by Dylan Andrews

Calvin Chase is cursed with a disease that is slowly turning him into a monster.

A dark action adventure comic series for fans of The X-Files, Hellblazer, Hitman, Preacher and The Darkness.

**EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: One physical reward backer from the first 48 hours of the campaign will win an ENGRAVED drawing! See EARLY BIRD section below for more details.


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Batlantic Studios Digital Comic Bundle!



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The first three issues of the hit series ENGRAVED in a single book!



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The story continues for Calvin Chase in ENGRAVED volume two!


The Oppressors vol. ONE and ENGRAVED vol. ONE and TWO

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Versus and Spine battle for survival in The Oppressors Volume one!


Final Boss, The Oppressors vol. ONE and ENGRAVED vol. ONE and TWO

Final Boss, Tyler Kirkham’s creator owned comic with my exclusive variant cover!


A sketch cover and all the books

I’ll draw a character for you on one of my blank sketch covers!


A commission and all the books

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An 11”x17” commission drawing of a charter you choose!


Get drawn into a future issue!

I’ll draw your likeness in a future issue of ENGRAVED!


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I am so thrilled that you’re checking out the crowdfunding campaign for my creator owned series ENGRAVED! 
This comic is an over the top chromium age action comic about Calvin Chase who is cursed with a disease that is slowly turning him into a monster.
This ZOOP crowdfunding campaign is to fund the printing and shipping of volumes one and two collecting the first six issues of this series. 
Each volume is 32 black and white pages with full color covers in standard comic size.
I need your help to hit goal so that these books can be sent to you! Jump in the campaign in the first 48 hours and you will be entered to win an awesome piece of original art!
I’ve got a bunch of great stretch goals planned, the higher we go… the more you get! 
So please help us hit goal, and share this link http://www.zoop.gg/c/engraved with anyone that is a fan of X-Files,  Hellblazer, Hitman, The Darkness, or Preacher. 
Thank you!






Early Bird

You can win this drawing by Dylan if you're one of the physical reward backers from the first 48 hours of the campaign!



My name is Dylan Andrews. I am a comic-book artist, writer, designer, and independent publisher. I started reading comics when I was 5 years old, and I’ve always wanted to use my knowledge of art, design, and publishing to create my own comic books. I started Batlantic Studios to create a place where comics matter. I have done nine successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns for my comic-book series ARCHIVE: The WarHood Odyssey, The Oppressors, CYST: The Skin Grafter, and Versus. I am so happy to be part of Southern Maine’s vibrant community of comic-book creators. I love the over the top chromium-age ’90s comics from my youth. I want to bring back the excitement and energy I felt toward those comics, sharing that experience with a modern audience. Check out works in progress and get a peek behind the scenes at www.makecomicscool.com. Comics, art, and swag available at www.batlanticstore.com

Stretch Goals

$1,000 - CRINGE, The meanest dude in the ARCHIVE UNIVERSE issue zero of my brand new creator owned comic book series! 
This comic will be mailed to every physical reward backer when it’s unlocked at $1,000!


$1,500 - stickers

$2,000 - prints


The books are finished and ready to ship upon the funding of the campaign. So estimated delivery of rewards would be late summer '22.

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