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Gorgo Legacy

by Patrick McEvoy & Mac McClintock

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From the creators the acclaimed graphic novel SOUL WAR

1953. World War II is over, and the Cold War has taken its place. And in this new era of simmering world tension, a secret international agency known as SERENITY monitors -- and often conceals -- the threat of giant monsters they term "mega-cryptids." The Kaiju!

AGENT BENSON might well have saved the world in his first mission for Serenity. But now he must balance new duties with his unwanted status as a war hero. His encounter with a malevolent alien intelligence on that fateful mission has left deep scars on his psyche, as well -- cursing him with weird visions of the future.

Sent on a new mission with AGENT SIMON, an untested recruit, Benson must now investigate strange events on an isolated isle off the coast of Ireland. Destructive creatures have been sighted, unidentified cargo ships roam the nearby channels and, mysteriously, the Serenity agent previously assigned there has disappeared.

Now, in this prequel to the legendary GORGO film, Benson's dark visions of tomorrow loom. A KAIJU BLOOD FEUD and COLD WAR INTRIGUE will soon collide in the deadly waters of the North Atlantic!