Slow City Blues

by Samuel Haine, Shawn Moll, John Livesay, David Baron & Thomas Mauer

Slow City Blues is an ongoing series following Detective John Loris, who gets trapped inside his imagination after a horrible accident causes him to try and take his own life. John instead ends up in Slow City, a construct of his mind’s eye, a place where anything is possible - except a way out. There, he must battle his deeply-rooted inner demons and examine who he truly was before ending up in this self-made purgatory.

In Slow City, John is reviled and feared as “The Trigger Man,” the one responsible for the existence of all. There, he does the only thing he knows how: solve crimes, with his partner (now a six-foot-six smart ass skunk named “Moof”). With his wife and son waiting back in the real world and his subconscious conspiring to keep him trapped in his imagination forever, John must overcome the worst parts of himself and defeat Death, in his quest to find out whether he is worthy of enlightenment and happiness - or if he is beyond salvation.


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Special #1 Variant (David Finch B&W/Virgin Cover)

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Special Hardcover Variant (Doug Mahnke B&W Cover)(SIGNED)

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Issue #2 (Derrick Chew Cover - VIRGIN VARIANT)

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Yasmine Putri 'cool' cover on Slipcase containing individual issues of #1-5 with all Cover A's (Finch, Porter, Mattina, Tedesco, Booth). Comes with free PDF copy of the TPB. SCROLL DOWN TO 'COVERS' SECTION TO SEE IN GREATER DETAIL.


Box Set B (Slipcase)

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Yasmine Putri 'warm' cover on Slipcase containing individual issues of #1-5 with all Cover B's (Pope, Chew, Mahnke, Nord, Tan). Comes with free PDF copy of the TPB. SCROLL DOWN TO 'COVERS' SECTION TO SEE IN GREATER DETAIL.


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Yasmine Putri 'cool' cover on Slipcase containing individual issues of #1-5 with all Cover A's (Finch, Porter, Mattina, Tedesco, Booth). Comes with free PDF copy of the TPB.


Box Set B (Slipcase) (FIRST 48 HOURS)

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Yasmine Putri 'warm' cover on Slipcase containing individual issues of #1-5 with all Cover B's (Pope, Chew, Mahnke, Nord, Tan). Comes with free PDF copy of the TPB.


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Issue #1 (Paul Pope Cover B)

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Get Your Hardcover Signed With a Sketch!

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Upgrade your standard hardcover to a signed edition with a sketch. Includes 4 creator signatures and Shawn Moll/John Livesay pencil & ink sketch of a Slow City Blues character headshot on the bookplate. Limited to 25. FOR HARDCOVERS ONLY!


Portfolio Case containing Art Prints of All Covers

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Contains full color art prints of 12 covers, all scanned directly from the original art and delivered in a sharp-looking hardcover case. 10 1/2" x 14 3/4"


Art Board Commission (Shawn Moll & John Livesay, pencils and inks)

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One professional finished comic drawing of comic book character of your choice. No X-Rated content. Background amount at the discretion of artists.


Original Art Page - Issue #2 pg. 41

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Jim Starlin (Creator of Marvel’s Thanos, Infinity Gauntlet Saga, Ominous Press’ Dreadstar):
“The rich story and complex characters will keep you immersed to the very end. The violence and satire top off the kind of novel you can’t put down as each issue’s cliffhanger makes you want to find out what happens next!”
Aaron Couch (The Hollywood Reporter):
“Slow City Blues is a strange, imaginative tale with art to match. It's not quite like anything else I'm reading!”
Coy Jandreau (
“Slow City Blues is the Neo-Noir detective on the edge drama you never knew you wanted but absolutely need. It's one part Brad Pitt's 'Cool World' two parts Kurt Russell's 'Big Trouble in little China' with a nice heaping helping of comic book references. SCB is what indie comics are all about!”
Darick Robertson (Co-creator of THE BOYS & HAPPY!):
“John and Moof are an amazing unlikely duo in a fantastical world with intriguing, bizarre, and original characters. The artwork is excellent and immerses you in this Heavy Metal through-the-looking-glass environment of humanoid animals and crazy creatures.”
Steve Orlando (Batman, X-Men, Wonder Woman):
“SLOW CITY BLUES is a wild ride, championed by the Sam Spade antihero of an anthropomorphic plant and animal world, a gonzo Adult Swim vision of ROGER RABBIT world of drinks, sex, and violence. It's high-octane action satire!”

Andrew Dyce (SCREENRANT)

"Opening with a killer hook, SLOW CITY BLUES is a fever dream nobody would ever want to live in, but an absolute blast to visit."


David F. Walker (Writer/Co-Creator Bitter Root):
"[Slow City Blues] is very cool. It's insane (in the best way)."
Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn, co-founder of Marvel Knights):
“Slow City Blues is a visually beautiful and disturbingly fun book that keeps the reader wondering where it is going next with every page turn. Worldbuilding at its best.”
Dinesh Shamdasani (CEO & CCO @ BAD IDEA):
“Livesay is a piece of s#@t, but he makes great comics”


Samuel Haine - Writer/Creator: Sam grew up in the wilderness of Alaska. While Slow City Blues will be his debut title, Sam has a handful of feature film and television scripts under his belt. His mentors have included the legendary Jim Shooter and NY Times Bestselling author Kristin Hannah. Sam currently lives in Southern California but dreams of returning to the wild with his fiancé, Laura, and their 120lb. pit-bull, Peter. He spends most of his free time pecking away at his debut novel, reading, snowboarding, boxing, or getting his butt kicked at Magic the Gathering.
Shawn Moll - Pencils: Shawn is a  freelance Comic book Artist/Illustrator, whose pedigree includes work for Marvel, DC, and WildStorm. Titles include WHAT IF VENOM/DEADPOOL, SHE-HULK, WILDCATS, FRIDAY THE 13th, OUTSIDERS, and “52", among others. Shawn lives in the remote Northwoods near the shores of Lake Superior with his wife and children and their dog. He spends most of his free time training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and hanging out with his family.
John Livesay - Coordinator & Inks/Finishes: John Livesay was born in Detroit Michigan and has been a professional comic book artist for the last 28 years. He has worked for just about every comic publisher out there, including Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, and Valiant. He’s also worked on some of the most popular and classic characters in the history of the medium, such as Spider-Man, The Avengers, X-Men, Batman, and The Flash. John lives in Southern California with his wife, Felicia, and daughter, Olivia. He’s a huge collector of comics and comic art and has long run out of places to store all his long boxes.
David Baron - Colors: David Baron started his career in 1995 at the age of 15, busting into the comic book industry and immediately working on the biggest and brightest characters printed today. His work has influenced new talent and has shaped the way many see comics and their iconic characters today. David lives in Southern California with his wife, Kristy, and son, Michael. Some of David’s past projects include BATMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, GREEN ARROW, GLOBAL FREQUENCY, DUNE, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, and BLOODSHOT.
Thomas Mauer - Letters & Production: Thomas is a German letterer and designer. He's worked on projects for a wide range of publishers such as First Second, Aftershock, Boom, Comixology, and IDW. His credits include THE BEAUTY, CRUDE, HARDCORE, POPGUN, and THE REALM.
Artisha Mann-Cooper - Story Consultant: Artisha Mann-Cooper has forged an impressive career as a go-to indie Producer, multi-hyphenate artist, and host of the Two Legit to QT podcast. She has worked on films such as Bikini Sunshine, with Academy-nominated director Milcho Manchevski, Before During AfterI Can I Will I DidGoodbye Butterfly, and the Cinequest Audience Award-winning thriller Slapface.


Sam Haine came up with the premise for Slow City Blues after being turned down for a staff writing position at a video game company in 2013. Soon after, he saved up enough money waiting tables to commission the first set of sample pages while living off food stamps. From those first pages, he was introduced to John Livesay, who liked the story, but knew the art needed direction and Sam needed guidance. John connected Sam with Legendary Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter, who taught Sam the ins and outs of writing for comics - what Sam calls the “Shooter School of Storytelling.” John, acting as Coordinator, put together the art team and landed a host of A-list cover artists. Sam found that the world of Slow City helped him reflect and better understand what was happening in the world and his part in it. He hopes the story connects authentically and inspires tough conversations and loving introspection.


Slow City Blues is a wildly bizarre, action-packed, darkly funny, and provocative examination of Self, that offers the opportunity for empathy and introspection in a time that finds us more divided than ever before.


Issue #1 - David Finch (Cover A) / Paul Pope (Cover B)


Issue #2 - Howard Porter (Cover A) / Derrick Chew (Cover B)


Issue #3 - Francesco Mattina (Cover A) / Doug Mahnke (Cover B)


Issue #4 - Julian Totino Tedesco (Cover A) / Cary Nord (Cover B)


Issue #5 - Brett Booth (Cover A) / Philip Tan (Cover B)


Box Set Covers (Cool/Warm) - Yasmin Putri









While there are always risks with crowdfunding and a new title and new company, in reality, the risks for this book are virtually zero. With Zoop we are blessed to be working with the folks who ran the crowdfunding campaigns for Keanu Reeves' BRZRKR and Scott Snyder’s NOCTERRA, so needless to say they know exactly how to deliver beautiful, high-quality products. 


And speaking of beautiful, high-quality products! Ours is done! Totally! Finished and in the can! All five issues and all of the covers are ready to go. That means the only waiting you’ll be doing is for the printing and shipping. Which Zoop has COVERED!  And barring another pandemic or natural disaster you should expect to receive your rewards/purchases so fast you’ll wonder why you don’t buy all your books from Zoop! 


Last but not least, communication: it’s the name of the game. So we’ll be updating you every step of the way; be it in email blasts or on social media, when something happens -- good, bad, or great -- you’ll be the first to know! No waiting in limbo. You have our word. And our word is bond. 


We are so thankful that you decided to come on this adventure with us. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 


Now buckle up! It’s going to be an amazing ride!


Since the books are all done, we should be going to print shortly after (hopefully) funding, and we estimate the whole process to get everything made, shipped to our fulfillment partner and sent out to all supporters to be about 3 months.


So estimated delivery is October 2021 - and we'll keep you updated all along the way!


2022-04-25 21:46:51

The Wait is Over!


Hi all!

Great news!  Almost ALL the books are being sent out by tomorrow!  We have a few issues that we are dealing with, and working on remedying ASAP.  So, there might be a small wait for a few backers, but we'll keep you posted here as best we can.  

But, between today and tomorrow, please check your e-mails AND spam folders for notifications and tracking information.  The wait is (almost) finally over!  

We truly hope you enjoy your books!  Thank you for your support AND patience with Slow City Blues!

2022-04-08 17:45:16

Home Stretch!


Hi all,

We know this has been a very long process, but the final delivery of books has been made to our warehouse!  The staff is sorting and packing everything, and everyone's books should start to go out next week!  Please check your e-mails and spam folders for e-mail notifications that will include your tracking numbers!  

We're so excited to finally have these books going out to you all, and getting into your hands.  We thank you all for your patience, support and understanding, as this has been a looooong process to get to the finish line.  



2022-03-24 21:32:34

SCB Update


Hello residents of Slow City Blues!  Here with a pretty substantial update for you all. 

Some of you are starting to receive your packages!  We’re excited about that, and are looking to keep that ball rolling!  However, it is only a segment of backers, and here is why.

You may have seen that the books made it off the boat, and to the Los Angeles warehouse of the printer.  The problem is, that the books had to be shipped from the printer’s warehouse in Los Angeles, to our fulfillment center in Michigan.  The entire printing order was split onto two pallets.  Only one of those pallets made it to our fulfillment center, and the other is currently still being redirected.  So what does that mean for you?

Well, here’s how it broke down.  All the hardcovers and slipcases were on 1 pallet.  All the #1 single issues were on the other.  So, if your order did NOT include a floppy, those orders are going out.  However, if your order DID include a #1 of any kind, we are looking to wait until we receive the other pallet with those #1’s, to send them all out together in 1 fell swoop, and save on the shipping costs.  This may take another week, or a few weeks.  We’re not 100% sure, as the shipping industry has been a real headache, not just for this project, but for multiple industries.

That being said, if you are cool with waiting, and receiving all goods in 1 package, we appreciate your support and patience.  If you simply must have your hardcover or slipcase NOW, and the #1 you ordered in a separate package, please write us at to let us know, and we’ll get that order out to you in pieces. 

If further delays occur, we will again update everyone with whatever information we have at the time. 

We’re almost to the finish line here!  And when you do receive your packages, let us see them on social media!  Tag us at @wearezoop, and @scbcomics.  We appreciate your support and patience.  Just a little longer, and we can ALL enjoy these amazing comics! 

2022-01-22 07:09:29

The books are in the warehouse!


We're going through pallets and getting everything ready to be shipped out over the next few weeks. The books look GREAT. We're excited to finally get this in your hands! 


2021-12-11 18:15:39

hardcover samples :)


Proofs of the hardcover edition for Slow City Blues have arrived, and we are pumped by how great they came out! Between these and the single issues, we know everyone’s going to love what they receive!

Which leads us to the not so good. As you may or may not know, there are major supply chain issues in the world. Specifically, Long Beach Harbor, where the books you are all patiently waiting for have been sitting since their arrival on 11/18. At first, we were told it may be 2-3 weeks before the books make it off the boat. But now it is estimated that the ship will actually be able to dock around 12/16 (this date comes from the port itself, it's not in our hands to arrange). From there, we still need to wait for it to be able to unload and for the materials to be transported for fulfillment (usually at least a week or so). All this being said, those dates are still estimates.The date for docking has been changed several times already, and could be changed again. What does that all mean? We’re not sure. Like many other industries, printing and comics are stuck in the same boat (no pun intended!) regarding delays due to freight, and shipping issues around the world.

We want to thank you for your patience and we know that when you do receive your books, you’ll love what you get, and it’ll be worth the wait! So please hang in there as we wait for these books to take their next steps to their new homes!

Even though the books are still coming into the port, we did get some hardcover samples fedexed to us, and John Livesay confirms: they look great!!


2021-11-10 23:32:30

Delays at the port :(


An update from our overseas printer:

"The logjam at the port has only gotten worse. Up to over 100 boats anchored out there last we looked. Right now, the boat is due to arrive at the Long Beach port around 11/18 (a few days later than originally expected but that is not too surprising right now). Then we begin the wait at the port. It has been taking at least 2-3 weeks for the boats to actually be able to dock and unload once they arrive at the port. The upcoming holiday season is not improving that situation. We will get estimated docking times after a week or so but even those are subject to change, and frequently do. It is frustrating and unpredictable but it's just the situation we (and many others) are in right now. We'll keep you posted as we get updates each week."

2021-10-25 21:38:21

Production samples!


The individual issues' samples have arrived and they're lookin' good!


2021-10-11 23:55:26

Update from printer


Production is moving along nicely at the printing plant and they are making their way through each of the various formats and variants. Currently, the estimated schedule for shipping is:
Estimated Time of Departure from overseas10/27
Estimated Arrival at Long Beach Port: 11/9

2021-09-15 04:15:21



Quick update to let y'all know that the book, in all of its formats, is at the printer and we're starting the printing process! We're so excited and will keep you posted on how it's all going! 

2021-08-12 18:50:36

Update from Sam

Sam Haine

Sorry for the radio silence! This past month has been a whirlwind, to say the least. The whole team has had a lot going on - I know that David Baron will be announcing some very big things very soon. And I myself, my dog passed, got married, got Covid (even though fully vaxxed), we got a new puppy, and now are in the process of shopping for our first home! But, worry not, the show goes on!
We are just about ready to go to print. For the people that bought the hard covers, I am excited to say that the total page number will not be 176 but 192! And for those that bought the slipcases I am happy to inform you that they will be very sturdy and very rad and congrats on grabbing them! And for those variant hunters I am thrilled to say that the legendary Jae Lee will be doing a #1 and it’s going to be *chef’s kiss*!

More to follow soon! Looking forward to seeing you all at a Con near you!!!

2021-07-14 19:11:38

Charging credit cards


Hey y'all - just a heads up that we've started to charge everyone's credit cards, so you should see confirmation emails in your inboxes soon. If there are any charges that don't go through, for whatever reason, we'll be reaching out individually to get those folks taken care of too. Thanks!

2021-07-08 18:34:08



Thanks to 230 of you, Slow City Blues is a reality! The comic series was the first to launch on Zoop and you helped make our launch a success and then some.

The entire team wants to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping make this project happen and supporting it.
We're sure you're asking what are the next steps?

In the next few days your credit cards will be charged for the items you selected.

We are not going to overwhelm you with emails but we'll keep you up to date on the process getting everything printed, published, created, and into your hands.
Currently, the estimated delivery is October 2021. But things are in flux due to the pandemic and other factors, and shipping delays are common. We're going to be honest and transparent and keep you updated through each step of the process.
Thanks again, and looking forward to a great post-campaign!

2021-07-07 02:37:16

Yes We Can!


We got there! The $40,000 Stretch Goal has been unlocked. Enjoy the enhanced covers on the box sets! We're ready for the final 24 hour sprint tomorrow. Let's end it with a bang!

2021-07-06 00:24:12

Final 72 Hour Blowout!


Slow City Blues has less than 72 hours left in the crowdfunding campaign and we're ending it with a blowout!

We've just posted some new variant covers - including a blank sketch cover, as well as 6 Slow City Celebration Super Bundles that have to be seen to be believed! Go check 'em out!
We also crossed $32,000 and unlocked the first Stretch Goal - adding extra backmatter to all hardcovers, making them a whopping 176 pages!

The next stretch goal unlocks at $40,000... where all box sets would get cover enhancements like spot UV and matte finish! Can we get there before the campaign ends!?

2021-06-29 19:14:19



Thank you supporters and retailers for pushing us over the $30k mark! We've only got a little bit more to go before we reach $32k and unlock our first Stretch Goal - adding extra backmatter to all hardcovers, making them a whopping 176 pages! This backmatter would include things like extra sketches, original script, breakdowns, original pages, and pages that didn't get used. Please help spread the word so we can get there!
And wait til you see the fun stuff we've got planned for the final week -- to be revealed soon!

2021-06-15 17:45:40

Celebration Special


Hey everyone - as a Celebration Special, we're moving the two #1 issues (Covers A &B) up from the Add-Ons section to the Rewards section, for everyone who never got to pick up a copy yet or for those people just wanting the first issue. We'll bump them back down to the Add-Ons section next week. So go grab 'em!

2021-06-14 17:01:26



Thank you so much to our wonderful supporters and awesome retailers who helped push the campaign over the finish line over the past few days! Here's a message from Sam, Slow City Blues' writer and creator:
"I’d love to thank everyone that supported the campaign, all the early bird special supporters and especially the exclusive retail tier backers —in particular Regie who really kicked things off for us! It only took us a week but with all your help we did it! It took us a decade and a week but our dream has become a reality! Let’s see how high we can fly! Share this news with everyone and if there’s some thing that you were eyeing but were hesitant to pick up yet, like the portfolio or an original page, now is the time to grab it before they are gone!
Much love from the whole Slow City team!"
Now that we've reached this milestone, we can start looking ahead at some stretch goals. Starting with adding in some backmatter (behind the scenes, making-of-the-book kind of material) to all of the books once we reach $35k! This would round out the hardcover at a whopping 176 pages. Let's go get it!

2021-06-12 04:35:06



We've seen lots and lots of good press for Slow City Blues (with even more exclusives coming next week). We just updated all of the icons and links in the Press section, so be sure to click around and explore the articles, reviews, interviews, podcasts and YouTube shows to get all of the latest scoops!

2021-06-10 23:27:40

Halfway There!


Today we reached the halfway point toward our funding goal! Great job, everyone!

2021-06-09 16:35:57

Extending the Early Bird Specials 1 MORE DAY!


So we know that we had said that the 48-hour Early Bird Specials would only last til this morning, but we thought about it & decided we can't do that to ya'll on a New Comic Wednesday! We're extending the Early Bird Special through tomorrow (Thurs. 6/10) til midnight PST! And THAT will be everyone's last chance to get in on these specials!! 
Thanks again, everyone, for your support. Let's keep on rockin!

2021-06-08 05:41:59

Great first day!


Hey everyone - welcome to our Slow City Blues campaign!
This first day was quite the adventure. Lots of chatter online about this crazy comic series debuting on this brand new crowdfunding platform featuring à la carte rewards. And we're loving it! Keep spreading the word and let's grow this thing together!
A few news items:
The cutoff for the 48 Hour Sale items is 10am PST on Wednesday for all of you wondering when you'll need to act on these special rewards and rates by.
And, speaking of rewards during the first few days, all supporters over the first 48 hours will automatically be entered to win this original page (a $300 value)! The more rewards you get, the more chances you have, as each item equals one entry.
Finally, we've made a few price alterations: the Derrick Chew Virgin Variant Cover for Issue #2 in the Add-Ons section has been lowered from $25 to $15 (for the one supporter who already acted on that higher rate, don't worry you'll be credited the difference). Also, Retailer Variant of Issue #1 (Randy Green Cover) has been relisted in bundles of 5 instead of individually.
Thank you to all of our day 1 supporters -- we're looking forward to a really fun campaign with you all!


Can I purchase more than 1 item?

YES!  We encourage you to purchase more than 1 item! That could be multiple copies of the same reward, or you can mix and match rewards! There is no limit, unless otherwise stated in the reward description. 

What's the idea behind the Rewards and Add-Ons? Can I get both?

Rewards are the priority items that the creators have chosen for the campaign. Add-Ons are meant to be secondary items that are 'unlocked' after you buy something from the Reward level. There are no restrictions on buying Rewards, but you can only buy Add-Ons if you've bought a Reward. Zoop sets this up under the direction of the creators. Some may choose to only have Rewards, some may choose an even balance of Rewards and Add-Ons, and others may choose to only have one or two Rewards with the rest of the items being Add-Ons.

Will there be a post-campaign period where you can make changes and get add-ons through a 'pledge manager'?

No - this is it! We're essentially your in-campaign pledge manager. If you are interested in supporting these creators, this is the time to do it!  And it's the exact reason we allow you to purchase as many rewards as you want during the campaign!

If I purchase rewards and then want to make changes to that purchase later on in the campaign, what is the process?

If you want to make changes, you should first cancel your original order and then start over with a new one. If you don't do that and simply process an additional order, the way our system is currently set up you may end up being overcharged for shipping -- which we could remedy for you, but it just takes that extra step of catching it and crediting you back the extra shipping, so please try the prior way first.

Where can I find your shipping rates?

Since we have an a la carte rewards system, shipping rates will vary from supporter to supporter. We use a weight-based calculation system in your checkout cart, though, so, after you enter your country, you'll be able to see it calculated in real time with each item you add.

Do you ship to my country?

Our campaigns are for a worldwide audience unless stated otherwise in the campaign. All international orders are sold with the terms DAP (Delivered At Place). You are responsible for any duties and taxes required for the shipment's entry into your country. Our carriers may require you to pay taxes and fees related to importation and customs brokerage of your shipment -- but if your item is really low in value, it may fall under the customs de minimis of most countries. For more information, please contact USPS.

If I got a reward that requires some feedback from me, how do I let you know my request?

You could e-mail us at with that info during the campaign if you'd like to get it out of the way. Otherwise, we'll be reaching out to all supporters of rewards that require feedback shortly after the campaign is over.

Any other questions / comments?

Please e-mail us at and we'll get right back to you!

What items can we get signed by the Slow City Blues creators?

In this campaign, the only items they'll be signing will be the hardcovers (the ones with the Paul Pope and Doug Mahnke covers), but if you wish to have any of your other rewards signed, keep a lookout for in-store signings, especially in Southern California and Colorado late '21 and early '22, as well as eventual convention appearances, which we'll keep you posted on.

How do I cancel a transaction?

You can either access the transaction through your account and click the cancel button, or contact us at and we'll cancel it for you and send back a confirmation email.
Cancellations of rewards or add-ons of $500 or more must be made before there are 72 hours left in the campaign. The reason for this is it can have a negative effect on the tally of the campaign. If it is a limited reward or add-on, there may not be sufficient time for someone else to purchase it, leaving the campaign possibly not funded. We ask for your courtesy of the people running the campaign when making these decisions.

What does Zoop use for checkout and when would my credit card be charged?

We use Stripe for checkout, and the interface is entirely pre-made by them. Once there, you have 15 minutes to complete the transaction. Stripe then holds the credit card info until the end of a successful campaign and charges it shortly after the campaign is over. You'll get an email confirmation with a summary of rewards and charges both after the initial pledge and after the actual charging of the card (try looking in your spam folder if you don't happen to see it in your inbox).

Does Zoop save my credit card info?

Zoop does not store or keep your credit card info. Stripe simply holds the credit card info until the end of a successful campaign and then charges it. It is strictly for this one time use and won't charge it ever again.