Dracula The Return: Cult of The White Worm

by Dacre Stoker, Chris McAuley, Chris Geary & Matt Soffe

For the first time in literary history, a member of the Stoker family is writing a comic script that officially continues the story of Dracula from the classic novel.

This book is part of the Stoker family celebrations of the 125th Anniversary of Dracula. Be a part of history, as all supporters will receive a named credit in the book saying thank you for their support!


supported of $7,800



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PDF of The Book

28 claimed

Full digital version of the book including all 48 pages. This is included with all rewards for free.


The Standard Edition of the Book

127 claimed

Full 48 page squarebound book with Shane Oakley Cover


The Ben Stenbeck Variant with Logo

32 claimed

Full 48 page squarebound book with cover art by Hellboy and BPRD artist Ben Stenbeck


The Ben Stenbeck Virgin Variant

4 claimed

This edition has no logo or any other graphics on the cover - just the stunning artwork by Ben Stenbeck


The Mike Collins B/W Cover Variant

25 claimed

For those who love their covers black & white, this variant is a treat, with an ink only cover by Comics legend Mike Collins


The Mike Collins Virgin Ltd Edition Variant

21 / 50 claimed

With gorgeous colours by Matt Soffe, this full colour virgin variant of Mike Collins cover is limited to only 100 copies worldwide


The Collector's Bundle

8 / 30 claimed

Get all 5 of the variant covers together at the discounted price of £75.


Retailer's Bundle #1

1 / 10 claimed

This offers a 50% discount to any retailer (postage is charged at cost). The bundle includes 10x copies of the standard Shane Oakley edition and 10x copies of the Ben Stenbeck Variant and 1x copy of the ltd edition Mike Collins Virgin Variant at £115


Retailer's Bundle #2

0 / 6 claimed

50% discount on the following: 20x copies of the Standard Shane Oakley Edition, 10x copies of the Ben Stenbeck Variant, 10x Copies of the Mike Collins b/w Variant, 2x copies of the Ltd Edition Ben Stenbeck Virgin Variant and 1x copy of the Mike Collins Colour Virgin Variant for £235


Dinner With Dacre Bundle

1 / 4 claimed

Limited to just 4 backers, this includes all of the variant editions of the book, plus a VIP ticket to ICE and also an invitation on the Friday evening (9th September) to have a meal with Dacre Stoker in a top Birmingham Restaurant (meal and drink included in pledge but travel and accommodation are not). For up to 90 minutes Dacre will host you and regale you with stories about Bram Stoker and how he wrote Dracula. Each backer at this level will be gifted a Dracula Anniversary pin by Dacre at the meal. A once in a lifetime experience.


The Wholesale 500 Reward

1 claimed

For $500 get yourself 100 copies of the standard book for resale giving you a whopping wholesale discount. A great opportunity for a retailer or wholesaler to obtain a high mark up on the book and help us get it out there to more readers. Shipping is included.


Tip Jar

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You can increase in increments of $1 by simply pressing '+' in the quantity field during checkout until you reach your desired amount. Much appreciated!


Add ons are only available once you have selected at least one Primary Reward listed above.


Sketch Cover Edition by Chris Geary

6 / 10 claimed

An original Sketch Cover by Chris Geary. You can request any character from the classic novel to be drawn onto a blank cover edition of the book. This will be a full figure sketch cover.


Sketch Cover Edition by David Hitchcock

3 / 4 claimed

An original Sketch Cover by Eagle Award winning artist David Hitchcock. You can request any character from the classic novel to be drawn onto a blank cover edition of the book. This will be a full figure sketch cover.


Set of 4 Art Prints

6 claimed

Full set of A4 sized Colour Prints of each cover plus the Si Chiinook promo painting printed on high quality art paper


Early Entry ICE Ticket - Meet The Creators

An early bird ticket for the International Comic Expo in Birmingham UK on 10th September 2022 to meet Dacre and the creators and guaranteed seating at Dacre Stoker's exclusive 125th Anniversary of Dracula at the show


Live Online Zoom Lecture from Dacre Stoker

9 claimed

A live online zoom lecture from Dacre Stoker - If you are unable to join the creators at ICE in September all backers worldwide with an internet connection can log into this fascinating 45 minute lecture about Dracula and Bram Stoker. There will be two different dates and times available to choose from.


The Bitten Commision by Chris Geary

0 / 5 claimed

This is an original full A4 sized commission of the backer either being bitten by Dracula or them as Dracula biting a friend… or maybe a loved one. Any version of Dracula can be requested.. Drawn by series artist Chris Geary


The Digital Portrait Commission

2 / 10 claimed

A digital portrait commission by Si Chinook. Send a photo and be immortalised as a vampire by digital artist Si Chinook. You can print the image onto anything.. Maybe a t-shirt, a greeting card or just a high quality print to be framed for your wall.


Dinner With Dacre USA

1 / 5 claimed

For our American Backers... Enjoy a Dinner with Dacre at a mutually convenient location and time within the next 2 years


Deluxe 4th Bride Art Print

This full comic sized print by Si Chinook with be printed on high quality art paper to the highest standard and sent out with your book.


A Signature from Dacre

15 / 100 claimed

For those of you who like your comics signed, you can now get a signature on the cover of your comic from Dacre Stoker. He will sign any of the covers you purchase now while he's at ICE and they will be posted to you after the convention. So those opting for this add on will have to wait a little bit longer for their books. Due to time constraints this is limited to just 100 backers and to only 3 signatures per backer.


One on One Live Chat with Dacre & Chris

0 / 5 claimed

At a time of mutual convenience you will get a 20 minute one on one private Zoom chat with the two writers and co creators of the Stokerverse, Dacre Stoker & Chris McAuley. You get to ask them any questions you like about Dracula. This is longer than you would usually get at a convention and it's just for you! Obviously these opportunities are limited so pledge now to avoid dissapointment.


A Personal Message from Dacre

1 claimed

Would you like to surprise a friend or loved one on their birthday? Or would you like a personal message yourself With this add-on you get a 2 to 5 minute video message from Dacre Stoker sent directly to your inbox at the end of the campaign. You can send a script, or just an outline and Dacre will say whatever you ask. (Nothing rude or offensive please).


Bram Stoker's Death Certificate

9 claimed

A printed copy of Bram Stoker’s Death Certificate from the Stoker Archives

The Book


Cult Of The White Worm is the first mini series in the official continuation of the classic novel DRACULA by Bram Stoker, brought to you officially by co-writers Dacre Stoker and Chris McAuley.

Contained in a 48-page square bound deluxe softback comic book with a beautiful matte laminate cover, the story kicks off right at the end of the novel, and utilising Bram Stoker's own notes, the iconic count is brought back to life in an authentic and faithful, yet fresh and exciting new way.


The first 21-pages are a full colour chapter of Cult Of The White Worm with stunning art by Chris Geary and Matt Soffe. We also reveal the mysterious 4th Bride and delve into the backstory of Dracula's man servant Renfield in 5 and 6 page back up comic strips co written by Buffy The Vampire Slayer writer Denise Ciencen with art by the Awarded winning David Hitchcock. Finally, the the book features bonus Text pieces by both Dacre and Chris delving further into the Dracula mythology.



Shane Oakley main cover


Ben Stenbeck variant cover


Mike Collins variant cover


Dacre Stoker (co writer)

Great grand nephew of Bram Stoker, best Selling author of Dracul, the prequel to Dracula and custodian of the Stoker Legacy. Co founder of the Stokerverse. Dacre has also travelled the world enthralling crowds with his inspiring lectures on Dracula and Bram Stoker.


Chris McAuley (co writer)

Chris is a multi talented writer having written comics, games and even poetry. He has worked on various franchises including Terminator, Doctor Who and is the co creator of the Stokerverse with Dacre.


Chris Geary (Main series artist and letterer)

Chris has worked on “Kora” featured within the popular UK Anthology Newstand series SHIFTand is currently working on a new Robin Hood re imagining. His grasp of period clothing and design elements make him the perfect artist for this book.


Matt Soffe (Colour Artist)

Regular colour artist within the galaxy's greatest comic 2000ad. One of the best colourists in the business today.


Shane Oakley (Main Cover artist)

Most well known for his work with Alan Moore, Leah More and John Reppion on Albion. Shane is a singular talent.


Ben Stenbeck (Variant Cover Artist)

Ben's sublime line work can be seen in Hellboy, BPRD and mostly notebly with the brilliant Baltimore series from Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden.


Mike Collins (Variant Cover artist)

A legend in the world of comics. Co creator of Gambit and regular Storyboard artist on Doctor Who. Has worked for Marvel and DC and just about everyone else over the years.


David Hitchcock (Back up Strip artist)

Eagle award winner for Spring Heeled Jack… David has worked for 2000AD and most recently for Dark Horse Comics on a new Frankenstein project.


Denise Ciencin (Back up strip co writer)

Denise is most well know for her writing with the Buffy The Vampire Slayer franchise on various books.

Stretch Goals

At $9000 to say a big thank you to all of you we will send every backer a special "Behind The Scenes PDF"
This Zoop Exclusive free addition for every backer includes the original Script of "Cult of the White Worm" by Chris and Dacre, along with notes and inspirations.
The PDF will also include behind the scenes musings from the creators and it will be packed with sketches and pencils from the artists invloved in the project (like the rough pencil version of the cover by Shane Oakley below), giving you a unique insight into the creation of this historic comic book.


The publisher, Shane Chebsey has a solid 20 year track record of producing and delivering high quality comics and graphic novels, both as SCAR COMICS from 2004 to 2021 and already as Scratch Comics with the recent successful campaign to launch Hedrek.


The artwork is nearly completed and books will be ready to print before the end of the campaign. Distribution channels have been well established across multiple continents. The only obstacle remaining to get this book into your hands is funding.




3 months ago

Going to Print!


To all of our Backers on Dracula The Return: Cult Of The White Worm

I  just wanted to drop you an update to let you know where we are at with production of the book.

We have recruited the incredibly talented designer Andy Bloor to put the comic together for print and we should be sending the final files to the printers this Friday.

The book is looking really good and we could not be happier with the final results of everybody's hard work.

We will have printed copies at our distributors by Friday 28th October, and if anybody is in Nottingham, UK on Saturday 29th October, come and see us at Nottingham Comic Convention where you can meet myself and some of the Scratch Comics creative team.

A huge thank you once again to every single backer. This historic comic book could not have happened without your support.


5 months ago

We did it!

Thanks to every single backer we have hit our funding target with over 4 days to spare!
And to celebrate we are delighted to announce that we will be including this stunning "4th Bride" bonus piece of art in the book and you will have the option of adding a deluxe art print of the painting by Si Chinook to your reward package too.
And don't forget... We still have time to hit the $9k stretch goal, unlocking a free Behind The Scenes PDF for every backer!
So keep sharing folks.
All the best 
Shane and the Team
5 months ago

First Stretch Goal reveal

We are very excited to announce our very first Stretch Goal for the campaign, and those of you with a curious or creative mind will love this!
Go check out the Stretch Goals section -- let's get there!
5 months ago

Two more Add-Ons added!


We decided to spice things up even more by adding these two add-ons today -- go check them out!

• A Personal Message from Dacre

• A Signature from Dacre

5 months ago

Welcome to the Campaign!

So the first few days of the campaign are over and we cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for each every person whom has turned out to support this project that we have been devoting our time to for over a year now.
We've already hit so many milestones including the 100 backer mark and the $3500 milestone.
So a huge THANK YOU to every single backer. 
To celebrate the incredible start to the campaign we would like to offer some brand new add ons to the campaign:
First up for those of you who can't make it to the UK to meeting Dacre Stoker in September, we are offering a very special add on to have meal with Dacre in North America.
Dacre travels around the USA giving his lectures and attending special events all the year round.
And for just $350 at a mutually convenient time (within 2 years) and location (North America only) arranged between the backer and Dacre Stoker you can enjoy a one to one Dinner with Dacre.
Dacre is offering just 5 of these opportunities to meet him.
The add on includes your meal (up to three courses) and two drinks
Of course you also get your comic signed in person.
The next new add on is an original sketch cover from Eagle Award winning artist David Hitchcock.
This is a very limited add on as David is highly in demand as an artist and only has so much time available.
So for now there are just 4 opportunities to grab a hand sketched blank cover edition by the artist, who is illustrating our back up strip co written by Chris McAuley and Buffy The Vampire Slayer writer Denise Ciencin.
We hope you like our new add ons, and we'll be adding more as we hit more milestones in the campaign.
And when we hit target... Boy you are really in for a treat! 
All the best
Shane and the Team


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