Faceless and the Family

by Matt Lesniewski

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A small group of outcasts from different scenarios all on the outskirts of regular society, come together over time and form a bond. They never belonged anywhere or have been exiled from normalcy, for their own reasons, and this is how they relate to one another. All the misfits are looking for something; Faceless: a new face so he can reconnect with his loved ones, Giant Jerry: new memories, Carp: a sense of real love and family, Highway Hal: his long lost wife, Jan. Think of it like an even weirder, yet heartfelt spin on The Wizard of Oz, but completely it’s own. A sci-fi/post apocalyptic journey with strange and lovable characters.

Faceless and the Family is created, written, drawn, and hand-lettered by Eisner-nominated creator Matt Lesniewski. You probably aren’t familiar with him, but that’s okay– you can get familiar now. He’s worked on comics such as The Freak, Crimson Flower, Static, Mind MGMT Bootleg and more. Some of his comics have been published by Dark Horse Comics. All he does is draw because he’s a maniac! Give this man some money so he can relax a bit and treat his obvious mental issues (definitely not written by Matt).