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by Eric Palicki, John Bivens, Eryk Donovan, Rio Burton, Nima Sorat, and more

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Heirlooms is a squarebound 64-page collection of rare and unreleased horror, science fiction, and fantasy comics written by Eric Palicki (Ahoy Comics’ BLACK’S MYTH) in collaboration with a murderer’s row of artistic talent, including Eryk Donovan (Vault Comics’ THE HEAVY), Rio Burton (Scout’s AZZA THE BARBED), Nima Sorat (IDW’s GRAVESLINGER), and more.

Headlining the collection are two versions of the short story “Dreamcatchers,” illustrated by Sorat and John Bivens (Image Comics’ SPREAD, Vault’s THE DEVIL’S RED BRIDE), respectively. Dreamcatchers tells the story of Dana Aerlin, a young woman who discovers her own nightmares are taking shape in the waking world. This revelation draws Dana into a conspiracy or agents determined to stop the very monsters Dana has unwittingly released into our reality.

The collection features a choice of two covers, by Bivens and Richard Pace (Ahoy’s SECOND COMING).