Dead Dreams: The Lucid Chronicles #1

by Brittany Matter & Dailen Ogden

Looking to live out her dreams of becoming an actress, timid Piña Axletree takes a tonic and wakes up in a parallel world, leading a drug syndicate. Will she run back to the familiar doldrums of her reality or become a more ruthless version of herself to achieve her dreams?

In the vein of ORPHAN BLACK and FRINGE, Dead Dreams: The Lucid Chronicles #1 is a 32-page sci-fi thriller where parallel worlds exist, dreams are drugs, and doppelgängers dare to change the world. Joining writer Brittany Matter (Off Into The Sunset), artist Dailen Ogden (Wifwulf), variant cover artist Liana Kangas (Star Wars Adventures, Trve Kvlt), letterer Gabriela Downie (Harleen), editor Heather Ayres (Spitting Image), layout artist Hari Conner (Finding Home), designers Sasha E. Head (Decorum), AndWorld Design (Fearscape, Clear), flatter Drew Wills (Wifwulf) and marketing coordinator James B. Emmett (The Deadliest Bouquet).


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Get the digital PDF of the 32-page comic including Dailen Ogden’s Cover A, Liana Kangas' Cover B, a commemorative bookplate and creator process interviews.


Cover A

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Cover B by Liana Kangas

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A Collector's Dream

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Get BOTH covers by Ogden and Kangas, physical and digital, plus the bookplate, enamel pin, and the double-sided bookmark


Signed Limited Edition Kangas Print

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Get Liana Kangas' virgin cover B print. Size 5x7, signed and numbered by Liana. Only 24 available!


Retailer Bundle (10 copies at 58% off)

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Comic book retailers, bookstores, and teachers get 10 copies at 58% off featuring Dailen Ogden's Cover A! YA 14+

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Glow-in-the-dark Rainbow Enamel Pin

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Get this glow-in-the-dark dreamy enamel pin made with rainbow anodized metal! Features soft enamel, two posts and rubber clutches, this pin measures 1.5’’ tall.


Double-Sided Bookmark

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Save your place in the parallel world with this double-sided bookmark inspired by the cover, featuring Piña Axletree and her doppelgänger Matron!


Editorial Consultation with Brittany Matter

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Writer and editor Brittany Matter will edit your pitch synopsis (limit one page), plus offer overall feedback on your short comic (limit 10-page comic script).


Signed Commemorative Bookplate

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Get the Dead Dreams Commemorative Bookplate, signed by Dailen and Brittany. Art by Dailen Ogden!



Signed Limited Edition Kangas Print #1 of 25

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Get the #1 print of Liana Kangas' virgin cover B. Size 5x7, signed and numbered by Liana. Only 1 available!


Become Your Evil Doppelgänger! Portrait Commission by Rio Burton + Cover A

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4x6 print. Get your evil doppelgänger portrait done by artist Rio Burton. Plus, the physical comic featuring Dailen Ogden's Cover A! Image shown above is a sample of Rio's portrait work.

If you'd like to get Liana Kangas' Cover B instead, write us at and we'll make that change to your order. Disclaimer: Portrait commissions cannot be used for NFTs.

The Story


Parallel universes collide when timid Piña Axletree seeks to live out her dreams. Her guide is the Dead Dreams booth, replete with seemingly innocuous dream tonics that launch her into a more exciting parallel universe. Too busy to notice the power of these tonics, or an undercover detective investigating their origin, are booth vendors Avae, Jolie, and Sable, who all have their own ambitions…


Meanwhile, Piña explores this new world which is ripe with mystery, intrigue, and horrors. Will she run back to the familiar doldrums of her reality, or become a more ruthless version of herself to achieve her dreams? 


The Cast



Brought together by seemingly innocuous dream tonics, these wandering souls are about to embark on an adventure with doppelgängers, a parallel universe, and choices they never dreamed of having to make.



Meet their parallel universe doppelgängers, some of whom are part of The Oneiroi, an elusive syndicate of drug dealers. Their drug of choice: dreams. Membership to such a secretive group demands sacrifice, and each unscrupulous member has paid the price, stopping at nothing to gain more power.






10% Donation


On the surface, Dead Dreams is a story that answers the question: What if a dream launched you into a parallel world where you could live your doppelgänger’s life? Underneath, the story explores how doppelgängers raised in abusive environments make different life-altering choices. As a person who experienced abuse, I wanted to examine the seemingly inescapable cycle of the adage “hurt people hurt people” through these doppelgängers and also how to heal.


Since this story was partly inspired by my experiences with abuse, we’ll be donating 10% of the funds raised to Kathy’s Legacy Foundation, an organization that provides protection for victims of domestic violence and supports surviving children and pets. They’ve been doing great work for the last decade and I believe in their commitment to inspire dreams, restore normalcy, and revive hope.


With your help, we can make this dream become a reality.




WRITER: BRITTANY MATTER is a multi-genre writer and editor living in the Pacific Northwest. She currently contributes to, and her writing explores themes of death and rebirth, the cycle of violence, and overcoming fears. She loves feeding hummingbirds and taking care of her loved ones. (she/her ) Twitter: @brittanymatter


ARTIST: DAILEN OGDEN is a freelance comic artist, writer, and illustrator based in Colorado. Dailen is known for her esoteric art and comics, and spends her free time collecting houseplants and raising a Shepherd puppy. (she/her, they/them) Twitter: @DailenOgden


LETTERER: GABRIELA DOWNIE, daughter of central American refugees, born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles. She has two black cats that appear when summoned and can talk to plants. She has invisible devil horns that hold up her brilliant halo, and what seems like a cintiq pen in her hand is actually the deadliest sword ever crafted. (she/her) Twitter: @HARMZ_sh


EDITOR: HEATHER AYRES Originally from Flagstaff, AZ, Heather Ayres is a writer crafting stories across genres and media including creative non-fiction, novels, and graphic novels. Her work explores themes of intersectional feminism, mortality, equality, and fantasy. Her writing has been seen in publications such as Image+ Magazine and Creative Colloquy. She currently lives in Tacoma, Wa. (she/her) Instagram: @__helloheather


FLATTER: DREW WILLS is a comic book flatter and colorist from New Mexico. When he's not working on comic books, he's either doing visual effects for Marvel movies, editing podcasts, or trying to find the exact right shade of orange. (he/him) Twitter: @WillsandDrew


MARKETING COORDINATOR: JAMES B. EMMETT is a freelance comic book editor based out of Brooklyn, NY. He is the editor of the series Stained, I Am Hexed, and The Deadliest Bouquet. His clients have included Marvel Entertainment, 451 Media, Mezco Toyz, Good Hero, Wayward Raven, and more! (he/him) Twitter: @jamesbemmett


DESIGNER: ANDWORLD DESIGN is the comic-based design and production studio founded by veteran letterer Deron Bennett. Offering a range of services, they serve an extensive list of clients including BOOM!, Z2, Image, Dark Horse, Vault, IDW, Oni Press, AHOY, and DC Comics, and Amazon Publishing. AndWorld’s team of artists have garnered three Harvey nominations, three Eisner nods, and multiple Ringo nominations. Twitter: @andworlddesign


VARIANT COVER ARTIST: LIANA KANGAS is a freelance comic artist, illustrator and writer, with credits such as Star Wars Adventures for IDW, 2000AD, and Z2, as well as original titles such as She Said Destroy (Vault), Seeds of Eden (TKO) and Trve Kvlt. Their work has been featured in award-winning anthologies published by Image Comics and A Wave Blue World. (they/her) Twitter: @lianakangas Website:


THE FINE PRINT SQUAD: Award-winning comic artist and illustrator Hari Conner (Finding Home) created the composition and layouts for the first six pages of issue #1 and initial character designs. Graphic designer and artist Sasha E. Head (Decorum) created the logo, the in-world symbols, and the issue’s overall aesthetic. Comics writer Milton Lawson (Thompson Heller: Detective Interstellar) produced the Dead Dreams trailer. The music in the trailer is from audionetwork, “Celestarium 5”  by Jody Jenkins. Artist Rio Burton (Deadbeats) will be tackling the portrait commissions for supporters who want to become their evil doppelgänger.










Since this comic is 100% completed, all the creators have been paid, except the commission artist who will get paid once the funds are received. The funds raised will go towards printing and fulfillment (which Zoop will be handling), plus 10% of the total funds raised will be donated to Kathy’s Legacy Foundation.

Stretch Goals






Dead Dreams: The Lucid Chronicles #1 is completed! That’s right, all the art and lettering, the design, everything is all ready to go. Once funded, and after I receive funds from Zoop, which takes a month, the book will be sent to the printer in early May. The books will then, hopefully, ship in June.


Once physical rewards are shipped, digital rewards will be shared. The “Become Your Evil Doppelgänger” commissions will commence in May, and will be completed in time to ship in June with the physical rewards.



There are risks with every crowdfunded campaign, but the ones I can foresee include the global supply chain disruption and paper shortage issues, which can impact the delivery of physical rewards. These issues are currently causing delays across the entire publishing industry, therefore, getting this book printed and out the door is dependent on the current status of those things. I’m mentally prepared for those possible delays, and I hope you are too!


DISCLAIMER: Please do not create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) of any art, digital or physical, received through this campaign. Any NFTs made from the art created for this campaign would be a direct violation of the creators’ rights.  Any unauthorized use of the art without the creators expressed permission would be a violation of U.S. Copyright laws and prosecutable.


4 months ago

Last Update!


Hello everybody!

I’ve received word that everyone should have their orders by now! We hope you’ve been enjoying the book! If for some reason you did not receive your order, please email and cc me ASAP.


I’ve been reflecting on this campaign recently. This time last year, the idea of seeing this book in print was just a dream and y’all made it happen. It was a success thanks to all of you and I’m feeling immensely grateful. If you’d like to see my unbridled excitement and gratitude, check out the unboxing video I made on Instagram here after I received the overstock.


If I haven’t said it enough, thanks a million for supporting our beautiful book! I’ll be sharing Dead Dreams updates in my newsletter, so be sure to subscribe below to stay in the loop:


In the meantime, find me on Twitter @brittanymatter and follow the Dead Dreams creators at the links below to keep up with and support their incredible work:

Dead Dreams Team



Much love,

Brittany and the Dead Dreams team


5 months ago

All books have been mailed out!


Howdy folks!

I’ve received word that Zoop’s fulfillment center has finished mailing your books! That means you’ll be getting your orders post-haste, and the digital PDF will be released to everyone today! 


For those who ordered physical copies, keep an eye out for a confirmation email from their fulfillment center with a DHL tracking number. After you receive the confirmation email that your items have been shipped, and if you live in the U.S., then you’ll get your orders within one week. If you’re outside the U.S., then you should get your order within 2-3 weeks from the confirmation email. If you do not receive your order by the end of August or there’s an issue with your address, please email


When you get your book, share the excitement on social media with the hashtag #DeadDreamsComic. We’d love to see your beautiful faces with our dreamy debut issue!


Thank you so much for all the support and love that you’ve shown this itty bitty book that dreams big. Our hearts are so full and we can’t wait for y’all to read it!


Much love,

Brittany and the Dead Dreams team

6 months ago

Almost ready for mailing out!


Greetings Everyone,

Guess what?! The books have been printed and arrived to Zoop’s fulfillment center, along with everything else too! And I mean everything: the bookplates, bookmarks, prints, and enamel pins. Plus, the stretch goal sticker that everyone will be getting! I am jumping with joy!


Cover A by Dailen Ogden


Cover B by Liana Kangas


Now that everything has arrived at the fulfillment center, they’ll be shipping out your orders within a week or two. The folks at Zoop will keep me posted about the timeline. Once shipping starts, I’ll send another update that hopefully contains an ETA for your orders.


Can y’all believe we’re at this point?! From me and the Dead Dreams team, thank you all so much for your support. We could not have come this far without all of you!


Much love,

Brittany and the Dead Dreams team

7 months ago

Coming out of production soon!


Hello Dead Dreams supporters!


I’ve got a few quick updates for y’all. I received the proof of Dead Dreams’ covers A and B as well as the bookplate from the book printer and have approved everything! That means the book is finally in production and it’s supposed to be shipped to Zoop’s fulfillment center this month. Woohoo! 


For everything else that we’re printing, Zoop goes through a separate printer and they’ve got everything they need. Zoop and I are just waiting to hear back from them on when they’ll be printing and shipping all our goodies to the fulfillment center. Once everything gets there, Zoop will be shipping out all your orders! I hope to have a more firm timeline later this month or in early July for y’all.


I also received a lovely thank you note from Kathy’s Legacy Foundation in regards to our donation. Check it out below:



That’s all for now. Hope everyone’s doing well!


All the best,

Brittany and the Dead Dreams team


8 months ago

Production Update


Howdy Everybody,

I’m so excited to update you all with some fantastic news: Dead Dreams has been sent to the printer!! There was a bit of a hiccup with the original printer’s quote but the folks at Zoop negotiated a better price and all is well. I’ll be waiting eagerly for the proof to approve and then the books will get printed, sent to Zoop’s fulfillment center, and off to your mailboxes. 


As for the timeline, Zoop’s coordinators informed me there’s no way of knowing specific dates of printing and fulfillment, mostly dependent on the printer, but they expect to ship out everyone’s packages sometime in July. So it’s a little later than I’d hoped for but, alas, I suppose good things come to those who wait! If there are any other unforeseen delays that we cannot control, I’ll communicate them as soon as possible. Thanks a million for your patience. 


In the meantime, here’s what’s been happening behind the scenes: 


- All the funds have been received and all creators have been paid!

- Thanks to everyone’s generosity, 10% of the total funds raised ($404.00) has been donated to Kathy’s Legacy Foundation to support children and pets impacted by domestic violence. Thank you so much again for helping us reach our goal so we could make this donation possible! It means the world!

- The glow-in-the-dark rainbow enamel pin, designed by Dailen Ogden, has been completed and shipped to Zoop’s fulfillment center! Bask in its glow below:



- The evil doppelgänger portraits by Rio Burton have been completed and look phenomenal!

- The stretch goal sticker drawn by Seth Kumpf, that everyone’s getting, has been ordered and shipped to Zoop’s fulfillment center! Here’s a preview of its gilded goodness:



That’s all for now! I’ll be in touch as soon as I know more. Hope everyone is doing well and having a most wonderful day. 


All the best,

Brittany and the Dead Dreams team

9 months ago

Stretch Goal unlocked on final day!


Hi Dead Dreams Supporters!


WOW! We did it!! Thanks to each and every one of you, Dead Dreams #1 can go to print! From me and the Dead Dreams team, we are eternally grateful!


And there’s more to celebrate! Late last night, we surpassed the $4K mark, unlocking our first stretch goal, which means that everyone will get this stellar gold foil sticker drawn by artist Seth Kumpf


What happens next? Regarding logistics, everyone’s cards will be charged within the next week and if there are any delinquent charges, the kind folks at Zoop will try to correct those. So please make sure to keep an eye out for any emails from Zoop regarding your payment. We can’t fulfill your order otherwise!


Once we’ve got the funds in hand, about two weeks from now, we’ll be sending the book off to the printer and ordering all the goodies! We’ll send out an update around then about the timing and fulfillment of all the rewards.


Thanks again for all your incredible support! The team’s off to do a victory lap and here’s a song for y’all to celebrate with us: Walking On A Dream by Empire of the Sun! 


Thanks a million,


10 months ago

Fully Funded!!!


Hi Dead Dreams Supporters!


We’re funded!! Thank you so much for all your support and believing in our book! We’re just ecstatic to bring this dream to fruition and we couldn’t have done it without you all!


Now that we’re funded, this book is going to print!


We’ve got two more days on the campaign and we’re about a quarter of the way to our first stretch goal. If we hit $4,000, we’ll reveal the mystery artist behind the gold foil sticker and the sticker itself! 


Thanks bunches, 

Brittany and the Dead Dreams team 

10 months ago

Over 50% funded


Hi Dead Dreams supporters!

We’re over halfway funded! From the team and I, we are so honored that you believe in Dead Dreams and want to help this book come to life as much as we do. 


Dailen and I have been working the comics circuit to spread the word about our debut issue. Here are some of the interviews and a dream come true review to check out: 


  1. Comic Book Club’s Pete LePage, Justin Tyler, and Alex Zalben hosted Dailen and me. Learn more about Dailen’s pet python, Dagger, and his contributions to Dead Dreams. Pete said, “All snakes aside, this is a really amazing book and I was really impressed with the idea, such an original, cool idea and the art’s unbelievable.”

  2. Hypothetical Island Podcast’s Reilly Brown and George O’Connor hosted us as well, where we hopped aboard a fictional cruise and crashed on a deserted island…or was it…? We chatted about comics, cohabitating with your doppelgänger, and cannibalism...


  1. And Here I Dreamt I Was A Drug Lord – An Interview with BRITTANY MATTER & DAILEN OGDEN -- Comic Book Yeti’s Byron O’Neal asked us all kinds of juicy questions about Dead Dreams. I revealed more about the dream tonics while Dailen shared how they developed the aesthetics of dreaming in the book.

  2. DEAD DREAMS #1 REVIEW - Prepare for your dreams to be REAL! -- Lauren at The Wednesday Pull List read an advanced copy of Dead Dreams and gave us a glowing review! She said, “This first issue gives me the perfect amount of this world. I feel like I just took an energy shot, had a great time, and need MORE immediately!”


What’s more, Dead Dreams received an honorable mention in Kat Calamia’s Top 10 list and Comic Book Yeti’s Wells Thompson listed our book at #2 in his Top 5 list


So what’s next? Dailen and I will be guests on Bitches on Comics soon as well as Dead Dreams variant cover artist Liana Kangas’ Twitch stream next Tuesday, 3/22 at 12:30 PST. 


We’ve got only 14 days left to hit our goal. We’ll keep interviewing to expand our reach, but we’d love your help with sharing the campaign!

Click here to share on Twitter

Click here to share on Facebook


Thanks a million!

Brittany and the Dead Dreams team

10 months ago

Signed Limited Edition Liana Kangas Dead Dreams Print added!


Hello dearest supporters,

Y’all have been absolutely amazing supporting us in our first week. Thanks to you all, we’re nearing the halfway mark to funding Dead Dreams and getting it to print. From the whole team, thank you so much! 

To show our gratitude, we just added a limited, signed 5x7 print of Liana Kangas’ virgin cover. There are ONLY 25 prints, so don’t delay!

Wishing you sweet dreams!

All the best,
Brittany and The Dead Dreams Team

10 months ago

Cover process reveal!


Artist Dailen Ogden posted this fascinating look at how she created the cover to Dead Dreams:


11 months ago

Free Commemorative Bookplate - First 24 Hours Only!


Welcome, fine friends, to the launch of DEAD DREAMS: THE LUCID CHRONICLES #1. From the whole team, we’re so thrilled that y’all have joined us on this journey to bring this beautiful book to print.


As a thank you for supporting us early on, every supporter that backs any physical reward within the first 24 hours will receive a FREE COMMEMORATIVE BOOKPLATE drawn by Dailen Ogden and signed by Dailen and myself! Act quick! 


Check it out! It’s glorious:

Isn’t it amazing? We’d love your help in spreading the good word about our campaign and this bookplate on social media!

Click here to share on Twitter

Click here to share on Facebook

Thanks a million!


Brittany and The Dead Dreams Team


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