The Complete Adventures of Roswell, Little Green Man

by Bill Morrison, Nathan Kane, Dan DeCarlo, and Tim Harkins

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Everyone's heard the tale of the UFO that crashed in the New Mexico desert in 1947. But did you know that one of the alien occupants survived the crash? Roswell, Little Green Man is the out-of-this-world, sci-fi humor comic that chronicles the adventures of a plucky little alien who found himself stranded in post-war America. Aided by a gorgeous inventor, a lunkheaded cowboy, and a giant mutated jackrabbit, he searches for a way back home while getting sidetracked by mid-century misadventures.

For the first time, every Roswell story to date is collected between two covers, including a rare, newly-colored tale drawn by Archie legend Dan DeCarlo! Also included are previously unseen pin-ups by Jack Davis, Eric Powell, Art Baltazar, and more!