Full Tilt

by Jason Copland

After five years of hard work, passion and sacrifice, the epic indie crime-scifi-noir comic by Jason Copland is FINALLY being collected here for the first time!

FULL TILT is a perfect book for those that love gritty noir tales, dystopian future realities and kinetic black and white art. Think Sin City meets The Godfather in the setting of Blade Runner.

This soon-to-be modern day classic is presented in a slick 320-page oversized 7.8" x 12" hardcover.


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Digital version, 320 pages





Oversized 7.8" x 12", 320 pages, b&w




Hardcover SIGNED

Oversized 7.8" x 12", 320 pages, b&w. Signed by Jason Copland




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Original Art - single page

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New Manhattan, once the gleaming, state-of-the-art city of the 23rd-century, is now in the throes of social and moral decay. Its despondent citizens lose themselves in narcotics and hi-tech toys. Corrupt law enforcement agencies terrorize the populace. Bloodthirsty fans cheer as indentured gladiators fight deathmatches to gain their freedom. It’s the end of civilization… and the five crime families control it all.

Massimo Miller, the fiercely loyal consigliere of the Chessa family, narrowly survives an attack that wipes out all five of New Manhattan’s crime-syndicate bosses. As the massacre’s lone survivor, the new bosses accuse him of the assassinations and gather their armies to hunt him down.

Injured and alone, Miller must battle his way homeward through enemy territory to discover the party responsible for the death of his mentor… and make them pay.

The choice between love and loyalty brought Massimo Miller to this moment. To make it right, he’ll have to go FULL TILT.


Jason Copland had done work for many mainstream publishers (Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW, Image and more) but decided to step away from work-for-hire gigs to focus solely on creating FULL TILT, an epic tale that only he could tell. Full Tilt is about as DIY/punk rock as comic book making gets. It’s a massive 320-page oversized hardcover black and white book written and drawn with passion and created without a publisher's involvement. It's a book of singular vision. Backing a project like this demonstrates that you support artists that take a chance on themselves and their work. 


With your support, Jason will be able to produce a gorgeous art object that is also a future noir tale of immense scale and power.








Original Art

These are some of the spoiler-free pages available for purchase in the Add-Ons section above. If you'd like to view some of the spoiler-filled pages that Jason is also offering for sale, please email us at hello@wearezoop.com and we'll set you up with access.




Pg. 18 / Pg. 19 / Pg. 56


Pg. 69 / Pg. 75 / Pg. 100




Pgs. 62-63 / Pgs. 64-65


Pgs. 66-67 / Pgs. 76-77


Pgs. 104-105 / Pgs. 164-165


Pgs. 258-259

Longest Spread

From the 'Are You #%@! Kidding Me' department, the book contains (we think?) a record 22-consecutive-page spread. Jason went a bit nuts creating this detailed masterpiece -- here's what it looks like when you zoom out:



If you're crazy enough to want a 14-foot-long high-quality giclee print of all of these inter-connected pages, let us know at hello@wearezoop.com, and we can set up a special order for you!


"FULL TILT is a work of unparalleled ambition, scope, and intensity. Copland has managed to coalesce the scale of manga, the raw power of American comics, and the almost indulgent world-building of bande dessinée into an unapologetic, one-of-a-kind blockbuster possible only on the printed page. If you don't like FULL TILT, you don't like comics. I happen to love both."

--- Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Firebreather, The Wretch)

"Full Tilt is a feast of visual drama and action, and one particular section is worth the price of admission alone. You'll know it when you see it. Full Tilt is exactly that... FULL! TILT!"
--- J H Williams III (Echolands, Batwoman, The Sandman Overture, Promethea)
"Sci-Fi Noir that packs a punch! This series doesn't hold back!"
--- Dan Panosian (Black Tape, Alice Ever After, Slots)
"I’ve only seen a preview of Full Tilt and what can I say? It’s everything I love about comics and some crazy shit I’ve never seen before. This has been an epic journey for Copland and goddamn!.. we get to reap the rewards! Can’t wait!"
--- Jason Shawn Alexander (Killadelphia, Empty Zone, Spawn)



FULL TILT was created, written and drawn by Jason Copland, artist and co-creator of the critically acclaimed comic Kill All Monsters. Joining him on this massive undertaking is letterer extraordinaire Troy Peteri (letterer of innumerous DC and Image books), editor and writer James Powell (House of Fear) and FULL TILT logo, cover and interior book designer Tim Daniel (all things Vault Comics).

Stretch Goals


The only things left to do in the book are the final pages of lettering. That, plus Jason having to do all of the remarqued drawings before they can be bound into the book, should add at least another month, if not two, after the campaign is over, and then we'll be printing the book!


Printing and shipping should take around three months from that point, so delivery of rewards is expected to be done in Fall 2023.


Zoop will always be here to communicate with backers should any delays occur, if there’s confusion about delivery, or if any other concerns pop up.

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