by Elyse Russell & Dany Rivera

A clockwork android named Kyra, completely assured of her place in the world, is becoming riddled in self-doubt and burdened with questions of her own identity.

SENTIENCE, an American light novel, is a 13 chapter mix of prose and comic art (containing approx. 20 illustrations including some sequential art) that is ready to shatter the boundaries of the medium.

For fans of: Ex Machina, Mortal Engines, Pinocchio, The Princess Bride, The Dark Tower Series, Monstress, Claymore


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Tessienne, the Sorceress Mother, is a master necromancer whose obsession with bringing her daughter Kyra back from the dead is matched only by her heartless determination to maintain her monopoly on Soul Energy. A powerful source of dark magic, Soul Energy harvesting is a black art Tessienne has perfected and ruthlessly guards. Employing an army of assassins to keep would-be competitors in line has been effective but requires constant attention. The Sorceress Mother seeks a more efficient method of maintaining monopoly. Her answer is an intersection of Soul Energy harvesting, dark magics, advanced android tech, and her obsessive need to bring back Kyra, the only being she ever loved.


A clockwork android named Kyra, completely assured of her place in the world, is becoming riddled in self-doubt and burdened with questions of her own identity. A humanoid assassin performing on behalf of her Sorceress Mother, harvesting the energy of human souls. Manipulated all her life, Kyra is forced to undertake her mother's twisted orders, until she falls in love. Forced to make a choice between loyalty to her abusive mother, or to her own heart, Kyra must learn how to reclaim her identity and forge her own path in life. Nobody, especially Kyra herself, knows what will happen as she gains SENTIENCE.


Elyse Russell has conjured up a fantastical world and a story that takes us on a journey of gaining sentience, discovering free will, and having to grapple with the dilemmas of what to do with that freedom. It’s a savage existence, but that doesn’t mean we won’t encounter love, we’ll just have to spill a lot of guts to get to the heart. 


American light novel, what is that? It’s our take on the traditional Japanese format that is popular among young adults. Roughly 150 pages, but with a supersized helping of art. We’re doubling the standard number of illustrations to around 20, and including some sequential art. Standing uniquely on its own, SENTIENCE is a bold move for a wider audience.


Click here to download a FREE PREVIEW of the book's Prologue


This is a scene from chapter 1, a caravan of legged wagons about to be ambushed. Watch for more of these illustrations to be unveiled during the campaign.


Some examples of interior pages with art


Here's an early cover mock-up, some sketches and fashion designs highlighting the work going into bringing the story and its characters to life:


Watch the cover of SENTIENCE come to life in this time lapse video!



From Publisher

SENTIENCE is the first American Light Novel from Band of Bards, and the first title of Elyse Russell’s that we’ll be publishing in 2022! We’re still a new independent publisher but that won’t stop us from expanding what we offer! Formed in March of 2021 in Buffalo, NY we support Creator-Owned IP, and are committed to publishing stories with a focus on Representation, Inclusion, and Diversity. (You can read more about our mission here.)


The all female team of creators helmed by Elyse Russell are no strangers to prose, comics, or the like. Dany Rivera is a tremendous talent who is about to break-out and become a household name, while editorial veterans Nicole D’Andria and Damon Barret Roe close the gap bringing their abilities and knowledge of the written word to the forefront. 


Ultimately without our friends, fans, and this amazing community we could never have gotten as far as we have. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting this idea, and thank you in advance for helping to make our first go-round with ZOOP a resounding success!


Elyse Russell is a writer of short stories and graphic novels. She has works published/accepted with: Quill & Crow, Crone Girl's Press, HyphenPunk, Mermaids Monthly, Outcast Press, and more. When not writing, Elyse enjoys drawing, reading, taking naps with her cats, and ingesting copious amounts of cheese.

Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @ElyseRussell13  (BraveLittleTeapot). 


Dany Rivera is a Mexican comic artist, newly graduated from art school. She's been into art since she was a kid, and plans to make her way in comics and, someday, animation design. Dany also enjoys spending time with her best doggo, Dorotea, as well as surfing and reading. Sentience will be her first (but certainly not last) large project with both Band of Bards and Elyse Russell. Visit her website at Follow her on Twitter: @Dany_Comics  (Daniela Rivera)


Damon Barret Roe is the pen name for a 30-something writer obsessed with all things horrific and fantastic. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology that—in true millennial fashion—she has no intention of using. Instead, she hopes to make a successful career out of building worlds, writing poetry, and spreading heebie-jeebies. She is the Assistant Editor for Quill & Crow Publishing House and the lead on its gothic lit e-zine, The Crow's Quill. She co-edited and -curated the anthology, Eros & Thanatos: An Anthology of Death & Desire. She also has an editing credit in the anthology, Grimm & Dread, and her poetry was published in Crow Calls Volume 3. Her first short horror story appears in Haunted: A Crow Showcase. Damon is Latin American but was raised all over the world in a multicultural home. She channels this upbringing and her queer orientation into her writing, focusing on themes of equality and oppression. She is querying her novel, the first installment in her original dark fantasy series, Moonborne


Twitter, Instagram, TikTok: @moonbornewriter 


Nicole D’Andria is the creator/writer of Road Trip to Hell, her first creator-owned project! She adapted Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir and Peter David's Artful to comics. She works as a freelance comic editor for Scout Comics (Impossible Jones), Tapas Media (Comedown Machine), and Band of Bards (Reluctant Hero). Nicole also writes comic book news stories for Screen Rant and coordinates a series of interviews showcasing crowdfunding creators for Comic Frontline. Learn more at


“​​It's a woman-centric Pinocchio, elevated through nuance and a Geppetto so traumatized by loss that he (now she) has become as cold and methodical as the automatons she experiments on.”

- Comic Book Yeti


"Haunting prose, twisted imagination, and a lead who's anything but a hero make this sci-fi horror light novel stand out!"

- Robyn Singer (Author, Final Gamble) on Elyse Russell and her light novel, SENTIENCE:


"Both Dany and myself are convinced that we were meant to meet and work together. We messaged each other in the exact same hour from two different websites, and everything has been smooth sailing ever since. We just plain clicked. Working with Dany is, honestly, one of my favorite things on the planet. We've become friends, too: we read (smutty) books together, tell jokes, and talk about life. Dany always picks up what I'm putting down, and then makes it BETTER."

- Elyse Russell on building a relationship and working with artist Dany Rivera:

Stretch Goals

$5,000 - Double print run & a sticker sheet for every backer.


$6,000 - Begin funding FELL WITCH, the next title from Elyse Russell & Dany Rivera.


$10,000 - Creator bonus and a free digital copy of FELL WITCH for each backer of SENTIENCE!



Prologue, Chapter 1, and 25% of artwork completed on launch. 

April 11 - May 13: Campaign

June 30: Final editing completed

July 31: Entire work completed and sent to printer

August 31: Fulfillment completed (with BoB fulfilling domestic US orders and Buy Small Press fulfilling international orders)


We love backing crowdfunding campaigns too, and we know there's nothing worse than when our rewards arrive damaged. We're going to make sure that your stuff arrives as safely as possible so all comics will be individually bagged with backing boards, and packed neatly into Gemini Comic Supply Flash Mailers.  


We have two successful campaigns under our belt as Band of Bards, but as with anything, there are risks and things may not go exactly according to plan. While we are experienced with managing teams, there still could be situations that are unavoidable and may cause delays in production. This is our third crowdfunding campaign at Band of Bards, and we will continue to strive toward doing our best to run this campaign as smoothly as possible.


2022-05-03 05:35:35

Chapter 1 is complete!


SENTIENCE is almost funded! A nice spot to start the week for sure. This is also a week of more big reveals. Chapter 1 is complete and Comic Book Yeti has an exclusive review coming later in the week. Once that is up we’ll also have the full Chapter 1 available for free on GlobalComix. Honestly, if you read the Prologue and Chapter 1 on GC and still aren’t convinced to back this awesome title I don’t know what you’re waiting for.


With some more material in hand I’ll also be reaching out to select retailers over the next 10 days. The best way to reach lots of readers is through retailers. The fun thing with SENTIENCE is that we’re able to reach out to indie book stores too. Local Comic Shops are special to us and they’ll always receive exceptional service from BoB. It’s just fun to get to branch out into a new literary circle and expand the Comics Doing Good ethos to new retailers and new fans. While I have my list of shops to contact I’m always happy to learn about new shops. So if you have a favorite local comic or book shop you think SENTIENCE would look great in let me know. Better yet, let them know. Nothing gets a shop’s attention like a customer standing in front of them making a request.


Thank you to all who’ve been so wonderfully supporting us in this campaign!



2022-04-30 17:33:34

Elyse Russell on why she writes


When I decided to get into writing comics, I knew that there was one thing that would be most important for me to focus on: Women's issues.


Bringing topics surrounding the lives of women, particularly those that aren't discussed as much, is always at the forefront of my mind. SENTIENCE highlights many female relationships (since almost the entire cast of characters is female), but the most important one focuses on the toxicity between an abusive/manipulative mother and a daughter trying to figure out how to deal with it.


THE FELL WITCH centers around post-partum depression, which, though it's being talked about more, still doesn't get enough attention, ESPECIALLY in comics.


Female friendship/sisterhood also features heavily in SENTIENCE. Kyra and her sister-android, One, have a relationship fraught with rivalry, secrets, and poor communication. There aren't enough mothers in comics, if you ask me. SENTIENCE sheds a light on a less-than-perfect mother/daughter relationship, THE FELL WITCH shows a new mom fighting depression to get to her baby, and BRUNHILDA AND THE HEX WITCH features a warrior mom with 15 kids.


SENTIENCE doesn't just feature women on the page; the entire creative team behind it is female, as well, and two of the four of us are Latina. I want to always make an effort to bring female and minority voices into comics, and this is forefront when I assemble teams. In short, if you'd like to support women in comics, both on and off the page, come check out SENTIENCE. We're running out of time to make this happen, and we need your help!

2022-04-19 18:58:15

A Few Adjustments

Tim Stolinski

We took a hard look at Week 1 of the campaign over this past weekend. Some things stuck out. Chief among them was that people appeared to be balking at the price after the Early Bird offer expired. While we all believed the prices we set were fair and reasonable for this work, the reality is that if it was a barrier it needed to change. So we knocked $2 off both the digital and physical copies in the main tier of rewards. Anyone who backed after the Early Bird expired will have their pledges adjusted to reflect the current reduced price when the campaign concludes. We also reduced the price on our 4 logo sticker pack down to $12, you get 4 stickers for the price of 3. Some more details on the oversized BoB logo with Archibald the mantis were also added in. It’s a $5 sticker and we wanted everyone to see just how premium of an item it is as a 5”x5” holographic vinyl sticker.


You may have also noticed that we reduced our funding goal. Kind of a bold move, so let me explain. Early on in our discussions with Zoop it was made very clear to us that some things could be changed after launch. This helped with pre-launch anxiety as it took a lot of the guessing game out of play. We knew that if we were a little off on anything it wouldn’t kill the campaign. I think that’s a strength of Zoop as a platform. It also made me a little overly aggressive in our budgeting. 


That’s on me and nobody else. The reduction in our overall funding goal reflects a more conservative initial print run. The upside is that reducing our initial goal has also helped to bring our stretch goals into focus. So we are now running with an initial goal of $4,000. Our first stretch goal at $5,000 doubles our print run (with BoB paying some cost out of pocket). Second stretch goal kicks in at $6,000 and will help us get a start on funding FELL WITCH, the next title from Elyse & Dany. The third stretch goal kicks in at $10,000 and will be a straight creator bonus PLUS a free digital copy of FELL WITCH to every backer of SENTIENCE!


Keeping things simple when you can is pretty important for a funding campaign. We prefer to roll with funding goals that do not add complexity and help drive more comic production. Speaking of production, Chapter 1 should finish up this week. We’ll be sharing some more artwork from that chapter, and everyone’s favorite Yeti will have an exclusive preview of Chapter 1 to share with you shortly.


#ComicsDoingGood "

2022-04-12 16:32:49

Great start for our American light novel!

Tim Stolinski

What a thrilling first day to kick off the SENTIENCE campaign on Zoop! We hit 51
backers in the first 24 hours and are at 26% of our funding goal. That’s a strong start and a clear
sign that the American light novel is something in demand from comics fans and traditional
prose readers alike.

We have to thank everyone who showed up on Day 1 to back the campaign and help
spread the word. It takes a village to crowdfund a book. Band of Bards has spent much time and
effort on building our fanbase and expanding our reach, but that will always have its limitations.
Word of mouth (or Tweet) is always the best endorsement any project can hope for. So thank
you to all of yinz who’ve had our backs. BoB & Sentience’s creative team are incredibly grateful.
Looking to the next few days we want to continue to build upon the early momentum. So
please continue sharing on all your social medias. If you have friends you think would be
interested in this steampunk/dark fantasy/sci-fi adventure please tell them about it. If you have a
local comic shop or book store you feel would be interested in SENTIENCE, please let them
know about it (we have a retailer only package for them).

If anyone has questions about the campaign, the story, or the items on offer just hit us up
on the old Twitter dot com and we’re happy to answer anything about SENTIENCE!




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