Rocketeer Comic Puzzle

by The Rocketeer Trust

To help celebrate The Rocketeer's 40th Anniversary and first museum exhibit (showing at the Comic-Con Museum in San Diego from March 9th through July 31st), please join the estate of Dave Stevens, creator of The Rocketeer, in honoring his legacy by supporting this project.

Zoop is proud to team up with The Rocketeer Trust to present THE FIRST ROCKETEER PUZZLE EVER OFFERED IN THE U.S.!


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500-pieces, 75x 50cm, or approx. 20" x 30". Pieces come in a mesh bag enclosed in a deluxe custom bo...




Bullseye Art Print

Giant 16 x 24 screenprint of the iconic "Bullseye" art. Scroll down to ART PRINTS section to see in...




Cliff's New York Adventures Art Print

Giant 16 x 24 screenprint of "Cliff's New York Adventures" art. Scroll down to ART PRINTS section to...




Bullseye T-Shirt

Exclusive to this Zoop campaign! Cotton tee featuring the iconic "Bullseye" art, available in Unisex...




Bullseye Bundle

Get everything! The puzzle, the art print and the t-shirt at a special bundled price




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Bundled per special request! Get the art print and the t-shirt at a special bundled price




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The Puzzle

The iconic Rocketeer  "Bullseye" art was created by Dave Stevens in 1982. It was featured on the back cover of the Rocketeer comic book's first issue. This Rocketeer puzzle features the amazing talent of award-winning colorist Laura Martin and is a Zoop exclusive. It's a high-quality item featuring 500 generously-sized and easy-to-handle pieces printed on extra-thick and sturdy paper stock with a high-gloss finish that won't easily bend. The pieces come in a mesh bag enclosed in a sturdy deluxe custom box with a magnetic closure. The puzzle measures 75x 50cm, or approx. 20" x 30", when completed.







Jennifer says "I am in the process of putting together my sample puzzle. What I didn’t anticipate, and quite frankly, surprised me, was how intimate a look I got into Dave’s creative process and the detail involved in this piece. One little puzzle piece had a loop on it. I never noticed that the Mauser handle had a loop at the bottom of it. Dave used a lot of criss-crosses for shadowing on the jacket. And he used quite a bit of Zip-a-tone for the shadowing of the Griffith Observatory Art Deco architecture. This puzzle being so large in scale makes all of these minute details come to life in contrast to a smaller-scale comic book. I already knew that Dave was a master at his craft, but this gives me a greater appreciation for sure."

Art Prints



Jennifer says "The Rocketeer 'Bullseye' t-shirt hasn't been made since the 1980s. It's past time for a new one!"


The Rocketeer’s creator Dave Stevens has influenced a generation of artists, and now fans can experience the character in this new puzzle format. Jennifer Stevens-Bawcum, the sister of Dave Stevens and the trustee of the Rocketeer Trust, states "having waited a long time to see a Rocketeer puzzle come to fruition, the "Bullseye" art was an easy pick for the first one! The people at Zoop have been a pleasure to work with and they have outdone themselves in finding a quality puzzle company to fulfill this campaign!" We're beyond thrilled to work with Jennifer to honor the art and iconic character from Dave Stevens.
Here are two pictures that Jennifer is generously sharing, which reinforce her writings about the nature of her relationship with her big brother. She says "one is of us after Halloween; I'd gotten some wax horse teeth that he just had to play with. The other pic of Dave and I was taken less than a year before his death. He was still being a kid. I think this captures our essence."



The puzzle, art prints and t-shirts are all waiting to be manufactured, so no need to fret about anything being completed on schedule.
After a successful campaign, production and shipping should take around three months, so delivery of rewards is expected to be done sometime Summer 2022. Still, the pandemic has shown that certain conditions are simply out of anybody’s hands. However, Zoop will always be here to communicate with supporters should any delays occur, if there’s confusion about delivery, or if any other concerns pop up.

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