Skyvein: Volume One

by Sen Holiday

A fantasy/sci-fi tale of resistance and determination, featuring queer people of color.

This Zoop campaign will bring the first 10 chapters (240 full-color pages) of the popular webcomic to print in a softcover graphic novel.


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A DRM-free PDF of Skyvein: Volume One at web resolution.


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Softcover copy of Skyvein: Volume One! (6.14"x9.21")


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Fund a book to be given away on my socials or at a convention to someone who can't afford it!


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The softcover copy of Skyvein: Volume One, PDF, Sedition Sticker, Firebird Sticker, and Bookplate!


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5 softcover copies of Skyvein: Volume One


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Icon Commission

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A digital, full-color, square profile illustration on a solid or two-toned color background. You will need to provide me with a photo to work off of.


Bust Commission

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A digital, full-color bust drawing by me of a (single) character of your choice, either one of mine or yours, on a white or solid color background.


Animal Crossing Commission

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A digital, full-color drawing of 1-2 characters of your choice (mine or yours) with a background no more detailed than the example shown, drawn in Animal Crossing style.


Physical sketch

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A hand-drawn sketch of one of the characters from Skyvein (your choice). (3"x4")




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A crowdfunding-exclusive, Skyvein-themed bookplate


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A full-color, Skyvein-themed sticker


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A full-color, Skyvein-themed sticker



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Mobile and Desktop wallpapers



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A digital, full-color full-body drawing by me of a (single) character of your choice, either one of mine or yours, on a white or solid color background.



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Either yourself or your character (adapted to fit into the Skyvein-verse) makes a cameo in Volume Two! It will be a non-speaking, background appearance, and i can't promise exactly when this reward will be delivered, as it depends when the exact page airs, but it will be within the next volume.



Taisce Brennan inherited a seal coat and empathy magick from their selkie mother. But because their mother vanished when they were a pup, Taisce never learned to control their empathic gift. Now a 24-year-old package courier, they take magick-blocking medication, deliver packages to make ends meet, and generally attempt to avoid running into trouble with The Core—the authoritarian regime that controls all aspects of life above the clouds. Taisce’s humble livelihood is blasted away after an explosion at the postal facility where they work—an explosion blamed on Taisce, who finds themself a fugitive running from The Core.


Skyvein is a fantasy/sci-fi webcomic featuring queer people of color, and it’s written and illustrated by me, sen holiday. All of Volume One (and some of Volume Two!) is free to read online at

CW: some violence and occasional swearing



This Zoop campaign will bring the first 10 chapters (240 full-color pages) of Volume One to print in a perfect-bound, softcover graphic novel. If the stretch goals are met, i’ll add some exclusive, behind-the-scenes bonus content!












sen holiday is a queer, biracial (korean/white) artist currently living on occupied Dakota and Anishinaabe land, and they’ve been creating Skyvein since 2017.

Stretch Goals

$7k - Every physical book reward to come with a nifty new sticker and bookmark!
$7.5k - Unlock the hardcover version of Volume One, and the ability to switch your softcover reward to a hardcover reward (which will be $50)!
$8k - Skyvein-inspired D&D subclasses and PbtA moves by Aaron King!
$9k - Behind-the-scenes sketchbook (early concept art and character sketches) printed into the physical book and added to the end of the PDF!
$10k - Digitally painted purple clouds for the inside covers!
$15k - A short comic set in Emi and Feng's past available as a PDF for all backers!


Skyvein: Volume One is complete and ready for printing, as are all rewards. All stretch goals are at least loosely sketched out. The campaign will end February 24th, wallpapers and PDFs will be delivered March 2022, physical rewards should (barring any delays) ship to me by March/April 2022, physical rewards will ship out to all backers by July 2022 at the latest, and commissions will be delivered by July 2022 at the latest.


This is my first time crowdfunding! The biggest risk would be with the printing and shipping delays, as Skyvein: Volume One is complete and ready for printing, and all the rewards are at least loosely sketched out, if not ready as well. Skyvein is a labor of love and i know that i’ll try my best to get you the best product as timely as possible if we make the goal! What i am confident about is that if anything gets delayed, i will communicate with you, my dear backers, as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Thanks for helping me make this dream of bringing Skyvein to print come true!