XII: Of Magic and Muses Trilogy

by K. Kiomall-Evans

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A Complex Magical Horror Coming-Of-Age Comic!

Includes Magic and Muses Vol. 1-3 -- the entirety of the popular webcomic's 6-year run -- along with standees and new keychains.

“XII has a slow but promising start. The setting is eerie and mysterious enough by itself and things only get more and more strange as magic enters the scene. Definitely an original take on the magical girl genre.”
- Shizamura, O Sarilho
"Magic and Muses is like a perfect pastry. Dough lovingly folded over and over by experienced and hard working hands of a creator that clearly loves their work. Also tons of butter."
- Jenn Lee, Rising Sand
“I came for the magical boarding school shenanigans and now I have trauma thanks.”
- Andy P. creator of I, Mummy