+Waco Comics Presents: Lady Avalion #1 & Lawbringer #1

by Plus Waco Comics

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We at +Waco Comics are excited to bring you the first two titles exploding out of our 2022 debut graphic novel, +Universe: Alpha in one incredible campaign!

In Lady Avalion Season One we follow the 99th reincarnation of King Arthur as she leads a covert team of super-spy knights against a mysterious church led by a master and an apprentice Anti-Exorcist.

In Lawbringer Season One, a teenage delinquent is jettisoned into new interstellar responsibilities when he finds the badges of a long-since-dead soldier from the army of the God of Law and Order.

These are the first two of six series we have ready in the chamber! Each series will be uniform, with each season having six issues and each issue being twenty-four pages. We are a small publisher with big dreams of creating future classics, right now! We love the stories we are making, and we think you will too!