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NEW ZODIAX Aquarius #1

by Joe St.Pierre

NEW ZODIAX AQUARIUS #1 is the 48 page origin of Liberaider, a hacker who channels the cosmic energies of the Zodiac!

Joe St.Pierre, creator of the NEW ZODIAX comics, was the artist on many of your favorite SPIDER-MAN and VENOM comics for Marvel, and has worked with DC, Image, Valiant & Boom.

Featuring a ZOOP EXCLUSIVE cover and other variants, commissions, team-ups, sketch covers, sketch book, a 25th anniversary edition of his Image comic MEGAHURTZ, and the graphic novella BOLD BLOOD.

Now you can find all NEW ZODIAX projects in one place! Phase 2 of the beloved series begins here with this first issue in a planned twelve-issue maxi-series, and the next issue coming to Zoop in late 2022. Hop on board now!


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New Zodiax Aquarius #1 Digital pdf

48 pages, full color. The Origin of the NEW AQUARIUS and the beginning of a universe! Your name wil...




Megahurtz 25th Anniversary Edition Digital pdf

My very first creator-owned project was published by Image Comics 25 years ago! This digital commemo...




New Zodiax Aquarius #1 Cover A Signed

48 pages, full color, with a square bound glossy card stock cover. Your name will also appear on the...




Bold Blood #1 Signed

Raise your arms for this 48-page full color graphic novel set in medieval times! It's Game Of Throne...




Megahurtz 25th Anniversary Edition Signed

My very first creator-owned project was published by Image Comics 25 years ago. This very special 32...




New Zodiax Aquarius #1 Cover Z Signed

ZOOP exclusive variant cover! 48 pages, full color. The Origin of the NEW AQUARIUS and the beginning...




New Zodiax Aquarius #1 New Gods Variant Cover Signed

Brought to you by FROZEN IN CARBONITE comics on Whatnot, a loving tribute to the epic NEW GODS serie...


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Joe St.Pierre Sketchbook Remarqued with Autograph

48 pages, black and white interior with a full color cover! Some of your favorite superhero sketches...





You get all three covers of NEW ZODIAX AQUARIUS #1 all signed by me, Joe St.Pierre! The Origin of th...


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Head Shot Commission

PEN & INK BLACK & WHITE HEAD SHOT drawing by Joe St.Pierre. You choose the character, animal, minera...


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Full Figure Commission

PEN & INK BLACK & WHITE FULL FIGURE drawing by Joe St.Pierre. You choose the character, animal, mine...


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Joe & Mick Gray Team-Up Commission

Pen & ink full figure black & white drawing pencilled by JOE ST.PIERRE and inked by MICK GRAY (Batma...


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Joe & Alex Saviuk Team-Up Commission

Pen & ink full figure black & white drawing pencilled by ALEX SAVIUK (Spider-Man, Superman, Flash) a...




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Cover Remarque Sketch

Cover remarque sketch by Joe, roughly 2" x 2" in size.



TWELVE characters can tap into the cosmic energies of the Zodiac signs, and they manifest as different paranormal skills in each person. NEW ZODIAX will spotlight one of the twelve individual characters in their own issue, while reinventing the ancient astrological signs for a modern era AND maintaining an interactive universe. Ambitious? Maybe, but I am confident with your help we can do it!


The NEW ZODIAX AQUARIUS is the LIBERAIDER, an elite level hacker who is the Robin Hood of Cyberspace, stealing from the info-rich to give to the info-poor. This is the ORIGIN story of our hero!


NEW ZODIAX is much like my Marvel Universe, with storylines that will cross over from one series to another. Characters will interact with one another in future stories—whether they meet for a common cause or as adversaries will remain to be seen!


The NEW AQUARIUS origin story originally appeared in the NEW ZODIAX mini-series #1 and #2, and both printings of the NEW ZODIAX Trade Paperback, ALL of which are SOLD OUT! For NEW ZODIAX AQUARIUS #1, I will be remastering the coloring and including several pages of NEVER BEFORE SEEN, behind the scenes process material.


The character of the NEW AQUARIUS/LIBERAIDER is central to the NEW Z mythos, and is very special to me, for a couple reasons:


1)--the topic of cyber-espionage is more timely today than ever.

2)--he has been bashing on the inside of my brain for decades, shouting LET ME OUT!


A prototype version of the LIBERAIDER can even be found in my very FIRST creator-owned comic book: MEGAHURTZ!




MEGAHURTZ was created by me and David Chlystek, and published by Image Comics in 1997. The story takes place in a world where corporate oligarchs are finally at open war with each other to determine who will rule the Earth, and humanity be damned!


Virtual Reality mogul and darling of the people ADRIAN ADONIS has become a genuine threat to the N-Corporation, so the N-Corp literally seeks to ELIMINATE the competition!


They create a living weapon: MEGAHURTZ, a grotesquely constructed monstrosity of muscle grafts and cybernetic implants, whose gun is literally a part of its body. MEGAHURTZ’s mission becomes an odyssey to discover its own true origins and ultimately, its humanity.






I am Joe St.Pierre, the creator/writer/artist of NEW ZODIAX. Most people I meet know me as the artist on many SPIDER-MAN and VENOM comics for Marvel. I have also worked for DC, Image, Valiant, Boom, etc. I am also a commercial and storyboard artist, and am the co-creator of the FABIEN COUSTEAU EXPEDITIONS Graphic Novel series published by Simon & Schuster.


"Liberaider is an intriguing super-cyber saga by a multi-talented writer/artist. Characters & computers combine for a story that’s as relevant as today, as new as tomorrow."
- David Michelinie (Iron Man, Spider-Man, co-creator of Venom)

"Joe St.Pierre is one of the amazing talents to come out of the early days of Valiant. A groundbreaker."
- Jim Shooter (Editor-In-Chief Marvel, Valiant)

"Joe St. Pierre has always been about one thing -- making every story the best it can be. With Liberaider, he is at the peak of his craft!" 

- Fabian Nicieza (X-Men, New Warriors, Co-creator of Deadpool)

"I collaborated with Joe St.Pierre on VENOM...he's only gotten better over the years, and "The Liberaider" proves that." 
- Larry Hama (Wolverine, G.I. Joe)
"Nobody combines the panel-bursting, explosive energy of the Silver-Age greats with the stylish narrative chops of a modern master like Joe StPierre. In the 20 years that I've known him, he's been a non-stop creative wellspring of fascinatingly original characters and concepts."
- Mike Cavallaro (Eisner-nominated creator of Nico Bravo, Parade With Fireworks)
"I found myself absorbed page after page and becoming all the more enchanted with the brilliant and really riveting artwork. He has added new meaning to today’s graphic novel."
- The Amazing Kreskin





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Stretch Goals

At $2000, backers will receive a full figure sticker of the New Aquarius, aka the Liberaider!



All of the products available on this campaign are complete! Printing/shipping of New Zodiax Aquarius and Megahurtz is scheduled for July 2022. Your items will be delivered in August 2022, except for commissions. Commissions will be shipped by October 2022.


Covid-19 complications or paper/scheduling delay issues are a possibility. I will keep all backers in the loop if these issues arise.

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