Let Her Be Evil

by Various

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If you’re looking for sympathetic anti-heroines or villainesses with tragic backstories, you won’t find them here. LET HER BE EVIL is a celebration of unapologetically wicked women with cruel intentions—of the nasty, the vile, the rage-fueled monstresses who know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to get it by any means necessary. Featuring seventeen original stories, including new work by Heather Antos, Lauren Knight, Kamila Krol, and Moe McGonagle, as well as other emerging writers and artists, this anthology sets out to explore and nurture the darkest sides of femininity.

Full list of contributors:

Heather Antos, Lauren Knight, Kamila Krol, James Fenner, Brent Fisher, Alison Sampson, Tango, Livio Baggio, Andres Labrada, Chloe Brailsford, Adrián Bonilla, Bree Jordan, Amy Chase, Andriy Lukin, Taylor Esposito, Mikael Lindeberg, Rio Burton, Rafael Pérez Granados, James Nadiger, Rebecca Good, Sarah Navin, Moe McGonagle, Chris Anderson, Malone McDonald, Thistle Tender, Tom Lynott, Cecilia Spen, Oliver Mertz, Aubrey Lyn Jeppson, Maksim Strelkov, Chris Mole, Zavana Mattos, Jeff Eckleberry, Raymonde Chira, J. Valerin, Akira B., David Joyce, Matt Mortal, Miasmatik Trahan, Alieha Dryden, Kevin Carey, Cassandra Jones, Mike Tjaden, Natasha Sanders, Samuel Parata, Angelo Concepcion, Carly A-F, and Erin Mabee.