Going Green

by Scott Duvall, Sean Reliford, & Vincenzo Federici

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GOING GREEN is the supernatural family drama of Locke & Key meets the biological horror of Annihilation in a modern-day monster comic with heart. This is a tale of family, loss, and second chances in a strange new world where the dead emerge from soil derived from their composted remains, giving them life anew.

Our story begins in the Pacific Northwest after the Dunn children suffer the tragic loss of their father. Instead of burying him, they go the route of an affordable new method of laying your loved ones to rest called Going Green, which composts the remains into soil as a greener alternative. Shortly after, their lives begin to change dramatically as their formerly deceased dad is reincarnated as a plant-hybrid creature. 

Meanwhile, a dangerous, kaiju-like hive mind comprised of the reanimated remains of the town’s deceased, is beginning to uproot as an internal battle wages within its ecosystem of conflicting personalities.

"As clever of an idea as I've seen in forever, presented with heart and humor. I'm all in." - MARK WAID