Odds & Ends, Books I & II

by Kraig Rasmussen

Collected science fiction & humor comics plus so much more, Odds & Ends is a massive two volume Comics Anthology of “lost & found tales” by Kraig Rasmussen.

This campaign is much more than just fundraising for two anthologies, but actually a way for readers to get in on the ground floor of the full launch of Kraig's personal publishing label Monkeygong!

For fans of science fiction and European, classical and indie creators such as Moebius, Richard Corben, Al Williamson, & Wally Wood!


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Odds & Ends Vol 1 & 2 PDF

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Get the digital copies of the books, 200 pgs


Odds & Ends Vol 1 & 2 Physical Books

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2 softcover books @ 100 pgs each, 6.625" x 10.25"


Odds & Ends Vol 1 & 2 SIGNED

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Both copies signed by Kraig


Odds & Ends Vol 1 & 2 SIGNED w/SKETCH

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Both copies signed and includes one sketch by Kraig (of a character of his choice)


Monkeygong Book Bundle

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Odds & Ends Vol 1 & 2 + Sojourners b/w Edtion (32 pgs, 9.5" x 6.625") + Technopolis b/w Edition (24 pgs, 6.625" x 10.25") + Furthest Reaches (50 pages, 8.5" x 11")


Monkeygong Book + Pin-Ups Bundle

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Odds & Ends Vol 1 & 2 + Sojourners b/w Edtion (32 pgs, 9.5" x 6.625") + Technopolis b/w Edition (24 pgs, 6.625" x 10.25") + Furthest Reaches (50 pages, 8.5" x 11") + four 7" x 10" high quality art prints


Retailer Bundle

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5 copies of Odds & Ends Vol 1 & 2 at 50% off for all retailers.


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b/w Edtion (32 pgs, 9.5" x 6.625"). All-out simian space adventures! The intrepid crew of the Sojourner II lands on a dangerous alien world and is confronted by the most vicious, aloof, bossy creatures in the known universe… CATS!


Sojourners sketch cover edition - B&W

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Have Kraig do a black & white sketch on this blank cover of a character of your choice. Write us at hello@wearezoop.com with your request.


Sojourners sketch cover edition - COLOR

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Have Kraig do a color sketch on this blank cover of a character of your choice. Write us at hello@wearezoop.com with your request.



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b/w Edition (24 pgs, 6.625" x 10.25"). In this exciting-yet-emo sci-fi story, a tormented young boy wrestles with the world around him while searching for his lost sister in a sprawling, dark “utopian” city.


Technopolis sketch cover edition - B&W

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Have Kraig do a black & white sketch on this blank cover of a character of your choice. Write us at hello@wearezoop.com with your request.


Technopolis sketch cover edition - COLOR

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Have Kraig do a color sketch on this blank cover of a character of your choice. Write us at hello@wearezoop.com with your request.


Furthest Reaches

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50 pages, 8.5" x 11", b&w science fiction illustration "folio" featuring some of my favorite early work in the genre.


Set of Four Pin-Ups

Four 7" x 10" high quality art prints. Scroll down to ADD-ONS section to see in greater detail.



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Task me with drawing an image of your choosing. 11" x 17", pencil & ink


Original Art - Small

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Original Art - Large

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1/3 to 1/2 pg, 9" x 12" b/w bust drawing of any character you choose or one of mine.


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1/3 to 1/2 pg, 9" x 12" Full Color bust drawing of any character you choose or one of mine.


Piston Head Raglan sleeve shirt

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1 on 1 Comics Coaching Session

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Get up to 3 hours of goal based comics, art, and story coaching from Kraig. During a single long session or multiple sessions, make progress toward finishing your project or solve a specific issue. Focus can include perspective, anatomy, inking, writing, storytelling, page composition & more!



Super Fan Bundle

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1 personalized set of ALL books including color sketch covers of both Sojourners & Technopolis + 3 large commissions + a double Monkeygong Retailer Bundle + 2 large original art pieces

The Books


The Odds & Ends 2 Volume Anthology is an overstuffed collection of nearly 20 short stories, compiled from over a decade of experimental science fiction stories, film & TV pitch comics, and unseen personal works. It is designed & edited as a record of artistic growth, but newly remastered with matte covers, fresh inks, new colors and even redrawn pages, meant to unify past and present work for a robust and visually explosive short story reading experience. Stories range from, but are not limited to: short adaptations such as “Vundaland”, a sci-fi take on Alice in Wonderland, or “Tomorrow, Govinda”, from Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha, to the wrestling comic “The Secret Origin of Dylan Drake”, (paired with a collection of other short webcomics), or the King David TV pitch comic “Kingdom of David” (soon to be a 2024 historical epic graphic novel), to original sci-fi “the Adventures of Dr. Cotton Hickox”, or original horror like “Deer Crossing” written by novelist Jeff Chon.


Here's a complete table of contents. Everything is written by Kraig Rasmussen unless noted otherwise:


Volume 1:
The Great Cycle - from a script by Ronin Studios
Goldilocks: the True Story
Magic Grandma
Robot Friend
Tomorrow, Govinda - adapted from Siddhartha by Herman Hesse
Missed Connection
The Mysterious Tower
Rabbit Quest
Vundaland - adapted from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Mad Rabbit
Hotel Sin Nombre
The Secret Origin of Dylan Drake
Monkey Mansion 1
Zen Patriot
Quit Hitting Yourself - a Cotton Hickox short
Wayfinder - a Sojourners prequel tale

Volume 2:
The Adventures of Dr. Cotton Hickox - full first issue
Kingdom of David - written by Scott Rickels
Grinders - written by Scott Rickels
Monkey Mansion 2
Digits - written by Jason McNamara
Deer Crossing - written by Jeff Chon


*There might be one or two additions, but for now this is the set of contents with all permissions in place.


*There are less stories in the second book because each story is much longer, and there is only one single page story, versus the 10-12 single pages and various shorter stories in book 1.








Original Art

All of the following pieces are available for sale in the Add-Ons section above.




(1) Afloat / (2) Cyber Lady


(3) Moon Drift / (4) Sam-Elf




(1) Asteroid / (2) Levitate


(3) MktStApocalypse / (4) StarTree


(5) Moonset


(6) Sleigh Chasers


(7) SpaceRead


Kraig Rasmussen, a lifelong devotee to the sci-fi genre, is the writer/artist of “Sojourners”, “Technopolis”, “Furthest Reaches”, and “Epoch”, self-published under his label Monkeygong. He recently contributed to the “Rise of the Kung Fu Dragon Master” from White Cat Entertainment, “Ghost Band” from writer/ publisher Jason McNamara, and is a “house artist” for the upcoming revival of Gold Key Comics and their title “the Boris Karloff Gold Key Mysteries”, along with being a devoted comics art & story coach.


Previous credits include hosting & producing 200+ episodes of the “Storycraft” & “Repeat Viewing” podcasts, overall visual design for the upcoming film “The Dead Remember”, layout art on sci-fi comic “the Crossing” for the Stela Comics App, and storyboard art for several independent films. He was an early member of the San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy, and is a regular contributor to the annual Cartoon Art Museum sketch-a-thon. You can find him in Artists’ Alley at SDCC, LACC, and may other Southland & NorCal Comic Book Conventions.

Stretch Goals


Odds & Ends is currently 90% compete in ink & color, with a handful of inking left to finish (the original version featured pencil art, but the new editions will be entirely inked, and one short story has yet to be drawn, but only because I really wanted to spice up the second book with a brand new story by novelist Jeff Chon that recently landed on my desk.


The timeline for Odds & Ends is a June (earliest) or August (latest) 2023 delivery— all changes and additions are currently underway.


Technopolis book 1 is fully drawn and currently 50% inked, and should be completed in time for the June delivery.


Sojourners is more than 50% complete, with a handful of pages left to draw and ink, which is also in the current project flow. Could be ready for August 2023 but may require an extra 30 days. 


Note: as a rule I’m always “simultaneously” working on multiple stories in various states of completion, both to keep me flexible and to manage (read: corral) my slightly adhd brain. Bouncing between them all has been a very productive method for me, resulting in more than 4 new graphic novel length stories nearing the finish line for early to mid 2023.


5 days ago



Dear friends and campaign backers,

It has been a surprising, astonishing, and inspiring 7 days since I launched my campaign for the Odds & Ends Comics Anthology, and yesterday, it became fully funded, ensuring the book will be printed and delivered to you all!!

What an incredible first week!

Your early support of today’s victory in passing the main funding goal for the Odds & Ends Anthology is amazing! You made this dream possible. Thanks to you, this book is going to exist in its ultimate form.

I’ve made several gratitude posts already, throughout a giddy, emotional day, but I want to say thank you more directly, and I appreciate you!

Your encouragement for this project is truly inspiring.

Now we are moving on to stretch goal territory, in which I’m aiming to provide bonus add-ons, and even pay a colorist to assist me in getting the entire book delivered to you in color. I’d do it all myself, but I want the book delivery to be timely.

So, while the time for victory dances is not yet upon us, maybe a little wiggle and shake is in order, because it's a must to enjoy these moments!

*wiggles, shakes

You’ve done a big thing in showing me your support, so all I will ask now is that you please continue to help spread the word, as so many of you have been doing consistently throughout this process. Amplifying this campaign to bring in new backers won’t just help me reach those stretch goals, it will also help me print more copies of the books, enabling me to have them at conventions later in the year for anyone who misses the campaign.

Now, (after a subtle success dance,) we get to build on your fantastic support for the next three weeks, and push this campaign over the top. Let’s get to the extra goodies and make these big books even more beautiful!

Next: behind the scenes art updates!


PS Featured image is a tease from the short story Grinders, from Odds & Ends Volume 2.

1 week ago



What a great start! We're almost 3/4 of the way toward the funding goal at the beginning of day 3. Thank you all so much for your early support, and please help spread the word about our project so we can hit the goal sooner and start building this thing out even further through some stretch goals!

And guess who was a guest on the Zoop Podcast last night? Check out this conversation we had with Kraig!



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