Blood Run

by Evan K. Pozios & Stefano Cardoselli

An action packed comic project from award winning artist Stefano Cardoselli.
Written by Evan K. Pozios.
Gloomy Cat Productions

Some race for riches.
Others race for fame.
Some just race to survive.


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In a desolate world devoid of hope, the only thing that matters is THE RACE. But this is no ordinary spin around the track. It is an engine-revving, bullets-flying, heart-pumping race to THE DEATH! With drivers and cars so colorful, they jump off the page! 


Press down hard on the gas pedal, and help us bring this race TO LIFE!





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STEFANO CARDOSELLI (ARTIST & CO-CREATOR) is a Bram Stoker Award winning artist, Illustrator and scriptwriter. He has collaborated on projects for Heavy Metal, 2000 A.D., Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, Sky Arte, and DC Comics. His works have been published by Simon & Schuster, Scout Comics, Caliber Comics, and Independent Legions. He lives in Orbetello, Italy.


EVAN K. POZIOS (WRITER & CO-CREATOR) is an attorney turned comic book writer from The United States. His published credits include the weird-war adventure series TIME GRUNTS, the psychological thriller series SILENCE, and the retro horror story CAT LADY.


LETTERSQUIDS (LETTERER, LOGO, & TRADE DRESS) is a comic letterer and graphic designer based in Connecticut. He provides services for comic lettering, logo design, Kickstarters and more. He has projects with Scout Comics, Source Point Press, Action Lab, Advent Comics, Insight Comics and tons of amazing indie creators.  


Stretch Goals

To thank you for your support, we will offer ALL of our backers a valuable Stretch Goal UPON FUNDING

This is no trading card. No throwaway decal. 

This is a story. 

A story of misery. 

Of horror. 

Of inescapable hopelessness. 

A little ashcan tale Stefano and I call . . . SCHADENFREUDE!

12 page b&w ashcan 

Assets to be posted here right after we hit the funding goal!


Then, at $3500, we have another Stretch Goal waiting for you: HARVEST OF HORRORS 2 -- a free copy of the published graphic novel for all backers!



We currently have 20% of the interior page art complete. We estimate the book to be fully finished, polished, and printed by November, shipping in time for Christmas delivery! 


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