Ku-Mighty #1

by UGH! Entertainment

Earth's true history has been disguised by mythology.

This project’s aim is to launch the premier issue of the Ku-Mighty comic book series. The storyworld was co-created through a 10-year collaboration of talent with the acclaimed team at Starlight Runner Entertainment.

For fans of: Sci-Fi Fantasy adventure stories and mythology lore, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes & Jason and the Argonauts


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Digital Copy of Issue One

28 pages, PDF format




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Includes 28-page Ku-Mighty Issue #1 and Digital Version of Issue #1 and Zero Issue Ashcan




Issue #1's Story Tracking Map

Map of Esharra's Upper Region - vintage, printed as a 11X17 poster




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Original Art - Page 2

Own the original art of Page 2 of the comic by Rodo


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Signed Original Cover Art

Original Signed 11"x17" Penciled Cover Art by Caanan White





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Ku-Mighty is a deeply developed story world universe co-created by the acclaimed Starlight Runner Entertainment that taps into our Earth's mythology, legends, and secret societies and turns them all upside down. Several species and a god-like entity populate a planet much like Earth and sharing a common lineage that will be revealed as the story unfolds. This inaugural issue will introduce the reader to the Mythical-like Anthro species, their world, their plight and the omen of war, obliteration, and sacrifice.


Issue #1, Rise of the Righteous, starts with a dangerous relic-hunting expedition led by a Sage-Warrior named Pan-Ku, who, along with his band of “Collectors” have dedicated themselves to unraveling the mystery behind the planet's former god-like creators and rulers’ (the Ku) sudden vanishing while taking on a mission to secure the “power” that was left behind and up for grabs. The Collectors, and their new-found possessions, soon become targets for marauders, bounty hunters and those who seek power and dominance in the new despotic order on Esharra and beyond.


Pan-Ku (aka PK) is the epitome of a wise and courageous leader. He formed the Collectors and devised their mission, commissioned the Toros Guard and is a well-known and respected Anthro that has many allies and the same number of adversaries.










SA Housel, Creator, Storyworld Architect, Mythologist, Writer: Has spent career deployed and stationed around the world and as a prolific voyager, immersing within the cultures, studying the history, mythologies and native legends while surveying the archaeological wonders and civilizations of present and past. 


TM Housel, Creator, Storyworld and Character developer/designer: Has a career in the software and technology industry. His early creative influences range from seventies Kung-Fu cinema to Battlestar Galactica, Planet of the Apes and Lord of the Rings. 


Rodrigo Martínez, aka Rodo, Pencil and inker: Is an emergent artist, with experience on indie comic books such as “The Hawk” and he drew his first creator-owned comic called "Dogmen '' which is currently on the way to be published. His career has been devoted entirely to comics ever since he studied at CG Master Academy and gained an exemplary portfolio review by Darren Shan of Marvel Comics, while in 2022, He won 1st place at the worldwide illustration contest for “HUION in a Fantasy World.” 


Ibrahim Aydin, Colorist: Is a professional comic book colorist and has been working as a colorist producing for Codex Entertainment, Finem Mundi Publishing, Hash Rush Games, Deadline Comics, and Sigil Entertainment Group.


Saida Temofonte, Letterer: is a very accomplished Comic Book Letterer, Graphic and Production Artist with 20+ years of ongoing collaboration WB, Sony Pictures and with DC Comics designing offsite for its imprints while lettering for Lion Forge, Marvel, IDW, Oni Press, Kymera Press, Ablaze, Vault, Immortal Studios, Inner Station, Myth Division, and Zenescope.


Caanan White, Cover Artist:  Began his professional career as a comic artist in 2006 when he was published by both the lndie Graphic Novel Publisher Dabel Brothers and Marvel Comics. Avatar Press CEO William Christensen hired White to work on two war titles: Uber and The Harlem Hellfighters.


JonBoy Meyers, Variant Cover Artist: Has inspired and impressed with his incredible artistic talent, innovative style and creative instinct that has graced interiors and covers alike for DC, Marvel, BOOM!, Skybound Entertainment, IDW, Variant Comics, among others. A legend in the making!


Partners at Starlight Runner Entertainment:


Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner and CCO of the Iceberg Theory joint venture, is the pioneer and leading expert in the fields of story world development, narrative design, and transmedia storytelling. Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Starlight Runner contributed to the Mythology and Transmedia Strategy of the worldwide blockbusters from 20th Century Fox/ James Cameron’s Avatar, Hasbro’s Transformers, Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man and Men in Black, Microsoft’s Halo, and Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Valiant’s superhero universe and currently the creator and producer of the Ultraman Connection Live fan hub and streaming virtual event series and a leader with Tsuburaya Productions' global revival of Ultraman with production partners Netflix, Lucasfilm Animation, and Marvel Comics. 


Steele Filipek, Writer, Executive Editor & Lead Transmedia Producer working on Microsoft's Halo, Ubisoft's Splinter Cell, and Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Fabian Nicieza, Starlight Runner Entertainment's Chief Innovation Officer & Lead Writer is one of the most prolific and successful comic book writers of all time, having sold over 200 million comics from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Acclaim. Fabian co-created Deadpool with Rob Liefeld, along with many other successes in the comic book industry.

Stretch Goals

$5700 - Zero Issue Ashcan, full digital version distribution to all supporters


$6000 - Variant Cover – Fan voted, available as reward option


$6800 - Variant Cover by Jonboy Meyers available as reward


Pencil, inks and colors and lettering for pages 1-5 will be completed by campaign start. Cover is penciled and inked, and the coloring will be completed soon after campaign starts.


The plan is to complete full issue art and have production/print/digital version ready for printing by campaign's end. The team will be working on pages during campaign, and will post updates.


Printing and shipping should take around three to four months after the campaign, so delivery of rewards is expected to be done sometime in Spring 2023.

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