Hack/Slash: The Card Game

by Zoop Games


The long running comic book series Hack/Slash is coming back to crowdfunding, but this time…fans will do the slashing! Fan-favorite “Slasher” villains from the series’ 20 year history will terrorize 1-6 players in a pulse-pounding deck building card game that recreates key events from the comics!

Players will play as the heroes, Cassie and Vlad, and build up their decks with more powerful attacks, combos, and special moves. The core game comes with a “Double-Feature” offering two villainous Slashers from the Hack/Slash universe, with more expansions and Slashers to come!

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Base Game

Includes everything you need to play Hack/Slash: The Card Game, plus the “Hack/Slash: Euthanized” Ac...


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Base Game *Limited Edition*

Comes in a Limited BLOOD FOIL BOX! Includes everything you need to play Hack/Slash: The Card Game, p...





Deluxe Game

Includes everything you need to play Hack/Slash: The Card Game, the “Hack/Slash: Euthanized” Action...


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Deluxe Game *Limited Edition*

Comes in a Limited BLOOD FOIL BOX! Includes everything you need to play Hack/Slash: The Card Game, t...




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Six Sixx Expansion Pack *REVEALED!*

This first Action Deck Expansion features one of Hack/Slash’s most notorious slashers…Six Sixx! Reli...




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Land of Lost Toys Expansion Pack *REVEALED!*

This second Action Deck Expansion features the “Land of Lost Toys”. Some of the cutest, cuddliest, y...





Back To School Expansion Pack *REVEALED!*

In this third Action Deck Expansion, "Hack/Slash: Back to School," young slasher hunter Cassie Hack,...


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Play With Tim!

Add this to your reward of choice to set at time to play the Hack/Slash game together with series cr...


“I'll be honest, I don't know much about games. BUT I know people who love games REALLY love them, and we've been asked about a Hack/Slash card game for years. So, behold the mighty folks at ZOOP who had the same idea, and who have made something really clever, and expertly designed by real game enthusiasts. I think H/S fans and gamers will love it!" - Hack/Slash creator TIM SEELEY

Hack/Slash: The Card Game is a cooperative deck building card game for 1 to 6 players.

Players take on the role of Cassie Hack and her enigmatic partner, Vlad, as they face-off against the supernatural monsters known as “Slashers”

#About Zoop

#The Story

At the end of every horror movie, one girl always survives... in this case, Cassie Hack not only survives, she turns the tables by hunting and destroying the horrible slashers that would do harm to the innocent! Alongside the gentle giant known as Vlad, the two cut a bloody path through those who deserve to be put down... hard!

Created in 2004, Hack/Slash has now corrupted the minds of thousands upon thousands of readers, horror fans, aspiring comic book creators, cosplayers, and people just looking for a good time, but this is the very first Hack/Slash game!

#Game + Expansions

The “Core Game” includes everything you need to play Hack/Slash: The Card Game, plus the “Hack/Slash: Euthanized” Action Deck!

Action Decks are complete “Hack/Slash: The Card Game” Expansions based on stories from the Hack/Slash Universe. In addition to the “Euthanized” story, 3 other Action Deck Expansions will be available during this campaign.

The names of these three Expansions are being revealed during the campaign as we reach certain milestones.

  • Six Sixx Expansion Pack $25 ***REVEALED 5/28!***

This first Action Deck Expansion features one of Hack/Slash’s most notorious slashers…Six Sixx! Relive the story of the rocker that literally sold his soul for rock and roll with this all-new Action Deck featuring artwork from Six Sixx’s first appearance! New encounters, minions, victims and locations await in this complete 60+ card expansion set! Use your wit and skill to defeat this villainous slasher before he can drag you to hell!

  • Land of Lost Toys Expansion Pack $25 ***REVEALED 6/7!***

This second Action Deck Expansion features the “Land of Lost Toys”. Some of the cutest, cuddliest, yet creepiest and deadly Slashers in the Hack/Slash Universe! In this expansion pack, play as Cassie Hack and Vlad and dive into their most twisted adventure yet! In the seemingly peaceful town of Rockford, children are disappearing without a trace, leaving only their beloved toys behind. You will be plunged into a bizarre and horrifying world where toys aren't just playthings—they're instruments of terror. Confront the dark entity behind the chaos, save victims, and defeat the villain! New encounters, minions, victims and locations await in this complete 60+ card expansion set!

  • Hack/Slash: Back to School Expansion Pack $30 ***REVEALED 6/12!***

In this third Action Deck Expansion, young slasher hunter Cassie Hack, along with her monstrous ally Vlad, faces a sinister new threat in a school for serial-killer hunters, battling a murderous bunny mascot and a team of deranged teenage killers. New encounters, minions, victims and locations await in this complete 60+ card expansion set based on the popular story by Zoe Thorogood!


Want a closer look at the game?

#Component List

1 Action Deck with 34 cards

42 Starter Deck Cards

1 Hero Deck with 42 cards

5 Location Cards

20 Anytime Attack Cards

1 Board

1 Instruction Booklet

2 Character Tokens (Cassie & Vlad)

40 Tracker Tokens

1 Health Tracker Token


#How to Play

Here’s a quick rundown of the basic concepts in Hack/Slash: The Card Game


Whether 1 player or 6, in Hack/Slash: The Card Game you play as Heroes, Cassie Hack and Vlad. Each player will get a chance to take a turn as the Hack/Slash Heroes.

Players can select their favorite cards from the Hero Marketplace to mix-and-match Cassie and Vlad cards for high powered COMBOS in order to defeat the villains!


There are two major decks located on the main game board in Hack/Slash: The Card Game:

Action Track - The Action Deck is placed on the Action Deck space, and the cards from the deck will be drawn from the Action Deck into the Action Track, which is marked on the board.

Details on how the Action Track function will be outlined in the instructions, but in short, the Action Track is where the action happens in the game.

Cards will move along this track each round, and you must use Draft and Attack Energy to defeat Minions, rescue Victims, and stop horrifying Slasher Villains before your Health runs out.

Hero Marketplace - The Hero Marketplace is located on the bottom third of the game board, and features a space for the Hero Deck.

The Marketplace is where you will draft new cards that will become part of your own deck. The Marketplace will always be filled with five cards, giving you a variety of options to build your combos, plan attacks, and increase your energy.


Players will start with a deck of 8 Starter Cards. These cards will generate energy when played that will allow the player to Draft new cards into their decks, and Attack enemy cards to remove them from the board.

A few important things to remember when building your deck:

  • Players will always begin their turn with a hand of 5 cards.

  • Each card will generate either Draft or Attack Energy.

  • Players must “use” the energy generated by the cards during their turn, or they “lose” the energy at the end of their turn.

  • Each time a player drafts a new card into their deck, they must first place it in their discard pile before they can use it.

  • Once a player has no more cards to draw from, they must shuffle their discard pile.

  • Once shuffled, the discard pile becomes the player’s new deck - which now features all of the player’s recently acquired cards within.


In the game, cards have 2 types of values:

  • Draft Energy - This is the Energy needed to DRAFT new cards into your Deck. You can DRAFT any card in the game that has a DRAFT VALUE in the upper right corner. You will find DRAFTABLE cards in the Hero Marketplace and the Action Track. If a card has the Draft Energy Symbol in the upper right corner - it is DRAFTABLE into your discard pile.

  • Attack Energy - ATTACK Energy is used to defeat VILLAINS and MINIONS. In order to DEFEAT a villain or minion card and REMOVE it from the ACTION TRACK, you MUST have ATTACK ENERGY equal to or greater than the ATTACK VALUE listed on their card within the cards in your hand. You may use multiple cards in your hand to ATTACK.


The Core Game includes the following decks of cards:

  • Action Deck - This deck is where you will find Villains, Minions, Victims and Encounters.

  • Hero Deck - This deck is filled with cards that will increase combat skills. It appears on the lower third of the board and features cards that you can purchase using Draft Energy to add to your deck.

  • Location Deck - This small collection of cards serves as the settings of our game, and each has special conditions that modify gameplay.

  • Anytime Zombie Cat Deck - this deck is available for you to spend extra Attack Energy on for High Score bragging rights…and these cats will SWARM the Action Track when you least expect it.

  • Starter Deck- this deck consists of 8 starter cards that make up your Starter Deck. The game includes enough starter cards for 6 players.


Each Action Deck will include unique locations, specific to that story. These locations will have special rules that change gameplay. Sometimes these rules will help the players, but more often they will hinder the player in some way…unless action is taken.


In addition to the cards, Cassie & Vlad are represented in the game with Character Markers. Players can move the markers from one location to another at a cost of 2 Draft Energy. Doing this will change the rules of some locations, improving the player’s chances of success.


Encounter Cards will appear throughout the Action Decks, each having a unique story element adapted from the original comics. These story elements will have a variety of effects.

Some of these will help players, some will kill victims, minions, or even change the rules of the game. Encounters will keep the story moving forward, and players scrambling to make their next choice.


The Action Deck features 4 levels of gameplay - each one with its own unique obstacles to overcome. In every level of an Action Deck a “Slasher” Villain or Obstacle card will appear. These cards are formatted in landscape, making them easy to spot. They will not move down the Action Track. Instead, they will remain on the board until they have been overcome.


Overcoming all 4 of these cards is how you win the game. Once all 4 of them have been revealed and removed from the board, you win.

Cassie & Vlad have a health track in the game. If this track reaches zero, Cassie & Vlad have been defeated, and everyone playing has lost.


This game is a Co-op…everyone takes turns playing as a team and discuss strategy before making decisions…but each enemy and victim card has a small number of “Victory Points” in the lower corner.

Keep these cards to the side of your deck, and when the game is over - players can calculate points for the ever-popular HIGH SCORE…

#Early Bird

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#Stretch Goals


The core game is complete and ready to move into production. Once the campaign ends, final development on the remaining expansion cards will begin. The game will go into the manufacturing process by the end of the summer.

Production and shipping should take around 4 months from that point. We are targeting a late January 2025, Early February 2025 delivery to supporters.

Zoop will always be here to communicate with supporters should any delays occur, if there’s confusion about delivery, or if any other concerns pop up. While everything in this campaign is set to move forward after the campaign ends, we understand that circumstances out of our control may happen. It is always possible that manufacturing delays can happen, product can get lost in the shipping process, global pandemics, currency collapse, alien invasions, robot rebellion, or human error may cause something to not be sent. That's why we've worked so hard to create an iron-clad system to cater to Zoop supporters. We use the latest state of the art software along with an awesome warehouse team to track everything. We're in this for the long haul, and want you back for many more in the future, and that only happens if you're happy with how this one goes!

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