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Epic Chaos! Volume 1

by Melissa McCommon

The first 4 chapters of the popular webcomic about 3 college kids & a red-eyed double being harassed by a witch are collected in a 200-page softcover graphic novel for the first time!

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Non-Sequential Volume 1 Artbook

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When a drawing comes to life and threatens the safety of a group of college kids, they must band together to not end up erased— but does this doppelganger pose a threat, or is there something more sinister lurking in the shadows?


“Epic Chaos!” is a free-to-read webcomic that’s just about ready to get its first 4 chapters printed into a nice, thick book! This has been a passion project of creator Melissa McCommon for the last decade— and not only has she managed to not lose interest in creating this comic, but she’s also met a bunch of amazing people who are crazy enough to call themselves fans of her work (seriously, you people are the best). And now, fans— old, and new— human, and appliance— we need you to rally together to raise the funds needed to print this book. If not because you love Melissa’s work, or because you want to have this book on your shelf as a status symbol that you support independent creatives— do it for JJ. Best girl wants a book.











Melissa “Mel” McCommon is a freelance illustrator with over a decade of experience in comics (she’s still trying to comprehend this fact). Besides her baby “Epic Chaos!”, Melissa has also done work for comic companies, most notably providing coloring assistance for JY Press’ middle grade graphic novels; the Eisner nominated “Awkward”, “Brave”, Eisner nominated “Crush”, “Diary”, and "The Weirn Books Vol. 1 Be Wary of the Silent Woods", all written and drawn by Svetlana Chmakova (one of Melissa’s favorite artists— no, she hasn’t comprehended this either).

Guest Artists

Thank you to these amazing creators who made beautiful prints for the “Epic Chaos!” Volume 1 Pre Order campaign— check out their work!



Melissa Pagluica is the creator of the graphic novel "Above The Clouds" (now set to be published by Wonderbound in 2023). She has worked as a cover artist for various studios while traveling to conventions selling her art and comics. Her latest story "Monster Heart" can be read on Webtoon Canvas and you can find more of her work over at teacupbee.com.



Lo is an illustrator from Sacramento, California specializing in character art. When they're not drawing, they're slinging lattes or petting cats.



“My names Crystal Jayme (Scotty) and I'm the creator of “Hazy London”, “Freakshow”, and “Nigh Heaven & Hell”! I LOVE creating stories with elements of horror and drama. But I’m also a sucker for action and comedy. So I enjoy attempting to meld all of these things into my works. I also own four very needy cats…”



"A simple artist who enjoys drawing fantastical creatures in glorious detailed work."



“A creator of wholesome, adult comics of the kinky persuasion”


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Stretch Goals

Once the main funding goal is achieved, there will be TWO different kinds of goals fans and backers can work towards— Monetary Stretch Goals, and Social Stretch Goals! Both help the campaign in different ways, so here is a brief explanation.



These are the traditional stretch goals most people are familiar with— the more money raised after the initial funding goal, the more new EC! merch can be made.



These goals are ones that ANYONE can help unlock (yes, even you person staring longingly at this campaign wishing you had funds to give). You can help the backers get more goodies by helping accomplish social goals for each round. Example social goals might be “3 of pictures of ENxMelina fan art”, or “video of someone’s reaction to real life Malakai (makeup on corn, and all)”. 

Round 1 becomes live once the initial funding goal is reached!


As of Thursday March 17th, 2022, there are 24 pages of comic left to complete, and then the book is ready to be sent to the printers!


Book Completion Date: May 31st, 2022 (PDF’s will be sent around this time)


Books Received from printer: Late June 2022


May-June Commissions for higher tier supporters.


Merch is done and ready to order as soon as funds are received.


*massive signing and packing party June-August*


Rewards should all be shipped out to backers by August 2022.


This Book is in the final stages of completion, and I currently have an editor going through all of the completed pages for spelling/grammar errors so I can fix those before the book goes to print (thank you, Travis! <3). I have a few events I want to premier the book at, so I’ll be working my butt off to make sure this book is done and gorgeous looking by June (in time for my birthday on the 23rd!)  so I can begin mailing out rewards to backers as soon as the books arrive from the printers. 


I am using a domestic book printing service here in the USA, so while there won’t be any fears of the books being on a cargo ship in the middle of the Atlantic, companies are having supply issues due to the ongoing pandemic. This is not to say that the company -WILL-have issues with supply, just that it is a possibility in today's environment, so I’m hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

I will be notifying supporters throughout the whole process, and if any issues do arise, you will be the first ones to know what’s going on, and what is being done to fix it. I believe over communication is better than no communication, so I apologize in advance for the amount of updates y’all will likely be getting from me (all of which will hopefully be GREAT, with lots of pictures of me happy-crying over the beautiful merch that comes in)

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