Let Her Be Evil

by Various

If you’re looking for sympathetic anti-heroines or villainesses with tragic backstories, you won’t find them here. LET HER BE EVIL is a celebration of unapologetically wicked women with cruel intentions—of the nasty, the vile, the rage-fueled monstresses who know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to get it by any means necessary.

Featuring seventeen original stories, including new work by Heather Antos, Brent Fisher, Rio Burton, Lauren Knight, Kamila Krol and Moe McGonagle, as well as other emerging writers and artists, this anthology sets out to carve out a narrative space that explores and nurtures the darkest sides of femininity.


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The Book

This 128-page softcover anthology will spotlight seventeen short-story comics of women who do necessary or unnecessary evil; who are ten steps ahead of the self-righteous hero, or who have completely lost the plot; who are ugly and disgusting and wrathful. Author Gillian Flynn put it best when she wrote, "I mourn the lack of female villains—good potent female villains...I'm talking violent, wicked women...Dark sides are important. They should be nurtured like nasty black orchids." The goal of this anthology is to provide the same narrative space villainess' male counterpoints enjoy in movies, books, and comics without being explained away by child loss or sexual assault, and to free them of the preconceived notion they should be morally punished for their deeds while we allow male villains to be evil without comment. LET HER BE EVIL matters because women deserve equal representation when it comes to agency in their stories—whether their actions be morally good, gray, or pitch black. 

Editor Cassandra Jones has collected an impressive team of forty-seven writers, artists, and letterers—many of whom have worked for Image, Dark Horse, DC, Boom!, and Marvel, including:

Heather Antos,  Lauren Knight,  Kamila Krol,  James Fenner,  Brent Fisher,  Alison Sampson,  Tango,  Livio Baggio,  Andres Labrada,  Chloe Brailsford,  Adrián Bonilla,  Bree Jordan,  Amy Chase,  Andriy Lukin,  Taylor Esposito,  Mikael Lindeberg,  Rio Burton,  Rafael Pérez Granados,  James Nadiger,  Rebecca Good,  Sarah Navin,  Moe McGonagle,  Chris Anderson,  Malone McDonald,  Thistle Tender,  Tom Lynott,  Cecilia Spen,  Oliver Mertz,  Aubrey Lyn Jeppson,  Maksim Strelkov,  Chris Mole,  Zavana Mattos,  Jeff Eckleberry,  Raymonde Chira,  J. Valerin,  Akira B.,  David Joyce,  Matt Mortal,  Miasmatik Trahan,  Alieha Dryden,  Kevin Carey,  Mike Tjaden,  Y. Sanders,  Samuel Purata,  Angelo Concepcion,  Carly A-F, and Erin Mabee.



Creator: Sarah Navin

A girl who grew up with doomsday-prepper parents watches a woman die in one of her elaborate hunting traps while she contemplates the end of her world.



Writer: Matt Mortal

Artist: Andres Labrada

Colorist: Maksim Strelkov

Letterer:  Chris Mole

A woman with a slot machine for a face kills a family of moths for a bounty, inevitably creating a never-ending chain of violence with their adolescent son…who will surely seek her out in the future.



Writer and Artist: Kamila Krol

Letterer: Taylor Esposito

Marie Antoinette and a demon with the façade of a court jester go all camp rococo on the French court.



Writer: Brent Fisher

Artist: Rio Burton

Letterer: Tom Lynott

After a ball falls down a sewer in this LOTR-meets-IT fantasy world, a young boy volunteers to retrieve it—despite his friends’ warnings of what lurks in the dark.



Writer: Zavana Mattos

Artist and Letterer: Malone McDonald

A trans man is tormented by a witch who crawls down his and his family’s throats to make them say horrible things—until he defeats her in a battle of dreams.



Writer: James Nadiger

Artist: Chris Anderson

Colorist: Livio Baggio (Illuminated)

Letterer: Jeff Eckleberry

An AI device learns bad habits from her creator and provides him with exactly the kind of love he has always given others.



Writer: Raymonde Chira

Artist: Rafael Pérez Granados

Letterer: J. Valerin

A manipulative bully and a sibling duo whose parents all co-own a timeshare on a lake delve into the cruelty of isolation and favoritism.



Creator: Moe McGonagle

A thief steals The Sword of Truth from its guardian, declines to join their volleyball club of good guys, and goes on to wreak havoc once she learns that nothing in this world is black or white.



Creator: Mikael Lindeberg

A serial killer idolizes her mentor, a man who puts people to death as a “silent nurse,” until she realizes he’s kinder than she’s ever wanted to be.



Writer: Akira B. 

Artist: David Joyce

Letterer: Jeff Eckleberry

A silk-pajama’d sorceress’ home is invaded by a goody-two-shoes paladin who thinks she has a handle on how the world works—until she gets schooled, and perhaps…a little smitten?



Writer: Cassandra Jones

Artist: Moe McGonagle

Letterer: Andriy Lukin

After killing her mother, a woman is trapped in a deprivation tank with the manifestation of her guilt and madness.



Creator: Livio Baggio (Illuminated)

Sota the Norzlinger stays with a poor villager family and fulfills all her carnal needs in hilarious fashion.



Writer: Kevin Carey

Artist and Letterer: Miasmatik Trahan

Colorist: Alieha Dryden

A succubus selects a woman comforting a friend after a break-up as her next meal because well…good people just taste better.



Writer and Artist: Lauren Knight

Colorist: Oliver Mertz

Letterer: Aubrey Lyn Jeppson

A woman vows to kill God after the loss of her beloved dog.



Writer: Mike Tjaden

Artist: Y. Sanders

Colorist: Rebecca Good 

Letterer: Samuel Purata

A young genius murders her brother to clear the way for her college education and her future as an astronaut with NASA.



Writer: Amy Chase

Artist: Thistle Tender

Letterer: Angelo Concepcion

The “Heartless Witch” Cerise tricks a broken-hearted teen into a violent choice. 



Writer: Heather Antos

Artist and Letterer: Adrián Bonilla

A fearsome rogue reflects on her childhood while storming a castle with her gang of misfits and mutants.


Cassandra Jones is an editor with seven years of professional experience in the publishing industry and is interested in accessibility and genre fiction. She is a LOTR enthusiast, a sci-fi nerd, a bodybuilder, a sword-swinger, a girl-punk band listener, and a certified tea master. She’s passionate about helping queer writers publish their stories.

Stretch Goals

Profits from funds after costs will be divided equitably amongst the team. Help support living artists and their work!


With all art complete, we are currently working through the lettering phase for the stories. After the campaign is over, here are our goals:

File Delivery Date: Late November '23

Print Completion: January '24

Product Ship Date (to fulfillment center): February '24

Product Ship Date (to supporters): Late February / Early March '24


Zoop will provide updates and communicate any delays that may pop up.

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