Just Another Swamp Song

by Danny Djeljosevic & CJ Camba

A pseudo-romantic teen horror comedy about an outcast and her best friend, an increasingly murderous swamp monster. Could things get worse? Yes, it takes place in Florida.

For fans of Swamp Thing, The Shape of Water, Mean Girls, American Horror Story, Heathers & Jennifer’s Body.


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Get an 8.5x11" print of the extremely Florida-themed tabloid news parody that appears in Just Another Swamp Song. Printed on nice cardstock paper!


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Send a photo of yourself and Danny will draw a crude (but not unflattering) yearbook-style portrait with a comedic (but not mean) "Most Likely To" superlative on a 3x5 card.


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The Story

Laurel Wright is a bored, antisocial high school senior, but she’s graduating soon and moving as far away as possible from the so-called Sunshine State. She just has to keep it together for a few more weeks.

There’s just one problem: her best friend is a swamp monster who keeps killing people.

Bog wasn’t always a killer swamp monster. He used to be the kind of cool, friendly swamp monster you’d be stoked to hang out with, and Laurel was more than happy to keep him secret from everyone else in town.

That is, until he crossed the line and killed a bunch of teachers and parents. Laurel can’t cover for Bog anymore, especially because, as the closest thing the town has to a goth, her peers and teachers are getting mighty suspicious of her.

As the weeks go by and tension mounts — both at school and in the swamp — the stage is set for the weirdest prom ever.

Just Another Swamp Song is a one-shot pseudo-romantic horror comedy comic for readers who like romantic horror like Swamp Thing and The Shape of Water, but feel like they need the flavor of subversive teen comedies like Heathers, Mean Girls, and Jennifer’s Body.







Danny Djeljosevic is a writer and letterer responsible for creating the comics Survivant, Big Fucking Hammer, and BattleArc 2088. Originally from Florida — don’t hold that against him — he now lives in San Diego, CA.


CJ Camba is an artist from Buenos Aires. He works as a freelance illustrator doing covers and comics. His published works include New Wave Cthulhu (US), RW (Argentina), and Slashermania (UK).

Stretch Goals

To be revealed as we approach funding


The book is almost complete — all that’s left to do is book design and creating PDFs for print and digital use. Final files should be delivered as soon as the campaign concludes (if not before), with the physical rewards ideally shipping in July.

The only things that can go wrong are huge, unforseeable disasters like hard drive crashes and the printer’s building burning down...

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