Drumsticks of Doom: Band on the Silver Mountain #1 of 3

by Jon Westhoff & Dan Dougherty

Drumsticks of Doom is back in a brand new mini-series! (with all previous issues)! Lana and the band head to the mysterious Silver Mountain to record their album, but some uninvited guests want to join the jam session.

PLUS leaping out of pages of D of D: Argile The Archnigator Plush!

For fans of Hellboy, Scott Pilgrim and Heavy Metal!

Variant Cover by Dave Chisholm


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"This series is so good, and essential reading for all metalheads". - Chris Dailey (Geek Network)

When Black Sabbath (not the Beatles) became the world’s most famous band, the universe was changed, musically and otherwise. Lost arts, like Alchemy, were made common, schools taught about transfiguration and alternate science, Demons were summoned and some stuck around.

Lana LOVES music. She has played in bands all through high school and now, in college, she still plays in her ex’s fledgling metal band. She’s convinced their drummer to play her indie songs in secret. She's finishing up the best practice yet when they are drawn into a spiritual battle to keep metal on the top of the charts.

The first miniseries was a wild ride of Daywolves, Metal Cults and hybrid creatures.

The new 3-issue mini-series has Lana and the crew taking the next step in their music journey as they head to The Silver Mountain to record their first album. Their private recording session isn't so private when chacters new and old start trying to get in on the tracks.

22 Stunning Black and White interiors story pages, plus extras- Standard American size book, Full Color Covers.

You may ask: can I jump in here mid-story? Absolutely! You may enjoy the world we are building by reading Vol 1, but we are making these series new reader friendly.

BUT that's not all!

Leaping out of the pages of series 1, it's fan favorite Argile the Arachnigator!! Argile was co-created by Dan, Jon and Jon’s daughter (8 y/o at the time) and he has been a fan-favorite since the first page.

Measuring 17 inches teeth to tail we have received the prototype of our hybrid stuffed character. They are soft and not-so-scary with plastic eyes. We are ready to go to limited production, we just need your help to get them made. This cuddly hybrid is ready to go on the road with you!


Dan and Jon are lifelong musicians and longtime comic creators, with dozens of years doing both. This is their 3rd year collaborating on Drumsticks of Doom and they are excited to bring more music-themed comics into the world.

Co-created by Dan Dougherty(Touching Evil) and Jon Westhoff(Part-Time Comix)

Art/Cover- Dan Dougherty (cover colors Wesley Wong), Script/Letters- Jon Westhoff

Additional Art- Ryan Vella (Killerroo, Bulletproof Chicken)

Pin-up- Em (@EmmaBIllu)

Variant Cover- Dave Chisholm (Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound)

#Stretch Goals

$5000- Everyone gets PDF of Bandthology II (another music anthology) and all physical tiers get a 2.5” inch Argile logo sticker!

$6000 - Everyone gets PDF of Bandthology III (yet another music anthology) and all physical tiers get a 2.5” inch Argile “cartoon version” sticker!

$8000- Everyone gets an 8 page mini-comic (PDF for digital tiers or Physical for print tiers) with a new Argile story from Dan/Jon and a story from Jon’s 10 year old daughter!


Expected delivery: The Book- August 2024. The Plush- September 2024.

As of launch, we are about 50% done with the book. Dan and Ryan have inked most pages and the rest may even be done by campaign close. The plush is designed and approved, but can take a little extra time to produce and ship, so we appreciate the extra patience. All items will ship together.

Jon has never failed to deliver a campaign in 15 years and over 20 crowdfunding campaigns. The only risk is printer and production slow down and shipping, but we are prepared to navigate. We do not anticipate any issues.

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