Cover Draft Issue 1 v1


by UGH! Entertainment

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Ku-Mighty is a deeply developed story world universe co-created by the acclaimed Starlight Runner Entertainment that taps into our Earth's mythology, legends, and secret societies and turns them all upside down. This multi-series epic tells a story of adventure, mystery, and revelation on another planet very similar to ours.

Issue 1, The Rise of the Righteous, starts with a dangerous relic-hunting expedition led by a Sage-Warrior named Pan-Ku, who, along with his band of “Collectors” have dedicated themselves to unraveling the mystery behind the planet's former god-like creators and rulers’ sudden vanishing while taking on a mission to secure the “power” that was left behind and up for grabs. The Collectors, and their new-found possessions, soon become targets for marauders, bounty hunters and those who seek power and dominance in the new despotic order on Esharra and beyond.