Gilgamesh: Eternal #1-2

by Cam Kerkau and Kostas Pantoulas

The world’s first story continues in the world's greatest storytelling medium. Become a part of the epic now by supporting Gilgamesh: Eternal #1-2 on Zoop!

For fans of Jack Kirby, Moebius, and anything that blurs the line between Science Fiction and Mythology


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Original Art - Issue #1 Page 1

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The Epic of Gilgamesh is the world’s oldest story, dating back almost five millennia. But Gilgamesh’s dilemma is something that remains relevant to us all today, and always will. How can you live peacefully after you've been truly confronted by your own mortality?

Gilgamesh: Eternal is a reimagining of The Epic of Gilgamesh as a fantasy-action comic written by Cameron Kerkau with art by Kostas Pantoulas (IRWIN ALLEN’S LOST IN SPACE: THE LOST ADVENTURES, FREAK SNOW: WASHED IN BLOOD) and letters by Mira Mortal (DOLL ISLAND, MADE UP: ZOMBIE CLOWN CIRCUS).

In Gilgamesh: Eternal #1, Gilgamesh traveled to the Cedar Forest with his love, Enkidu, to conquer the giant Humbaba. With the help of some benevolent gods, they vanquished the beast and returned home to Uruk to a hero's welcome. But, unfortunately, a jealous goddess had more monsters in store for the dynamic duo.


Now in Gilgamesh: Eternal #2, Gilgamesh the God-King is not what he once was. In the wake of the Goddess Inanna's meddling, his city is shattered and his lover Enkidu has fallen. Broken, Gilgamesh ventures deep into the unknown wilderness in search of Utnapishtim the Immortal. For Enkidu was his equal and exact opposite, and if Enkidu can be killed - what does that mean for Gilgamesh? Meanwhile, Shamhat, high-priestess to Inanna and closest companion of Gilgamesh, is elected King Regent of Uruk in his absence. A political pawn amidst gods, Shamhat must navigate celestial ambitions while campaigning for peace amongst her people.


“Gilgamesh: Eternal does what I never expected, but should have, from a story of Mesopatamian myth. With this book, Cameron and Kostas have made the myths feel...cosmic. It's a grand story of adventure, monster-slaying, romance, and intrigue. I'm hooked!” - Cullen Bunn, writer of X-Men, Deadpool, The Damned, The Sixth Gun, Harrow County


"Kerkau does an excellent job of adapting the Epic of Gilgamesh into a fun comic. His knack for pacing and dialogue helps it feel fresh and contemporary. Pantoulas' watercolors are particularly striking and bring a sense of playfulness and excitement to every scene." -





Original Art

You can have Kostas Pantoulas do a postcard-sized drawing for you with the limited Postcard Sketches available in the Rewards section:



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Issue #2 - Cover / Page 1


Issue #2 - Page 2-3


Issue #2 - Page 4 / Page 5


Issue #1 - Page 1 / Page 5


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Stretch Goals


The comic is being finished and should be ready to head to the printer about a month after the campaign is over. We expect a summer '23 fulfillment of everyone's rewards.


Of course, the Gods like to mettle with floods, pandemics, global disruption, and other such things that could throw us off schedule, but we will keep you all updated if we do encounter any delays!

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