight, powered by 15 amazing contributors.


Almost Real Vol. 3 Softcover and Digital PDF

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Vol. 3 softcover and paired digital PDF! Dive into worlds of imagination with the Almost Real zine series' 3rd volume: inspired by aquatics, and powered by 15 amazing creators.


Almost Real Vol. 4 Softcover and Digital PDF

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Vol. 4 softcover and paired digital PDF! Powered by Biotechnology, and inspired by the imaginations of over a dozen contributors.




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Visions of painted worlds! This tier includes the Full Vol. 5 Bundle with our EXCLUSIVE, one-of-a-kind original 12x20" watercolor painting by Mar Spragge and Puzzled Jay Productions of the "Tarrasque" Poster Insert artwork: shipped straight from the artists and to your door! *USA BACKERS ONLY* NOTE: this tier is available for Stretch Goal add-ons.



Five years ago, development began on Almost Real’s first volume— bringing artists together for a collaborative project in the world of speculative biology. Since then, we’ve taken to the skies with Volume 2, explored the depths in Volume 3, and crafted biotechnological wonders in Volume 4. 

Five years later, Almost Real is taking a look at the mythological as inspiration for the biological

Welcome to Almost Real: A Speculative Biology Zine (Vol. 5: MYTHOLOGY!)



Imagined in 2017 and first successfully crowdfunded in 2018, the Almost Real: A Speculative Biology Zine series is an annual publication with a unique collection of contributors per-issue, and managed by co-editors Jay Eaton and Hye Mardikian. Inspired by colorful informational books of old like Zoobooks and interactive encyclopedia illustrations, this 8.5x11”, full-color magazine will be sure to delight all ages, as well as inspire those looking to ground fantastical creature designs in the scientific world of spec bio. 



With our previous issues’ themes like Flight, Aquatics, and Biotechnology, Almost Real has had the honor of collaborating with dozens of incredible creators, and also bringing together a treasured multitude of readers that’s powered and funded the Almost Real series for half a decade.


For our fifth volume, we’re exploring legends new and old alike with a theme of ✨Mythology!✨ 



Our 15 contributors are putting unique spins on familiar legends; they’ll let you hunt for cryptids, share mythos from alien worlds that hits close to the human heart, and might even introduce you to some brand new mythos to sink your speculative teeth into. With 12 entries (and a special back spread dedicated to our poster critter), you’re sure to feel inspired from these fantastical features.



• Laura Wilson (twitter: @LauraMakesArt)

Why Zoop?

We’re glad you asked; especially considering we funded our first four volumes on Kickstarter! is a platform that specializes in comics and graphic novel crowdfunding— built by people familiar with book-related, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, and handled by those who specialized in comics outreach. Almost Real’s contributor roster is also a unique blend of comic artists, illustrators, writers, and academics that carry a love for the natural world around them that inspired their entries; alongside a myriad of other internal, non-crypto-supporting reasons, we saw Zoop would be a wonderful new home for the zine we’ve worked on for half a decade.



Zoop will also be able to provide more accurate shipping charges and reward pledge fulfillment for our backers to avoid the fulfillment problems we ran into last campaign— pandemic guidelines and current world shipping restrictions/delays aside. We’re stoked to have been accepted onto the platform, and there’s no speculation on our ends that Zoop’s customer service has been stellar for us so far!

Our Budget


We’ve had to update our base goal thanks to shipping rate changes and inflation, but our funding allocations have mostly stayed the same! Our three main chunks are dedicated to shipping, artist payment, and then printing the zine itself, so there’s not much of an update in this realm as we bring Volume 5 to life.  



What you came here for! At the usual size of 8.5x11” printed on a durable internal/external stock, Volume 5’s 70+ pages are available as a softcover magazine, or as a specially-formatted and DRM-free PDF. Every pledge at a selected tier gets your own custom name on the Special Thanks pages, too!



Check out Zoop’s unique "Add-ons" feature to build your pledge with extra copies, side rewards, older volumes, and more! 🦄✨


For purchasing previous copies individually or acquiring them in advance of our projected Summer/Fall 2022 fulfillment for Vol. 5, visit Fortuna Media's store here for physical or digital editions of Volume 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Combining the incredible, collaborative imaginations of Mar Spragge and Puzzled Jay Productions, our poster artist team has brought a family of TARRASQUES  life on our 11x17” insert poster!



You’ll also find this piece inside the zine with some signature Almost Real exposition about this funky family of fellas, but pledge at our appropriate levels to take in the whole poster! 


Our singleton, high-reward tier of “ILLUMINATED BEASTS” will snag one amazing backer the original 12x18” watercolor painting, mailed directly from the artists with utmost care (and utmost thanks for your support)!


Following the unique pin per-issue tradition for Almost Real, we’re back at it again— featuring our cover critter, the golden marsupial griffin! 

Screenprinting, diestruck gold, AND an epoxy coat: what’s more regal than a shining example of speculative mythos? This’ll be one of our larger pins, and with plenty of detail you won’t wanna miss! 

That’s right, we’re bringing back an iron-on patch as a side reward! But what makes this one a bit more special, you might ask?



Inspired by marginalia critters and other heraldic beast artwork, this beefy woven patch with golden spot thread will be a gorgeous addition to any accessory that could use a little extra shine!

Stretch Goals

Tango and Swing are ready to prove or debunk these myths with your help! How far can we drive our funding up the historical arch into the griffin revealing their secrets?

With every issue of Almost Real, this book wouldn’t exist without the incredible creativity and hard work of our contributors. Therefore, we want to make sure they’re the first and best funded by our budgetary ability, and your further support will only help expand their speculative visions.


Our first stretch goal at $20,500 increases our artists' payments by an extra bonus!  UPDATE MAY 22 | REACHED!

Our second stretch goal at $25,000 increases our artists' payments by an extra bonus!  UPDATE May 26 | REACHED!


(If we break our last goal, all subsequent stretch goals after $28,000 will go directly into bonuses for our artists in multiples of $3k, so support us to raise that bar for artist payment! This section will be updated as the campaign both progresses and we break future stretch goals.)

Want to see our critters leap off Volume 5’s pages? Our guest artist stretch goal has you covered! 


At $22,000, guest artist Little Tunny (@itslittletunny) will illustrate a 8.5x11" sticker sheet and be included for free in all tiers at "CONFOUNDING CREATURES" and up, featuring unique designs and of our 3rd volume's creatures and critters! UPDATE MAY 24 | REACHED!


Printed on waterproof matte vinyl, this sticker sheet will come complimentary starting at and above the “CONFOUNDING CREATURES” tier (or any tier that has the label of "this tier is available for stretch goal add-ons"!)


Another complimentary manuscript has revealed itself from the archives! 

At $28,000, our woven patch artwork will be printed onto a sturdy 6x9” gold foil print, included for free in all tiers at "CONFOUNDING CREATURES" and up! UPDATE MAY 31 | REACHED!


Printed on heavy duty card stock and embellished with gorgeous gold foil touches like its smaller patch cousin, this print will come free with any tier at “CONFOUNDING CREATURES” and up (or any tier that has the label of "this tier is available for stretch goal add-ons"!)

The Editors

Ye olde editors Jay and Hye back at it again! Mind the administrative “headaches.”


Jay Eaton (biological editor, contributor, chief series director & artist) has been harassing worms and pillbugs, wondering how organisms work and why, and using science to twist existing creatures into troubling new forms since childhood. Many years later, they continue to draw made up animals and harass bugs, but professionally this time. Their comics and world-building projects focus on hard science fiction and fantasy, with an emphasis on complex, immersive settings. Find more of their work on their blog, twitter, or website. 


Hye Mardikian (@explodinghye, book designer & editor, project business administrator), is a 29 year old queer Armenian graphic designer, editor, and business/technical administrator in the PNW who talks way too much about Star Trek between typesetting and worldbuilding writing. Server by day and Fortuna Media EIC by night, their Seattle-based micropress began with TABULA IDEM and continues with Almost Real— still seeking to create cohesive, collaborative works that give worthy frames to the beauty found in the art that graces those pages. Find more of their work at

Special Thanks

• To our contributors, from both Hye and Jay: we thank you for being with us during a pre-production that took unexpected twists and turns, we’re delighted by the incredible critters you’ve put clear amounts of love and work into, and we’re so excited to show the world what you’ve brought to life!

• To the coastal Salish peoples and their lands where Fortuna Media’s editors operate out of and live on (specifically the Duwamish Tribe where Seattle is and its leaders have never recognized): we acknowledge we’re here where your lands and peoples are without permission and colonialist invasion. We urge our backers on Zoop to be aware of the plights of erasure the Salish/Duwamish face regarding climate change and cultural assimilation, and we hope you support them through any and all means possible by action and advocacy.

• To our former backers from Volumes 1 all the way to 4: thanks for helping us in our move to Zoop (we wish we could get y’all pizza)! We hope you enjoy this newest installation in a series we’re humbled has been able to go on for five years, and we can only strive to do better with each campaign. 

• To the spec bio community: thank you as well for helping germinate and inspire the idea for Almost Real in the first place. May you continue to create and invent life as vast as the worlds and sciences you tackle.

• To Iron Spike of Iron Circus Comics, for originally creating the artist bonus model that began on Kickstarter!

• Iris Jay (@irisjaycomics), for creating our ever-wonderful crowdfunding campaign videos and trademarking “Almost Real!”. Forsooth: find more of her work here!

• Always, for Liam Willow Rain Brueggerhoff (1994-2017).


We've learned a lot from our last campaign's shipping/UI hurdles, and we're thankfully able to streamline our future fulfillment process with help from Zoop's platform and shipping program updates on our ends! While books are set to begin printing in late June and continue on for the proceeding weeks, all the zine's internal artwork is ready to go, the editors putting on the finishing touches while this campaign is live. Barring any extra finishing touches we might need to make, side tier manufacturing, and possible production/shipping delays, we expect fulfillment begin in August at the latest, and peeter into the beginnings of fall.


1 week ago

Fulfillment FINALLY BEGINS! Digital PDFs inbound: shipping before end of 2022!

Jay & Hye

Hello hello, backers of Almost Real Vol. 5! 

It's been a hot minute, and we thank you immensely for both your patience and support of Volume 5.  On behalf of the artists we were able to give significant bonuses to that contributed to Volume 5 and your two editors, it's been a wrestle getting Volume 5 out the door for a few reasons: mostly due to paper shortages, workloads of both editors who work full-time freelance and day jobs, and life rearrangements like moving and personal situations. But with both the end of development and the new year in sight, we're determined to get Vol. 5 out to you before the end of it all, and we can only again extend our appreciation for our supporters who got us so far in our initial funding period. As a token of our appreciation, every physical backer will be receiving a free sticker as a way of saying thanks for the wait (even if you didn't pledge for @itslittletunny's sticker sheet): a very marginalia-core griffin from Vol. 5's cover!

A little token of our appreciation, AND gets you some cool merch!

In better news! With our supplementary reward goodies all complete in manufacturing, the only thing we have left to wait on is our zines themselves, which are FINALLY moving now with a US-based printer in our desired specs! We're aiming to receive them around the end of November or the first week of December, and we'll begin fulfillment immediately before we creep too far into the beginning of 2023. For your digital PDFs, you'll be receiving emails from Zoop itself containing both your Vol. 5 PDF and any other add-ons you might've selected during the campaign. As a notice: these link codes for backers will expire after December 31st, 2022, so make sure you download them before the cut-off date! 

In short, thank you all again; we can't vocalize our appreciation enough as we both make it through another year, striving to bring you another cool collection of speculative biology. Reach out to us at if you have any questions about your download links, zines, or need to change your address (if so, please include your initial order/backer number or Zoop-associated email so we can easily find your order!), and we'll be back soon with news of physical arrivals. For now, enjoy your PDFs, have a happy fall, and enjoy Volume 5! 🦄🍁✨

Best Wishes, 

Jay Eaton & Hye Mardikian

1 month ago

All rewards in, awaiting the zines! Fulfillment begins in October!

Jay & Hye
Hello hello, backers of Almost Real Vol. 5! 
We hope you've had a wonderful end to summer as we ebb into fall! Thanks for your patience with us, as we've both been busy with all moving apartments, real life day jobs/family affairs, AND moving distribution platforms. We're also waiting on our zines from our printer with a hopeful arrival date in mid-October; tumultuous paper shortages across the globe also made this round a bit more difficult, too. 
In fantastic news: we've received all the supplemental rewards, and y'all are in for a treat for Volume 5's extra goodies! Check out our photos below! 
Our pins turned out INCREDIBLE; you're in for a (literal) big treat when you see these in person!
Peep those @itslittletunny stickers 👀👀👀
That's all we have for now! Keep watch for future Zoop messages heralding your digital downloads, and be sure to reply for any address changes you might have in between now and when we send your order out this fall. Have a delightfully-spooky October, and your zines will see you soon! 🎃🌿✨
Jay Eaton & Hye Mardikian 
3 months ago

Response Requested: Special Thanks Survey Time EXTENDED to 8/24!

Jay & Hye
Hello hello, backers of ARz 5! 
Back with a quick update for y'all before we show off proofs and even more merch in our next update! We had a wonderfully busy weekend at Emerald City Comicon previewing prepress spreads of ARz 5 to people (and thanks again to backers/supporters who showed up)! 
Since it was a busy convention for us, we wanted to offer everyone one more day/a possible reminder to fill out your Special Thanks Name surveys before we close responses. We have about half our backers' worth of responses in our survey and want to be sure as many people as possible are able to put their names in, so be sure to fill out this form ASAP  before August 24th, 11:59PM PST to ensure your name's logged for our final go into production!
Thanks again, and talk to you all soon!
3 months ago

Production Continues! Photos and More!

Jay & Hye
Howdy howdy, dear backers of Almost Real Vol. 5! 
It's been a busy and hectic July, putting the finishing touches on the zine; now that we're heading into August, we're one month closer to having the zine in our hands! All of Volume 5's contributors have been paid, and the production lever's been pulled on all our supplementary rewards. Check out the photos below to see a sneak peek at what you may be getting in the mail! 
The posters? Gorgeous. The 6x9" prints? Shiny as heck. The backing cards for the Golden Griffin pin? Just as stunning as the (soon to be arriving) pin, too! 
While we don't have the patches quite yet, they just shipped out from our supplier the other day, so check out these bad golden-threaded boys as well! 
We're still waiting on goodies like the enamel pins, patches, and printing of the (nearly complete!) sticker sheet themselves, but everything else is trickling in! Barring any paper shortages and printing delays, we're still on track to have the zines in our hands towards the end of August and begin fulfillment at the start of September. Remember to reach out to the fine folks at if you need to update your address in the meantime, and thank you all for your patience as we bring this zine to life! 
We have one more parting preview gift for you, fresh off the @ itslittletunny presses for our sticker sheet...
That's all for now, everyone! Have a fantastic rest of your summer, and see you all soon with the zine! 🦄✨
5 months ago

Zoop Campaign OVER! What's next for Volume 5?!

Jay & Hye

Howdy howdy, wonderful Zoop supporters of Almost Real Vol. 5!


What a sight indeed! One month later after launching on for the first time, Almost Real's 5th Volume raised $44,670 over our initial goal of $18,000: blasting through our initial stretch goals, and earning SEVEN WHOLE pay raises for all our contributors! 


There's so much to say, but first and foremost: we're extremely thankful for all your support in helping us move platforms, and also helping us pay our artists as best we can for their hard work. It's been a long road from starting development on our first volume five years ago, to where we're able to put out a mythological issue in 2022. We're so thrilled to share Volume 5's creations with you once we've put the finishing touches on the zine, and keep an eye out for some emails from Zoop for some extra post-campaign info we'll need. Barring any production snags or supply chain-related delays, we're keeping to our target fulfillment period of late summer-into-fall, but we'll keep you updated as certain production stages finish and we start receiving the goods.


In the meantime, all we ask is that you check out Volume 5's incredible roster of contributors, and see what wonders they create on their own time:  


Talk to you soon, and thank you and your stunning level of help to make Almost Real... well, real! 🦄✨ 
Jay Eaton & Hye Mardikian
5 months ago

ALL STRETCH GOALS BROKEN! 2 Weeks left, artist bonuses onward!

Jay & Hye
Howdy, ARz 5 backers far and wide!
With our second week in the bag and heading into week three, we have wonderful news: ALL OF OUR PRE-DETERMINED STRETCH GOALS HAVE BEEN BROKEN! 🎉🎊🥳 
From now on, every milestone of $3,000 since $28,00 will result in another bonus for all our contributing artists (and we're already past $31,000)!!! This is the highest any Almost Real Volume has ever funded on our yearly crowdfunding campaigns, and we can't thank you enough for the support and pledges you've given us to make this happen. You've made our move to Zoop that much easier, and we simply hope you enjoy the zine as much as we've loved watching it come to life behind the scenes. For all backers at the CONFOUNDING CREATURES tiers and above (as well as EARLY BIRD backers), remember that you'll be receiving not ONLY the @itslittletunny sticker sheet, but also a free 6x9" print of our griffin patch artwork too inside the zine!
(You flew too close to the sun! See ya later, Swing!)
That's our last update for now until we hit our last 72 hours! Thank you again for making this campaign the most fundraised out of any ARz issue, and we'll see you soon!
Jay Eaton and Hye Mardikian 
6 months ago

Second Stretch goal BROKEN! 23 days left!

Jay & Hye
Howdy howdy, backers of ARz 5! 
Wonderful news to take us further into our second week! We broke two stretch goals within nearly two days of each other: the first being contributor bonus #1, and the second being our Little Tunny sticker sheet!
Through your support, not only will our artists be paid more, but you'll also reap even more rewards with a FREE 8.5x11" sticker sheet of this issue's creatures drawn by  Little Tunny! As an important note: this sticker sheet is unfortunately not available as an add-on, and is only received with tiers starting at the "CONFOUNDING CREATURES" tier and above (as well as our claimed Early Bird tiers). Thank you again to Little Tunny for them joining ARz5's campaign, and we're so thrilled to have the chance to pay our contributors as much as possible for their hard work!
That's all for now, everyone! Come stretch goals or campaign time milestones, we'll be back soon with some more updates, and thank you as always for your support and sharing!
Jay Eaton and Hye Mardikian 
6 months ago

We're FUNDED! Onward and upward to Stretch Goals!

Jay & Hye

With less than a week of our campaign being live on, Almost Real's 5th Volume for Mythology has hit its initial goal of $18,000!


Forsooth! Celebrate with thine friends and griffins alike!


We can't thank you enough for helping make our move to a new platform that much easier, as well as the support to even hit funding in the first place. Thank you for constantly helping make Almost Real... well, real! Now that we have our initial funding out of the way, it's onwards and upwards to the next exciting thing for our campaign: STRETCH GOALS! 🦄✨


Our first goal will be going towards supporting our contributors with an artist bonus! Every entry into this volume is brought to you by our creators, and there's a reason most of our stretch goals go towards their pockets. And after that? Even more artist bonuses, stickers from campaign guest artist  Little Tunny for "CONFOUNDING CREATURES" tier backers and up, and upgrades to your already en-route merch! 


We've got plenty of time left on our fundraising clock, so let's see how far we can take this campaign! Thank you again for all your support, and for helping Almost Real's 5th volume make it to print on

Jay Eaton and Hye Mardikian
6 months ago

2 days in, 2/3rds of the way to goal! Extended entry preview!

Jay & Hye

Howdy howdy, backers of Almost Real Volume 5!  


What a wonderful move we've had to, and a fantastic first 48 hours it's been for Volume 5's campaign! Thank you to everyone who's pledged or even checked out our page; it means the world to us that you not only stopped by and checked out our campaign, but also supported Almost Real's fifth volume and the contributors that brought this issue to life. We're so stoked to know we have less than $6000 dollars to go until we hit base funding, so let's bring it home and shoot for the stars of stretch goals! As our way of saying thanks, here's an extended preview at one of our other entries: brought to you by contributor Cy ( TheCydork)... 



Our early bird tiers might be all claimed, but we still have all our other add-ons available (alongside Mar Spragge and Puzzled Jay Productions' original TARRASQUE painting tier for one lucky and generous backer)! Thank you again for all your support, and we'll see you here again once we're funded!  



Jay Eaton & Hye Mardikian


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