Small Bites: Stories of Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction

by Matthew Wilding

Seven short comic stories written by Matthew Wilding, all with different artists. Exploring a variety of complex and challenging worlds, this collection includes cameras that see into the future, a werewolf court procedural, human sacrifice in space, and man-eating squirrels.

For fans of: 1990s Vertigo, 1950s EC comics, and pulp horror, scifi and fantasy in the tradition of Weird Tales.

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Small Bites Digital Edition

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Get yourself a digital PDF copy of Small Bites: a comic collection of horror, fantasy, and sci-fi stories by Matthew Wilding and a whole mess of artist collaborators. Seven stories, 44 pages.


Small Bites Physical & Digital Editions

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You want to hold this thing. I get it. Physical & Digital PDF copies of Small Bites: a comic collection of horror, fantasy, and sci-fi stories by Matthew Wilding and a whole mess of artist collaborators. Seven stories, 44 pages.


Small Bites: Signed in Blood [Ink, really]

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You get Digital & Physical editions, with your hardcopy signed by writer Matthew Wilding in some very fun, very visible ink.


Small Bites Dream Maker Tier

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Let's be honest, here--You're out here supporting indie comics and helping creators like the ones in this book get stuff out there. We get that. You want to help? Do a little extra? Back this tier. You'll get signed Physical & Digital PDF editions, a thank you in the inner front cover of the book, and any assorted goodies I can sneak into your box (think pins, stickers, love notes, etc).


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Sequential Decay Digital 2-for-1

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In addition to a Digital PDF of Small Bites, grab a Digital PDF of Nightmare Man, a 24 page psychological horror one-shot by Matthew Wilding & Matt Rowe, and an 8-page the folk horror story "Little Things" by the same team.


Sequential Decay Physical 2-for-1

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Physical (and what the hell, Digital, too) copies of Small Bites, and the limited edition version of Nightmare Man--Matthew Wilding's and Matt Rowe's psychological horror comic, which also includes the 8-page folk horror story "Little Things." Signed or unsigned. Your choice.


Curious Creator Digital Bundle

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Want to see how the sausage gets made? Get a Digital PDF of Small Bites, as well as the scripts for each story.


Be a Hero: Small Bites Sponsorship

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Oh, you really want to help out? You want to back this dream? You want me to owe you? Great. Here's the tier for you. Pledge $100 or more (and by all means, feel free to pledge more, and I'll thank you in very big letters, send you 1-5 Physical copies, a Digital PDF, and I'll send you a letterpress printed Small Bites Thank You card made by my wife on an early 20th century printing press limited to the amount of pledges this tier receives.


Original Art: Matthew Manghi

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Want to support this project and get your hands on some original art? Good news, friends--Matthew Mangi, who illustrated "Prelude to War in Our Proud Lands," has offered to illustrate the story's protagonist in a single, one-of-a-kind 6"x8" ink illustration. Backers will also receive digital and physical copies of Small Bites, and assorted other goodies.


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Extra physical copy of Small Bites

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Extra physical copy of Nightmare Man

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Get a copy of the book that started it all. Also includes the horror short "Little Things." Only available with physical orders.



Written over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, writer Matthew Wilding (writer of Nightmare Man, which was successfully crowdfunded in 2020 and will be released by Source Point Press on May 25, 2022), teamed up with over a dozen up-and-coming artists from all over the world to tell short, unsettling, and often otherworldly stand-alone stories in the tradition of EC Comics, 2000 AD, and Heavy Metal. 


Small Bites, the first of what will be an annual project, includes art from:


  • Among Primitives - art by Matt Rowe (Canada)


Squirrel Park - 4 pages, art by J. Schiek (US)


The Lapse - 4 pages, art by C. Hess (UK)


  • Advance Notice - 8 pages, art by Flavio Giron (Argentina)


  • Prelude to War of Our Proud Lands - 4 pages, art by Matthew Manghi (US)

Lucky That Way - 4 pages, art by Raymond Lolacher (Canada)


  • Children of the Ark - art by Domenico Pagano 


  • Cover by Miguel Mora (Mexico)


With the help of supporters like you, we can get this thing sent to the printers the day this campaign ends! Digital editions will go out in April, and Physical editions will (printer gods permitting) be in your hands by May. So what are you waiting for? Do this thing! There’s a story in here for you!


What people said about Wilding’s last work, Nightmare Man:


"The real terror of Nightmare Man are its casual, cruel truths: we exist only to serve hungry, looming shadows, and we can never escape the devils that gleefully torture our darkest hours. And that our worst fears rock a killer stache."

-D.G. Chichester, Daredevil, Nightstalkers, Nick Fury


“Darkly funny and genuinely unnerving, NIGHTMARE MAN is a bad dream that I hoped would never end."

-Frankee White, 20 Fists and Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood


"Nightmare Man is an absolutely spooky delight and Matthew Wilding is the future of comics. Keep an eye on him, he’s due for some awesome things."

-Steve Urena, Slow Pokes

Stretch Goals

$3500 - Small Bites stickers with every physical order


$4500 - Small Bites 1” button with every physical order


$5500 - We’ll add a story to the collection


$6666 - Special alternative cover option


Art for all but one story is completed. Coloring and lettering are in process for three others. This whole project will be completed and ready to send to the printers, with digital assets going out the day after the campaign is over.


7 months ago


Well, after a month of constantly posting and talking about it, the campaign to fund SMALL BITES is over, and thanks to you it was a resounding success. 
Over the next few days, Zoop is going to be collecting pledges and will then pass all your pledge info to me. Then I will get the names of everyone who is supposed to be thanked in the covers, and then I'll send this baby out to the printers.
I *anticipate* this being printed and sent out to backers by the first week in June, but I do want to mention that there is an ongoing paper shortage which may cause fulfillment delays on physical copies. That said, the printer is still reporting turnaround time of just a few weeks, so I'm hopeful! Regardless, digital rewards will be going out by early May.
I'll also be making an announcement soon regarding my next project, the long-awaited first issue of my and Matt Rowe's pirate adventure book, FREE HANDS. When we make the detailed announcement, you'll all be the first to know.
I want to thank everyone who supported this campaign, whether with their dollars or just helping to spread the word. Big thanks to Zoop and to the creative team, who all did great work. The collection will be in your hands soon! I can't wait to hear what you think!
Matthew Wilding
7 months ago

Final 24 Hours!


We're coming into the homestretch. One Stretch Goal (stickers with every physical order) has gone down -- can we make it two??

7 months ago

8 Days to Go

We're in the last stretch for this crowdfunding campaign, and it's been a big success in large part to those of you who are backing, sharing, and spreading the word. We're very close to our first stretch goal of $3500, which will earn stickers for all physical backers.
We've also gotten some early reviews in that I wanted to share: 
We've also received the final pages for the collection fully colored and lettered, thanks to Sean Baggs and Toben Racicot respectively. As soon as the campaign is over, I'll be compiling the thank you page and then it'll be off to the printers without delay!
Thanks for supporting this. 
-Matthew Wilding
8 months ago

Thank You!

Wow. We got over the top in less than 5 days! That's pretty spectacular. 
I want to thank everyone for your support so far. I'm genuinely shocked and thrilled about it. Using a new platform like Zoop, I was really concerned that it would be hard to convert, but you've shown me yet again that there's a good number of folks out there who have faith in the work of my collaborators and me. 
I wanted to show some more art as well! Here are the first 4 (of 8) pages from Advance Notice by me and Flavio Giron. 
I'm revealing more art on Twitter an Instagram, so make sure to follow to keep up, and I'm hoping that we can get to 100 backers in the next few days, at which point I'll reveal the rest of this story. 
I've also got more art in from Nathan Ooten, more colors from Aaron Baggs, and more letters from Tobin Racicot. All art and lettering will be 100% completed before the campaign is over on April 14, and after I collect backer info for credits, I will send it to the printer immediately, and fulfill digital orders. 

I am really thankful for all of the support I've received so far. Thanks to the backers, to Zoop, and to everyone who's working on the project. If you would be so kind as to share this page with friends who might be interested, I'd genuinely appreciate it. 
8 months ago



24 hours in and we're already over 30% to goal! Thanks so much to all of you for supporting this project. 


We've got more art coming in that I'll be sharing as the campaign goes on, and we're starting to get endorsements from other creators who have received previews. The first comes from comics legend  D.G. Chichester, who wrote a classic run of  Daredevil, as well as  Nightstalkers, Terror, Inc, and  Clive Barker's Hellraiser:
"Matt Wilding and his collaborators have served up an enjoyable taste of midnight with these short, sinister tales of supernatural and existential shudders. Some are the comfort food of established terror-tory. Some hit particularly hard with smart, sharp-toothed metaphors of real world monsters. Some are too quick to subjugate humanity to rodents.
If I have a complaint, it’s that some end abruptly: I want another beat to appreciate the dread — or even another fistful of pages in the twisted world building. If I have a worry, it’s that there are many moments of menace delivered with a fair bit of grisly authority. Maybe too much to account for talent alone. Which means they’re probably channeling things from some horrific “other place.” Which means we should all be very, very worried…"

More to come, but thank you all for backing, sharing, liking, etc. Support from you folks is what gets projects like this off the ground and in the world. 


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