Night of the Comet - Oversized Deluxe Edition

by Jonathan Thompson & Attila Schwanz

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A 100-page oversized hardcover OGN about a serial killer moonlighting as a hitman for the yakuza and his target

It is an homage to the insanity of Japanese Noir films like BRANDED TO KILL, TOKYO DRIFTER, PALE FLOWER and the daring art of Marcel Duchamp, Dave McKean, Liam Sharp, and Bill Sienkiewicz. For fans of ARKHAM ASYLUM, BLUE IN GREEN, FROM HELL, and DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH.

Featuring additional content like the 12-page DIARY OF A MADMAN that was previously digital only. Plus, bonus process content to make it a real kind of 'director's cut.'

Featuring stellar and haunting artwork by Attila Schwanz (SYMPOSIUM CLUB) and written by Jonathan Thompson (BURN RESIDUE, A GAME OF DOUBLES).