La Mano del Destino - 80-Page Giant

by J. Gonzo

Series 2 kicks off with this '80-Page Giant' comic, where we see La Mano del Destino grapple with his most insidious opponent yet: the siren call and casual compromise of a glamorous lifestyle beyond his wildest imaginings. An old friend also re-emerges in desperate need of La Mano del Destino’s help, but can he remain focused enough to fulfill the duties of his newfound position while also appeasing the obligations of this new lifestyle?

As La Mano’s successes afford him the opportunity to become a very different kind of celebrity, this series will explore both his world AND the one posited on the silver screen. 


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80-Page Giant - Digital Version

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PDF of oversized first issue of La Mano del Destino Vol. 2 + PDF of Vol. 1 TPB (400+ pages)


80-Page Giant

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Oversized first issue of La Mano del Destino Vol. 2.
Comes with free digital copy.


80-Page Giant - SIGNED

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Oversized first issue of La Mano del Destino Vol. 2 signed by J.Gonzo. Comes with free digital copy.


Bilingual Flipbook - SIGNED

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Get the SIGNED original epic Vol. 1 collection that put La Mano del Destino on the map.
400+ pages. English and Spanish versions of story. 24 pages of bonus material. 14 pages of pinups.


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Jungla Del Misteriosa Movie Art Print #1

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Tangier Target Movie Art Print #1

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SIGNED & NUMBERED #1 of this exclusive limited print run.
Giant 18 x 24 Screenprint on colored paper




Giant screenprints on colored paper


80-Page Giant SIGNED & One Movie Art Print SIGNED/NUMBERED

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80-Page Giant SIGNED & Both Movie Art Prints SIGNED/NUMBERED

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Commissioned Art Piece by J.Gonzo

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The Book



The Story

Now that La Mano del Destino has assumed the lauded role of Undisputed League Champion and vowed to be at the people’s service, those with big ambitions and even bigger bank accounts will present themselves to exploit this new Champion and who he represents.



Throughout this series, we will follow La Mano del Destino on the set of the jungle adventure movie that the idol makers have cast him in and see him bristle against the studio system of star making and image management. The studio heads weave a dangerous web of empty promises and feigned admiration in order to manipulate La Mano del Destino into becoming a shill for corporate interests. Issue one of this series will follow La Mano del Destino from his time on set of the jungle adventure to the glitzy premier of Spy Thriller that he has starred in, Tangier Target. Then, as a 'story within the story,' the issue will include the comic book adaptation of the entirety of Tangier Target; from opening title to end credits, and all the action in between.



When we return to the main narrative, La Mano del Destino will be reunited with a friend from his childhood who needs La Mano del Destino’s help. Being a champion of the people who is motivated beyond his own self-interest and still having the capacity to challenge the media machine that is trying to exploit him, may be too much for or hero to handle on his own; so this series will see La Mano del Destino assembling a faction of trusted and capable accomplices to aid with these new struggles.



As expected, this series will feature healthy serving of Lucha Libre action; not all of which will not be confined to just the squared circle. Hang on as we further explore the weird and wild world of La Mano del Destino!


"Series 2 will be traditionally inked! Though I loved the look of series 1, and that digital process had its advantages, I am going to create series 2 in a traditional manner." - Gonzo

Art Prints




J. Gonzo is a Chicano artist, born and raised in Cypress, CA., who resides in Phoenix, AZ. Artwise, his formative years were shaped by the rigid tradition and Byzantine iconography of the Catholic school he attended juxtaposed with the DIY aesthetic of the late 70s, Orange County Punk counterculture peppered with the bright, bold, Latino hues of his grandparents generation. He attended the Orange County High School of the Arts’ Visual Arts Program and went to a terrible trade school for a degree in Graphic Design. He also apprenticed and tattooed professionally for a number of years before entering the world of advertising and design. Gonzo has spent the past 25-plus years using his creative skills at ad agencies, toy and comic companies, design studios, freelancing, and creating his own comic book title La Mano del Destino, as well as handling art duties on La Voz de MAYO: Tata Rambo for Top Cow/Image Comics.


“I fell in love with the work of Gonzo through his masterpiece La Mano del Destino when I saw it screaming out to me from an artist’s alley table. It seemed to satisfy a longing I didn’t even know I had for a comic that straddled the worlds of Lucha Libre, weird fiction, and Kirby-inspired graphics, all wrapped up in a dazzling, but still gloriously DIY, production design. Bottom line, when I see Gonzo attached to something, I know it’s got the real heart of indie comics beating at its core, and who can resist that beat?”
Phil Hester, Family Tree, Green Arrow


Here are some examples of J.Gonzo's past commissions. 10 new commissions are available through this campaign.


Stretch Goals


Upon a successful campaign, Gonzo will be producing the book in February and March for a Spring 2022 printing and delivery. We'll keep you posted on the progress all along the way!


1 week ago

The latest


Hey everyone - Gonzo's been dealing with a few family matters, BUT he did check in to let us know that he continues to get pages done. One faux ad (there's gonna be two - the other is a Hostess Pie-type ad) and one two-page spread (the title cards for the interior movie pages) are below, in addition to some impressive new pages. Check 'em out:

He hopes you're all well and have a happy Thanksgiving!

And thanks again for everyone's support and patience while we work on getting the project completed!

1 month ago

Status Update


Hey everyone, Gonzo here. I am back home after a bunch of conventions and have taken steps to get myself back on track. I think all of the fires are out and I have sequestered myself so that I might focus on nothing but comic work for the rest of the year. I am doubling-down on my efforts to re-ignite the most productive version of myself and will be an art hermit until I have fulfilled all my obligations.

In short, I am head-down and full speed ahead. I have some fun ides on how to expedite the book and to expand the meta-fiction of the La Mano-verse.

I'll start sending status updates more regularly (mostly to keep myself focused and accountable).

3 months ago

Progress update from Gonzo

Just popping in to let you all know that we linked up with Gonzo at SDCC and he says that he knows he's a bit behind on finishing this 80-Page Giant up, and that he expects to have some time this month in between conventions to knock out a big portion of the remaining pages.
If you follow his Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts, you can see the progress in real time, as he posts a lot of teasers. But, rest assured, he's on the job and will let us know as soon as the print files are ready.


9 months ago

Great Finish!

Thank you everyone who came out to support in the final days. We got over the $8k mark and then some!
As far as the next steps, credit cards will be charged over the next week, and then Gonzo is going to work on finishing up the book over the next few months. If you follow his social media channels, he's constantly posting process shots and sneak peeks of the book. We'll keep you posted on how it's coming together, and then when we'll be headed off the the printer.
Thanks again everyone -- excited to get this book in your hands!
9 months ago

How the Sausage is Made


9 months ago


9 months ago

Second Raffle Winner


We have a winner of the second raffle - J.Gonzo randomly selected supporter #57 out of a hat to win that 11x14 original piece, and that winner was.... Byron O'Neal! Congrats Byron - that will be added to your order upon funding.

10 months ago

First raffle winner + a brand new raffle!

We have a winner - J.Gonzo randomly selected supporter #82 out of a hat to win the first art print, and that winner was.... Dean Stahl! Congrats Dean - the 11x17 Batman piece will be added to your order upon funding.
But we're not done! J.Gonzo is doing ANOTHER ART RAFFLE! If you back the campaign at at least the $20 level, you are entered in the raffle this Friday to win this piece of original art ($300 value)! We will pick randomly from all backers Friday evening at 5:00pm Pacific. 
10 months ago

Sweating the small stuff


J.Gonzo just revealed these logos for the fictitious Mexican intelligence agency (and each of its departments) that will be featured in the book. Pretty slick

10 months ago

Win a Piece of Original Art by J.Gonzo!


If you back this campaign at at least the $20 level, you will be entered in a raffle on Tuesday to win this piece of original art ($300 value). We will pick randomly from all backers Tuesday evening at 5:00pm Pacific. So if you haven't backed the campaign yet, what are you waiting for?!?


10 months ago

Even better second day!


Wow, you guys are killing it on day 2 -- closing in 50% funding already! Since we went live at 8am PST on Tuesday, we're going to keep the first 48 hour sale up until 8am PST Thursday morning. 

Thanks again everyone -- this campaign's gonna be a blast. Some more behind-the-scenes and stretch goal reveals coming soon!

10 months ago

Great First Day!

Hey everyone & welcome to J.Gonzo's new La Mano del Destino campaign! We're so proud to be handling this awesome property for such a talented & overall good guy. 
We reached 25% of the funding goal on day 1 -- let's keep that intensity going for day 2! Please help spread the word - and let everyone know that the two early bird specials will be running out soon!
Let's help this artist take an early idea like this one and turn it into a full blown reality!


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