Ax-Wielder Jon

by Nick Pitarra

A ruthless killer in a world of monsters and mayhem makes a precious discovery and learns what a man is willing to lose to protect what he loves most. It’s an epic adventure in every sense of the word.

AX-WIELDER JON is created, written, and drawn by Nick Pitarra, the Eisner-nominated and New York Times bestselling co-creator of the Manhattan Projects, who is known for his hyper-detailed and dynamic art.

The COMPLETED full color over-sized 148-page hardcover is finally here, after months of anticipation!

-Frank Quitely


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Digital Copy

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PDF, 148 pages



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Over-sized 148 page hardcover, 8.25 x 11.75"


Signed Hardcover

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Over-sized 148 page hardcover, 8.25 x 11.75", signed by Nick Pitarra


Signed & Remarqued Hardcover

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Over-sized 148 page hardcover, 8.25 x 11.75", signed & remarqued with an Ax-Wielder Jon sketch by Nick Pitarra, scroll down to BOOK + EXTRAS section to see remarque example


"We Love Retailers" Retailer Bundle

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5 copies at 50% off retail pricing. ALL COPIES SIGNED & REMARQUED by Nick Pitarra. If you want multiple orders, click the + button in the quantity field during checkout until you reach your desired amount. 1 of every 5 copies ordered will be a limited edition Pitarra Virgin Variant Cover (EXCLUSIVE TO STORES). In order to qualify for this reward, you must be able to provide proof that you are a retailer.


Ax-Wielder Jon Trading Cards

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6 'Marvel Marsterpiece-Style' cards inside of a pack, including one 'Ghost Variant' signed with a freehand doodle of AWJ by Nick Pitarra! PLUS one lucky backer of this reward will be randomly selected to win the original 'blood splatter' art that Nick used for the 'Ghost Variant' on an 11x17 board! Scroll down to BOOK + EXTRAS section to see in greater detail.


Ax-Wielder Jon Trading Cards - Retailer Bundle

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3 Packs of 6 'Marvel Marsterpiece-Style' cards at wholesale pricing, including 3 'Ghost Variants' signed with a freehand doodle of AWJ by Nick Pitarra! Scroll down to BOOK + EXTRAS section to see in greater detail. In order to qualify for this reward, you must be able to provide proof that you are a retailer.


Unpainted Ax-Wielder Jon Resin Bust - STL file only

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For those with home 3D printers and want in on the fun. This is the Ax-Wielder Jon bust STL file. Design by Chris Bolton.


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Ax-Wielder Jon Giclee by Das Pastoras

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11x17, High-quality Giclee, scroll down to BOOK + EXTRAS section to see in greater detail


Lord Fang Giclee by Das Pastoras

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11x17, High-quality Giclee, scroll down to BOOK + EXTRAS section to see in greater detail


Horace Giclee by Das Pastoras

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11x17, High-quality Giclee, scroll down to BOOK + EXTRAS section to see in greater detail


ALL THREE Das Pastoras Giclees

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11x17, High-quality Giclees of Ax-Wilder Jon, Lord Fang & Horace, scroll down to BOOK + EXTRAS section to see in greater detail


Limited Edition 22x30" Ax-Wielder Jon Lithograph

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Signed by Nick Pitarra, numbered, and chopped (printers mark). Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Limited to 25. The print maker, Asa, is the late great comic artist Seth Fisher’s brother. Scroll down to BOOK + EXTRAS section for more details.


Project Consultation

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Work with New York Times best selling artist & creator of AX-WIELDER JON Nick Pitarra and multiple Eisner-winning editor Chris Stevens to make your books better than ever before! Backers will receive a portfolio review (with overdraws by Nick if requested), script review, and overall project consultation. Two private Zoom sessions will be scheduled with each backer and their team: an initial overview of your materials & goals and a follow up session to discuss edits you've made and any crowdfunding and/or publishing questions you might have.



Signed Hardcover w/ Hand-Drawn Bookplate *EARLY BIRD SPECIAL*

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Over-sized 148 page hardcover, 8.25 x 11.75", signed by Nick Pitarra. Includes a free-standing 8x11 blood-splattered bookplate drawn by Nick, signed & numbered. Limited to 100, scroll down to BOOK + EXTRAS section to see hand-drawn bookplates in greater detail. SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICE FOR FIRST 48 HOURS ONLY!


Felix Comic Art original art sale - Part 1

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3 chapters of Ax-Wielder Jon original art sold COMPLETE


Knowhere Retailer Bundle

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Retailer Bundle


Felix Comic Art original art sale - Part 2

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Original Art Drop on 5/27 through Felix Comic Art for original pages from Ax-Wielder Jon


Comics Vault Retailer Bundle

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Retailer Bundle


Unpainted Ax-Wielder Jon Resin Bust

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This incredibly detailed unpainted Ax-Wielder Jon resin bust is nearly 10 inches tall! Design by Chris Bolton. Limited to 3


Ax-Wielder Jon M.U.S.C.L.E. Figure

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3" rubber figure. Design and material not final. Scroll down to BOOK + EXTRAS section to see in greater detail.


Felix Comic Art Original Art Drop (FIRST 96 HOURS)

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Get exclusive access to a live Ax-Wielder Jon Original Art Reveal and Drop, and an opportunity to purchase the book's original art. If you select this add-on, we're going to share your e-mail address with Felix Comic Art so they can send you an invite. SIGNUPS OPEN FOR THE FIRST 96 HOURS OF THE CAMPAIGN ONLY. This is your chance to own any original page from Ax-Wielder Jon! Scroll down to the ORIGINAL ART section below for more details.



A savage journey into the heart of a man driven mad. By love. By hate. By power… FULL POWER! Hounded by hordes of relentless enemies who will stop at nothing to reclaim what he has stolen, Jon must hack his way to freedom and the source of his desires, wading through the blood and entrails of anyone foolish enough to stand in his way. Ax-Wielder Jon is a touching gaze into the soul of a barbarian – an exploration of action, mystery, death, destruction, pain, and ultimately, love. Writer/Artist Nick Pitarra has enjoyed some acclaim working for major publishers in the past, but Ax-Wielder Jon is the first time he’s been allowed to work completely unfettered by outside interference. He channels the likes of Geof Darrow and Frank Quitely, while at the same time utilizing a uniquely original eye – and knack, for narrative storytelling in the vein of Moebius and other great European comic artists to create a stunningly unique visual spectacle absolutely unlike anything else on the stands. Join the battle and pick up your ax today! Along with a copy of the book of course. -@jerkcomic


"AX-WIELDER JON is my passion project and I can't thank you all enough for your support. Jon came to me when I needed a hero most, when my daughter was in the hospital. People would basically say you have to give it over to God, or trust the doctors, and you do, but there is still a big part of you that wants to make things better yourself, and you can’t no matter how hard you wish you could. I thought it’d be cool to have a character be put in that same situation, albeit a sci-fi fantasy setting. Basically an overdetermined, pig-headed character that always fixes his problems his way, and his way is wielding axes. But, if you then give him somebody else’s problem to fix, a problem where chopping it in two won’t make it go away, now you have the seed of a story. When I started this book I knew I wasn’t going to ask for permission to make it. I’ve spent the last year and a half writing and drawing it while assembling what I believe is the perfect creative team and funding the book myself. I wanted to bring this product directly to the fans and Zoop's crowdfunding platform, with their printing, distribution, and support built-in, was the perfect choice." - Nick Pitarra

The 'Buzz'

In the months leading up to its launch, AX-WIELDER JON has stirred the imagination of the comics community, garnering a wide range of advanced praise from industry titans to aspiring creators, readers, and art fans alike. Jonathan Hickman, Yuko Shimizu, Frank Quitely, Geoff Darrow, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jae Lee, Michael Allred, and Paul Pope have all lauded Pitarra’s vision. 




Dozens of artists, ranging from established superstars Chris Samnee, David Marquez and Rob Guillory to folks drawing their first ever comic, have lent Jon life through tributes that have spread the spirit, joy, and dazzling character designs of AX-WIELDER JON. Nick says "Waking up to find different artists posting their takes on Jon like this means the world to me. Putting together a book by myself has been a ton of fun, but also a ton of stress -- these little surprises and gifts are a real pick me up. I can’t tell you what these kind gestures mean to me, when they take time out of their day to draw my silly character…it’s just super cool."


Preview Pages



Book + Extras

Front cover by Das Pastoras / back cover by Nick Derington (design not final)


Example remarque


Hand-drawn bookplates


Artist Proofs for the 22 X 30 lithograph hand made by @asa_fisher, a fantastic lithographer and brother to the late great Seth Fisher! This is Jon’s first appearance double page spread. They are hand made and one of a kind. We will do a very limited signed and numbered run of these. My art has never been offered for sale at this size and I couldn’t be prouder to team up with Asa for this one.


Das Pastoras Giclees


3" M.U.S.C.L.E. figure


Trading Cards

The Team

AX-WIELDER JON is created, written, and drawn by Nick Pitarra, the Eisner-nominated and New York Times bestselling co-creator of the Manhattan Projects. Known for his hyper-detailed and dynamic art, he has assembled a top tier team, with colors by frequent collaborator and Image and Marvel Comics colorist Mike Garland, letters by Eisner-nominated Ferran Delgado, book design by Little Bird’s Ben Didier. The production is edited by multiple Eisner Award Winner Chris Stevens and features a cover by legendary Spanish painter Das Pastoras and a back cover by modern master Nick Derington.


Original Art

A big part of the campaign will be original art sales. Here is our plan to do something special for art collectors:


After giving everyone a chance to sign up for the event through grabbing the free 'Felix Comic Art Original Art Drop' add-on above for the first 96 hours of the campaign, we'll be setting up a live 'show and tell' through Felix Comic Art. Everyone that signs up will have an exclusive opportunity to purchase Ax-Wielder Jon original art pages (they are NOT guaranteed any art, though).


Each PANEL of the project is drawn on its own 11x17-size art board. For comparison, usually every PAGE of a comic is drawn on its own 11x17 art board. So the pages are just HUGE. Here's a little taste:


Stretch Goals


Most of the book is complete, and the line art will be completely done by campaign's end. From there, the final coloring, lettering & book design should take another month, but we should be headed to the printers by July. Printing and shipping should take around three to four months, so delivery of rewards is expected to be done around October 2022.


The pandemic has shown that certain conditions are simply out of anybody’s hands. However, Zoop will always be here to communicate with backers should any delays occur, if there’s confusion about delivery, or if any other concerns pop up.


1 month ago

September Update

Nick Pitarra

The AX-WIELDER JON team and I are working away and I wanted to update everyone on the book’s progress. The massive campaign response has me working on your bookplates and remarques as coloring & production touches are getting finished.

Regarding the coloring, unfortunately my long-time collaborator, friend, and colorist, Mike Garland, has had to step aside from finishing AX-WIELDER JON for personal reasons. It’s been a creative challenge attempting to fill his shoes, but I'm happy to report we've brought on two equally wonderful colorists, Felipe Sobreiro (Strange Adventures Of Luther Strode) and John Rauch (Invincible), to help get us back on track and we're excited to show off a few new examples from all three of them here:

The overwhelming demand and love shown to Jon was more than we anticipated and for those who have been asking, we will be reopening the campaign (for books only--no sketches or remarques) for a few weeks as we finalize the book and get ready to send it off to the printers.

With our next update, we will be firming up the in-hand date of your orders and locking in a release date for the pdf, which all backers will be receiving in advance of any potential delays in shipping.

Thank you all again for the belief in this book. We’re getting so close to the finish line and I can’t wait for you all to read it soon. I'll leave you with a look at the linework for a page that's being colored as I type this!
All the best,


3 months ago

Late Summer Update

Nick Pitarra
Hey folks! I hope everyone's summer is winding down nicely. We have been hard at work on AX-WIELDER JON and wanted to update everyone. Our cover artist, the master Das Pastoras, has delivered the perfect grace note for book 1, a hand-painted short story I can't wait for you all to see. Let me show you a couple pages here!
I have been working in concert with our designer and colorists as we finalize things for the printer. Here are a couple pages you might not have seen that I'm very excited about!
I was honored to be asked to join the upcoming THE GOLEM OF VENICE BEACH, a book with a murderer's row of artistic legends including Michael Allred and Bill Sienkiewicz. I've read an advance copy and had a lot of fun handling the cast, take a look below. More information on ordering a copy can be found here:   
Before I go, let me thank everyone again for the incredible support. The love shown to AX-WIELDER JON has buoyed us through crunchtime and we've heard the demand from people who missed out on getting a book or copies for their store. I'm happy to say we will be reopening the campaign for a 2 week period. We'll announce those dates soon!
Thanks everyone, have a great end of your summer and we'll be back in early September with another update!
Nick Pitarra
5 months ago

Last Day!


Today is the last day to get Nick Pitarra's Ax-Wielder JonThe campaign ends at midnight PT, so hurry and don't miss out on something big!

What do we mean?

Ax-Wielder Jon is the start of Karoshi Comics from Pitarra and Chris Stevens. There's more coming soon including Pretender by Stevens and art by Arthur Adams, Jae Lee, Farel Dalrymple, Ryan Ottley, Nate Powell, Bill Sienkiewicz, Rob Woods, Khoi Pham, James Jean, Pitarra, and more. That will be followed by Garry Brown's Bad Dog! And, let's not forget Ax-Wielder Jon Book 2 is also coming in 2023!

See, we said this is something big and we're excited it has a home here on Zoop!

6 months ago

Felix Comic Art Drop!


So much wonderful news. The @felixcomicart drop for #AxWielderJon individual page art was a complete sell out in less than 15 minutes. $34,100 gets added to the campaign! In addition to the previous $69,000 for the 3 complete chapter sells, we've broken an astounding 100k+ in art sells for the book! This will push us to $187k for the campaign with still 5 days to go. Simply unbelievable, thank you to the wonderful art collecting community for showing up so strong for this book. 

- Nick

6 months ago

1000 supporters / approaching $150k


Over 1000 Backers! Almost 1300 books sold--with incredible contributions from comic book shops and bookstores nationwide! And we are fast approaching $150k in sales with the addition of the first Felix Comic Art original art sale! I’m simply floored. Thank you all so much for believing in this book. To my art rep, Felix, and my fellow comic art collectors, I can never thank you all enough for putting my art for AX-WIELDER JON in the rare stratosphere that only a handful of modern comic artists ever achieve. To say I’m overwhelmed by the initial response to AWJ original art is an understatement. I can’t wait for all of you who chose the Felix Comic Art Original Art Drop add-on to see the pages Felix will be releasing for our initial offering (more on this to come -- all of you will be sent the details soon). From the bottom of my heart, dear book supporters, original art collectors, and Felix--THANK YOU.


When ZOOP first approached me about hosting AX-WIELDER JON, we had initial conversations about our highest hopes for the campaign. I can tell you that we’ve nearly doubled those numbers with still 2 weeks to go and a big art drop coming. The numbers are life changing for my family and will fuel future aspirations for Jon and Karoshi Comics, thank you for making this project a reality. 


Now to the fun stuff! These new totals obviously unlocked the best stretch goal yet, the Das Pastoras hand painted short story. He’s already on board, and he has the script in hand and has begun to work! It’s going to be an amazing epilogue sequence tying the perfect bow around the narrative of Book One. I can’t wait to see him work his magic. Thank you to Jose Villarrubia, the famous comic colorist and Das’s art agent, for making this happen and translating the script for us.


There will be more to come! I hope every one of you knows how much I appreciate your support and belief in AX-WIELDER JON. 


- Nick

6 months ago

Announcement: $85k Stretch Goal


For our next Stretch Goal, Das Pastoras, the renowned Spanish artist, who also happened to do our cover + 3 art prints, has agreed to contribute a short AWJ story to the book! Can't wait to see his interpretation, so let's get there!

6 months ago

$75k Stretch Goals Unlocked!


We broke 75k over the weekend! 950 backers strong and over 1200 books sold…with still over 3 weeks to go. Thank you all for the support. The PDF will be extended to over 200 pages, everyone who bought a physical copy will now get the PDF (so they won’t be left out), and all store bundles will get a rare variant (only available to stores). Thank you so much for believing in this book.


We'll be announcing the next Stretch Goal shortly, so stay tuned!

6 months ago

Project Consultation Add-On added!


Just a heads up that we just added something for all of you aspiring creators out there who'd like to apply a little Pitarra/Stevens magic to your own works! Hurry and grab a Project Consultation Add-on above -- they've only got 5 of these in them and then they'll be tapped out!


Work with New York Times best selling artist & creator of AX-WIELDER JON Nick Pitarra and multiple Eisner-winning editor Chris Stevens to make your books better than ever before! Backers will receive a portfolio review (with overdraws by Nick if requested), script review, and overall project consultation. Two private Zoom sessions will be scheduled with each backer and their team: an initial overview of your materials & goals and a follow up session to discuss edits you've made and any crowdfunding and/or publishing questions you might have.

6 months ago

Good LORD!


Ladies and gentlemen, a Lord Fang prototype sculpture has been created. More on this to come



Also, like a kid in a candy store, Nick recorded a video of him unboxing his 22x30 lithographs. Check it out here: LINK

6 months ago

Big Things Planned for $75k!


The 75k Ax-Wielder Jon stretch goal! We wanted to reward every tier for the amazing start. Here’s what we’ve cooked up. Now the PDF will be extended to 200+ pages (adding process pages that won’t make it into print), now every HARDCOVER order will get the PDF too (so they won’t be left out), & coolest of all and as a thank you to the amazing retailer support….now RETAILERS will get 1 limited edition Pitarra Virgin Variant Cover in every bundle ordered (exclusive to stores). Meaning, now you will get 4 of the regular cover by Das Pastoras and 1 extremely limited cover by me in every bundle. Still 50% off and all copies will still be signed and sketched in. I hope you all like this new reward! Thank you all for this amazing start. 


And for any individual supporters wondering how to get your hands on this new variant cover, we'll be working on ways to link you up with participating retailers to reserve your copy. More to come on that shortly.


- Nick

7 months ago

Extending the Early Bird Specials for One More Day!

Nick Pitarra

The launch of Ax-Wielder Jon has been simply amazing. I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support you’ve all shown this project. I want to thank each and everyone of you for the likes, shares, tweets, fan art, industry support, words of encouragement, the incredible store owner turnout, and especially the well over 700 backers in under two days…this is all beyond my wildest expectations and I can’t thank you all enough. 


With that said, we have absolutely blown past our first 2 stretch goals in under 48 hours, with the third one about to go down too. The hardcover will then have lay flat binding, one of the book upgrades I wanted most. Its also one of the more expensive hardcover printing upgrades and now thats happening all because of your support, with no extra cost to you. 


Additionally, everyone who backed at any level will receive an early raw script of Ax-Wielder Jon (in PDF form), complete with notes by my dear friend and legendary comic creator Jonathan Hickman. This is a special peek behind the curtain and I hope the process junkies will enjoy this reward as much as I do. 


Lastly, everyone who buys at the standard hardcover level and up will receive a free Marvel Masterpiece style card with their book. We’ve gone back and forth on which illustration of Jon to offer for this, I’m settling on this rendition by modern master Nick Derington:



It’s raw, violent, beautiful and captures the spirit of Jon so well. Additionally, this stretch goal unlocks 4 more Marvel Masterpiece cards for purchase. Three of which are by legendary Spanish painter Das Pastoras, they are of our three main characters and they are just stellar. The last card, I’m giving everyone who buys this tier two of.  It’s by me, and I’m calling it the Ghost Variant. I fully rendered Jon on an 11 by 17 comic board, but only inked the blood on him. This created a ghost of Jon framed in blood. I did so knowing it would allow me to sign and quickly doodle a headshot for fans. So one version of that card will come raw, and one version will come signed with a freehand doodle of Jon. I hope you like this new tier. LOOK OUT FOR IT IN THE REWARDS SECTION SOON, AS WE'LL BE UNVEILING IT SHORTLY!


Thank you all so much for the love and support. And thank you all for believing in this project. And as an added thank you, we are extending the early bird specials for just one more day! Remember ZOOP doesn’t charge until the end of the campaign, so jump on now and save a few bucks. More soon! 


- Nick 

7 months ago



Hey everyone! Needless to say, we're blown away by the response we've gotten so far to this awesome project. Fully funded in 5 hours, with over $40k funding on the first day, and now it looks like the second Stretch Goal is about to be overtaken! Thank you everyone who has supported, signal-boosted and shown us some love.


LOTS going on, as we're keeping Nick busy with interviews & random requests, but rest assured you'll be hearing from him on here shortly to talk about a few things we've got cookin' for you!


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