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Los Ojos

by Trevor Mueller

Andres Sanchez is a hitman for hire with a special ability - when he looks people in los ojos (the eyes) he doesn’t see them as human, he sees them as angels or demons. He believes demons walk among us disguised as people, and he uses his ability to select his targets, only killing those he thinks are monsters. But lately he’s started to question if his special sight is showing him the truth, or if he’s just crazy.

Haunted by the possibility that he may be killing people and not monsters, Andres now has to rethink his powers and his profession. At the same time, he’s forging a relationship with a woman and her son that he saved, while secretly being hunted by both the FBI and a mysterious organization of assassins who also have supernatural senses like Andres.

It’s John Wick meets John Constantine: one man with two guns fighting his demons both literal and imaginary!

Los Ojos is a 132 page full color graphic novel for mature readers from award-winning writer Trevor Mueller and artist Francesco Iaquinta, with a special exclusive cover by Ben Templesmith!


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Los Ojos stems from a conversation we’ve all had: if I could see through your eyes, would colors still look the same? Would the world still look the same? But instead of colors, our main character Andres has a unique perception of people - he can see the manifestation of evil, and only selects targets he sees as demons. It’s John Wick meets John Constantine, combining my love of 90s action flicks (eg: Desperado) and horror comics (eg: The Darkness) into a single narrative where the reader has to question who is really an ally, is what Andres sees real and demons really walk among us, or is this a manifestation of his tragic past.

At the same time, I wanted to weave in a story about family - Andres discovers as he’s getting older a desire to settle down, and go from killing monsters to raising a family. Family is important in Hispanic culture, and I wanted our lead to provide representation of a cool action hero with a softer side, a vulnerability that could be exploited by his enemies - but manifests as his greatest strength! This drive to return to his family and spend just one more day with them. Despite his best efforts to leave this life of monsters and murder, he keeps getting pulled back in - and the family he’s trying to start is at the center of it all.

So please sit back, and enjoy reading the pitch for Los Ojos - an action / horror story about contract killers fighting demons while trying to get back to their family.

“Gritty and dense” - The Pullbox

“Imaginative, entertaining, and downright ballsy.” - Comic Bastards



WRITER: Trevor Mueller

Trevor Mueller is a comic writer from Chicago. His latest projects are Nexus Point and Re-Possessed (Webtoon Originals), and Magical Natalie (Arledge Press). He also wrote the multi-Harvey Award nominated Albert the Alien (Thrillbent). He has contributed stories to several anthologies, including Reading with Pictures (Andrews McMeel), Killer Queen and What Fresh Hell is This (Red Stylo Media), Best of Omega Comics Presents (Pop! Goes the Icon), and Aw Yeah Comics (Dark Horse). He has also self-published several other works including Consumer, Beyond the Pillars, and The Witches of E Wick BLVD.

ARTIST: Francesco Iaquinta

Francesco Iaquinta is a comic artist from Italy. He has worked on such books as Croak series for Alterna Comics (Ghastly award 2016), Sweet Heart for Action Lab (2018 Comicxcentral people's choice award), Runes for Source Point Press, Los Ojos for Pop! Goes the icon, Death of the Horror for the A Wave Blue World.

COLORS: Marco Pagnotta

Marco Pagnotta is an Italian colorist. He has worked for such companies as Titanium Comics, Leviathan Labs, Evoluzione Publishing, and Scout Comics - among others. Together with Leonardo Colapietro, Valentina Marucci and Andrea Michelsanti, he founded the Mantis Studio, carrying out projects such as "A Season in Hell" and "From the Shadow."

LETTERS: Taylor Esposito

Taylor Esposito is a comic book lettering professional, owner of Ghost Glyph Studios and teacher at the legendary Kubert School. He has lettered titles such as Red Hood and The Outlaws, Harley Quinn: TAS The Eat Bang Kill Tour (DC), Exorsisters, Jook Joint (Image), Babyteeth, Bunny Mask, Maniac of New York (Aftershock), No One Left to Fight (Dark Horse), Elvira, Red Sonja and Vampirella meet Betty and Veronica, and Green Hornet (Dynamite).

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