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A Never-Ending Adventure

by Oscar Osorio

The fantastic quest of an aspiring creator looking for an idea.

A Never-Ending Adventure is a one-shot story of Mark Bear, a young Latino struggling to keep his head straight. A former corporate worker turned comic book writer, Mark needs to think of a winning idea to make a living from his passion. But his mental health is struggling. While going on adventures to his past and foreign lands, will he be able to write a comic book by the last page?


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A Never-Ending Adventure is a one-shot story of Mark Bear, a young Latino struggling to keep his head straight. A former corporate worker turned comic book writer, Mark needs to think of a winning idea to make a living from his passion. But his –undiagnosed- ADHD disperses his thoughts and ideas, and the modern culture of fast stimuli doesn’t help. Therefore, we will follow a day of his life, trying to accomplish his goals by having great adventures, which include trips to his past and foreign lands. Will he be able to write a comic book by the last page?


We will focus on exploring Mark’s thoughts in the form of a fantastic adventure and the Latino approach to mental health. We will show Mark’s struggle with distractions, disappointing loved ones, and dealing with imposter syndrome. The book will feature a series of side stories, with different art styles and artists, spawning from Mark’s main story, that shows how his head works and how he easily transitions from one thought to another. With your help, we will make this book about career change, mental health, creating comics, and epic quests a reality!




Digital Bundle

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Comic Books

- Bearer of Ages #1 by CJ Hudson, Atula Siriwardane, Latasha Hudson, and Isaac Willbanks
- Coshoho #1 by Andres Labrada
- Kid Cretaceous #1 by J. Michael Miller, Gaspar Sabater, and Dee Nonan
- Magni the Mighty #1 by Devin Arscott, David Monge Bautista, Ibrahim Aydin, and LetterSquids
- Malice + Magic #1 by C.M. Edwards, and Jhomar Soriano
- The Sentinel #1 by Isaac Willbanks, Matteo Meloni, and Devin Arscott
- That Stickfigure Isekai by Christopher Carrasco, and Andrea Fulop
- Star Gazers Sirius (Preview) by Chong Bevis, Embalzado Snyder, Bobz Nurseto, and Polkhovskyi Sarabia



- Revenge of the Radar Men: The Return of Commando Cody by Jeff Deischer.
- The Wild Adventures of Cthulhu Volume One by Will Murray


Oscar Osorio is a Peruvian comic book writer and former corporate worker. He loves sci-fi, horror and fiction, especially when they carry social commentary. A longtime reader, he started contributing to the industry with reviews, articles, and opinions. For the new year, he decided to follow his passion and start writing full-time. Be on the lookout, as he has many stories to tell.


The art in this book comes from four talented international artists: Terri Susca (The Healer’s Blade) from Italy, Mary Landro (Rich) from Canada, Amalas Rosa (Icebreaker) from Germany, and Vinicius Carreiro (Supernova, Iberu 16 Generals) from Brazil.


Vinícius Carreiro is an illustrator and comic artist from Brazil, working with several authors in different genres. His favorite genre is superhero, but his more prominent influences are Akira, 80's The Shadow (Chaykin's and Baker's run), and The Incal.


Amalas Rosa is an illustrator and comic artist from Germany. She loves to draw urban scenes and small slice-of-life moments and to sprinkle them with a hint of nostalgia and melancholia. She wants to capture human relationships and the beauty between cracked concrete and rusty poles. The magic of subtle touches and the joy of running around and bumping knees. She wants to evoke the memory of a moment that you might not have lived but that you can still feel. When she isn't drawing she loves photography and discovering new cities and places.


Mariateresa Susca is an illustrator and comic artist from the south of Italy. She likes to work on many different things, from comic book superhero fanarts to story-driven illustrations starring her original characters. Passionate about art, history, and mythology/ancient Legends. She contributed with an illustration to the successful "The Dark Side of Purity" anthology KS campaign by Band of Bards and collaborated to create a 10-page comic for BoB's horror anthology "From the Static." She collaborated with lots of creators, making variant covers and illustrations, and she's currently in the production stage of a comic called "The Healer's Blade." You can find her and her works on Twitter @wnikeartist and wnikeartist.carrd.co


Mary Landro is a Canadian comic artist and illustrator, having worked on projects such as Ozzy Osbourne's "Patient Number 9" music video, "Frankenstein: The Unconquered" by Four Colour Comics, and "Lycan" by Exo Comics. She enjoys drawing anything horror or monster-related, and is always excited to take on new projects. 

Stretch Goals

$5,000 - Digital Behind-the-Scenes PDF. Director’s commentary


$6,000 - 3 more books for the Digital Bundle


This is a 32-page comic, and we are well into production. The rest of the pages will be completed 3 months after the campaign. Printing, packaging, and shipping will take 2 months. So fulfillment is expected to be in December '23.


As a first-time creator and long-time reader, I knew I needed to prove my work's legitimacy, especially in delivering an outstanding product, in the promised times. Therefore, I'm working with Devin Arscott, who has successfully Kickstarted projects and will bring that same quality to this endeavor. In addition, I'm working towards building my reputation, as I want to stay in the industry for a long time, which gives me the confidence that we'll meet and exceed your expectations. As a newcomer, I want nothing more than to have you read my book.



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