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Fully Loaded

by Jimmy Broxton


Blade Runner meets Sin City in a Neo-noir, Cyberpunk crime thriller. Art to die for, a story to kill for, and a shattering finale you wouldn’t see coming in a 100 years.

A 100-page deluxe softcover, written and illustrated by Jimmy Broxton. Exclusively available from Zoop.

“HOLY SH*T. This looks incredible.” - MARK MILLAR


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FL digital

Fully Downloaded

Full Digital version of the book as a PDF




FL book A

Fully Loaded - Printed Book - "Magenta"

The 100-page deluxe softcover book. Main cover by Jimmy.




FL book B

Fully Loaded - Printed Book - "Cyan"

The 100-page deluxe softcover book. The alternative cover by Jimmy




Fully Loaded - Printed Book - SIGNED

Get a signed book plate with your book! Magenta cover is the default, but if you'd like the Cyan cov...


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FL book A Remarqued

Fully Loaded - Printed Book - REMARQUED

As well as a signature you will also receive a fully inked original sketch on your book plate! Magen...


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Fully Loaded - Printed Book w/ Hand-Drawn Bookplate

Get a hand drawn free standing bookplate by Jimmy along with a copy of the book! Magenta cover is t...




Fully Loaded Book & Digital Bundle

Both the "Magenta" printed book plus the PDF at a special price.




FL both books

Fully Loaded Collectors Bundle

Both the "Magenta" and the "Cyan" covers at a discounted price.


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FL Book A + print bundle

Fully Loaded Signed Book & Print Bundle

This Bundle gives you a copy of the "Magenta" version of Fully Loaded plus a signed book plate and a...





Retailer Bundle - All copies SIGNED

A special offer for retailers: 10x copies of the main cover at a wholesale discount, all signed by J...


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A3 Commission by Jimmy Broxton

An EXTREMELY rare opportunity! Have Jimmy draw any character of your choosing (on A3 art paper, with...




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Tip Jar

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FL print

Limited Edition Signed Art Print

Full Colour High Quality Art Print Signed by Jimmy


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FL be drawn graphic

Be drawn into Fully Loaded

Your likeness will be immortalised and drawn into Fully Loaded by Jimmy as a background character. Y...


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FL A4 sketch

Original Ink drawing (A4)

A fully inked original art drawing from Jimmy on A4 art board. Fully Loaded characters only, no req...


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FL A3 sketch

Original Ink Drawing (A3)

A fully inked original art drawing from Jimmy on A3 art board. Fully Loaded characters only, no req...


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Fully Loaded & fully rendered!

Original (A3) fully rendered full colour mixed media pin up - by Jimmy. (Please note, Jimmy does not...

#The Story

Would you choose to live forever in a future where everything that’s cruel, criminal and corrupt is the order of the day?

Carson Blake certainly didn’t.

A former special forces operative turned gun for hire is lured out of retirement to save the family of a man who once saved his life. He must face his own demons as well as those around him as he’s drawn into a brutal web of deceit and betrayal, where the worst excesses of human greed and desire extend from the darkest alleys to the glittering palaces of the authoritarian elite.

It’s 2065, Carson Blake is 100 years old, fully loaded, and tired of asking nicely.

A 100-page deluxe softcover, written and illustrated by Jimmy Broxton. Published by Verity Comics in association with Scratch Comics Publications. Exclusively available from Zoop.

Will appeal to fans of: American Flagg, Sin City, Blade Runner, A Clockwork Orange, Mad Max, Tarkovsky and Roger Corman.





Jimmy Broxton is a UK based graphic artist, illustrator and art director. He is also a 30 year veteran of the comic book industry, having worked (in various guises) as a writer, penciller, inker, colourist, letterer and designer for just about every major comic book publisher in the English speaking world. Clients include: DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW, Warner Bros, Sony Entertainment, Jet City/Amazon and Rebellion Publishing.

Fully Loaded is Jimmy’s first full length creator owned graphic novel. His newly created publishing imprint: VERITY COMICS will be offering the deluxe edition of title exclusively through Zoop.

#Stretch Goals



I currently have around half of the book in various stages of completion. Estimated delivery of final print ready files is July 2024. From that point it should take around 3-4 months to get printed and sent to the fulfillment center, so fulfillment for this campaign is estimated to be done in November 2024.

Zoop will always be here to communicate with backers should any delays occur, if there’s confusion about delivery, or if any other concerns pop up.

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