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Groom Lake - Grey Skies Above

by Chris Ryall & Nelson Daniel

From Syzygy Publishing! Groom Lake, featuring lovably inscrutable grey alien Archibald, is back in an all-new standalone graphic novel!

It’s ten years after Archibald escaped from the secret base under Groom Lake. The once-destroyed base is showing new signs of life. A conspiracy theorist warns that the “MAJESTIC 13” abductees are being returned to Earth as part of an horrific human/alien swap, and maybe worst of all, a new feature film about aliens presages even more devastating consequences for Archie and his handlers.

Written by co-creator Chris Ryall and illustrated by Nelson Daniel, with additional art by Ben Templesmith, this all-new tale shows you that those Tic-Tac UFO videos aren’t anything to worry about compared to what’s really coming our way. All that, and the true secret behind Archibald and his blobby companion, too!

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