Our Lady Maven

by Emily Crose & Sarah Allen Reed

Paris, 1944. Anna Leavenworth, a spy for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), has just been re-assigned. Will she survive the twists and turns of a brutal war?

For fans of: The Coldest City, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold


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Original 11x17 pen and inkportrait of three special backers, by Sarah Allen Reed. We will contact you for a photo of yourself (or whoever you'd like drawn) for reference and will post the process of the creation of the portrait on Twitter and Instagram so you can follow along. Sarah's portraiture work normally goes for double this price. Commisison to be completed before Christmas 2022. Scroll down to COMMISSIONS to see some examples.


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One 11x17 page of original art from Our Lady Maven, selected at random from Issue 1 or from one of the promotional cigarette card or postcard art pieces. Pen and ink on bristol. Signed and with a personal thank-you note from Sarah Allen Reed. Sarah very rarely sells original comic art pieces to private collectors, so snag this while you can.


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Original cover art painting that makes up the cover art to Our Lady Maven: Issue One. Acrylic on canvas, 12x16. Signed, and with a personal thank-you note from Sarah Allen Reed. An originally commissioned canvas of Sarah's normally goes for around triple this price, and she very rarely sells originals to private collectors outside of commissions, so snag this while you can.


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Sarah Allen Reed's Tabula Rosetta, collected in TRAIGE volumes 1-3, all in convenient PDF form. The most complete collection of this monolith of underground comics once called "the visual equivalent of depressive suicidal black metal". Over 800 pages of comics and commentary. Viewer discresion is advised.


Our Lady Maven is the first in a series of books threading thematic elements through the early, mid, and lateWith a high attention to historic detail both in terms of story and art elements (as well as genuine queer representation) Our Lady Maven spins an exciting fictional narrative without completely rewriting history. 


Many of the dates have even been kept intact in order to keep the plot grounded in truth, even when the story deviates from a factual historical account of the war.


Drawing on the true life story of legendary allied spies & saboteurs, Our Lady Maven examines the events leading up to the foundation of modern geopolitics. Just like in the real world, not all is as it seems at first glance in the world of Our Lady Maven.





Author: Emily Crose (Twitter: @hexadecim8)

Emily Crose has 6 years experience writing essays and technical blog posts professionally. She spent 7 years working for the US Intelligence Community for agencies including US Army INSCOM, National Security Agency (NSA), and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). She is currently featured in two cyber security exhibits at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC, and spends her days working for a startup company in industrial cyber security.


Illustrator: Sarah Allen Reed (Twitter: @sarahallenreed)

Sarah Allen Reed is a cartoonist and illustrator with over ten years of sequential art and illustration experience under her belt. She is the cartoonist behind Tabula Rosetta (BLACKWORK.), The Grizzly: Private Eye (Bear Creek Press), and many others, and currently works providing illustrations and cover art for multiple record labels, publishers, and magazines, including Hexagon Magazine, Fableglade Records, Malarkey Books, Tridroid Records, Bear Creek Gazette, The Color Of Always, and many more. She is also a member of the Graphic Artists Guild, and her work can be found in the permanent collection of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum in Columbus and the Butler Library in New York. You can view her portfolio at http://sarahallenreed.com


Here are some examples of Sarah's commissions


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We are using this campaign to fund the illustration work and other production costs. Issue 1 is expected to be completed by mid-October 2022 at the latest and will be delivered to digital backers the second it is completed and to print backers before mid-November 2022 at the latest. All add-ons will be shipped with the comic.