MurderF*cker: Flesh, Blood & Metal

by Marco Fontanili

From Marco Fontanili, a comic book writer and artist from Italy and creator or Scout Comics' Pentagram of Horror and Kingjira: Hungry like a Monster, comes MurderF*cker: Flesh, Blood & Metal, an oversized 40-page wordless one-shot FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY that's highly inspired by splatter movies and Thrash/Death Metal music.

In addition to the book, this will be your chance to grab some rare commissions and art prints from this rising star - don't miss out!

"If you aren’t lucky enough to already know the manic and vital work of Marco Fontanili from his fantastic Kingjira, then his latest effort, MurderFucker, will hit you like a vodka Red Bull cocktail with a little LSD tossed in. A beautiful, twisted journey through a world of violent themes and contrasts, MurderFucker lives up to its name; a high energy comic that doesn’t give up until the end. Bold, in-your-face, and unapologetic, it’s everything I’ve come to expect from this brilliant young talent."
- John Arcudi (The Mask, B.P.R.D., Major Bummer)


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Art Print

8" x 11" high quality giclee art print for metalheads to display proudly!


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Large Commission

A very rare opportunity -- have Marco Fontanili draw any character of your choice on A3 size paper (...


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Medium- Sized Commission

Have Marco Fontanili draw any character of your choice on A4 size paper (8.3 x 11.7")


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Original Art

Own any one of Marco Fontanili's inked original art pages from MurderF*cker! All are A3 size paper (...



A metalhead guy buys the latest cassette tape of the legendary band "MURDERFUCKER." Once he presses the "play" button, however, something bizarre happens.


Our protagonist has a very special ability - he lives the music he listens to in a much deeper and visceral way than the masses. In fact, according to the musical genre that he absorbs through his earphones, he is able to transform himself into various monstrous creatures, each of them endowed with special powers and characteristics. MurderFucker is the first of these transformations. Derived from Death Metal, this entity possesses a superhuman strength, combat skills beyond all human understanding and a rather particular "hunger". 


Thus begins a crazy adventure of hyper-muscle, toxic masculinity, mutant zombies and destruction. What better to ask for?


For fans of: Cannibal Corpse, Peter Jackson's "Braindead", Fist of the North Star, Army of Darkness, Thrash/Death Metal


I always loved Metal music and Splatter movies. 


Basically during these last 15 years I listened tons of Death/Thrash Metal albums and I watched hundreds of movies where guts and blood fly everywhere. This little project is the perfect mix between these two things, filtered with an "underground" artistic vision. I did my best to fill every page with details and to give an unique look to the whole project. And to be quite honest, I think the mission is more than accomplished. 


I love this little book and I loved to create it. If you help me to make it a success, you can be sure that I will expand this universe with the craziest stuff possible.  


My plan, in fact, is to create an entire world for "MurderFucker". A world full of guts, Metal and weird characters. Trust me, you will love it. 


This is my very first attempt to crowdfunding. I always wanted to create a comic and publish it with a crowdfunding campaign, but because I live in Italy it's pretty hard to have a chance with the American audience from here. But in 2022 I started working pretty hard in the American comicbook industry thanks to Scout Comics and Black Caravan, so I thought that this could have been a good time to try this publishing system. 


Having success with this project would help me to continue to create the best comics I can, without the limits of the traditional publishing. No censorship, no rules. Just the freedom to do crazy stuff for you (and me) to enjoy!




A ridiculously detailed commission by the super-talented Marco Fontanili could be all yours if you grab one from the Add-Ons section above! All you gotta do is support the book first in the Rewards section to unlock it :)


Here are some examples of his previous commissions:





My name is Marco Fontanili, I am 30 years old and I live in Reggio Emilia, a small town in Northern Italy.


I graduated in 2013 from the International School of Comics in Reggio Emilia, I have worked in the Italian comicbook industry (with publishers such as Shockdom, Passenger Press, etc.) and as an illustrator in the field of independent cinema (with production companies such as Necrostorm, L/D Production Company, etc.).


Since 2017 I have been curating my own self-publishing label.


I currently work as a writer and illustrator mainly in the American comics industry where, in the last year, I published as a complete author the one-shot Kingjira: Hungry like a Monster with Scout Comics and the miniseries Pentagram of Horror with Black Caravan. As an illustrator, on the other hand, I have done several covers. 


I also created all the graphic elements for 101 Horror Books to Read before you're Murdered, a book/guide to the Horror genre that will be published by Page Street Publishing in mid-2023.

Stretch Goals

$6,000 - who wants a longer book? Marco will create a short story to add to the back of the book, expanding it to a 48-pager.


$8,000 - get a sneak peek of another project that takes place in the same universe


The book is complete. I will only need the time to do the commissions and the short story, if we reach the stretch goal. 


We anticipate an early Fall '23 fulfillment after a successful campaign, and Zoop will provide updates and communicate any delays that may pop up.

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