RIVALS: The Loyalty of Sago Astar - Deluxe Issue #1

by Paul Gerrard & Mike Clarke

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In a savage post apocalyptic world where the gun has been replaced with the sword, the bullet replaced by the fist, RIVALS is a brutal, action-packed martial arts comic for old school comic book fans.

The story revolves around the character Sago Astar (starring the likeness of action movie legend Gary Daniels) – a fight trainer and guard to the leader of Jaan City, Sword Dorn Haath. Though it is a fortified emporium and the one true stronghold on planet Alter, Jaan City is under constant threat from the leaders of the planet’s other six large cities, including the Gokin – a biomechanical and weapon-fused race, The Dark Mizus and the Iron Head Clan, amongst many other horrors. Rivals is a new action-packed and epic saga to rival all others. Prepare for war and adventure, for it is coming in droves.

Created by artist Paul Gerrard - known for his work designing characters for movies Evil Dead Rise, TMNT, Indy 5, D&D and Hellboy, with script by comic book writer Mike Clarke (The Android’s Graveyard, Storm, Planet Eaters).