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Snow White Zombie Apocalypse #0

by Brenton Lengel

28 Days BEFORE Snow White awakens to Prince Charming’s Kiss: A prequel to the twice Ringo Award-nominated dark fantasy series.

This special edition comic will be the first time this story has seen print!

"A brutal, bloody, and badass mashup of fairy tale magic and undead horror... if you like your comics with hyperkinetic action and pitch-black comedy, then look no further than SNOW WHITE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE." - David Pepose (Ringo Award-Wining Writer of SPENCER & LOCKE, The OZ and Savage Avengers)


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"I'm Bit!" (PDF x2)

All pledges of $6 or more: Your name will be added to a list of our shambling "Zombie Horde" and pub...




Postal Zombie (Signed Postcard + PDFs x 4)

Pledges of $9 or more will receive a limited-edition postcard with SWZA art signed by series creator...




Walker (Signed Book)

Be one of the FIRST to own a SIGNED copy of Snow White Zombie Apocalypse #0 **Special Edition** 22 P...




Digital Zombie (PDF Catch-Up)

Want to experience the series digitally? At this level you will recieve a digital PDF of SWZA Vol. 1...


2 / 50


Slow Zombie (SWZA #0 + SWZA One-Shot)

Everyone loves classic Slow Zombies! For those of you who came late you can get your undead claws on...




Fast Zombie (Signed SWZA #0 + SWZA Vol 1. TPB)

Be one of the FIRST to own a SIGNED copy of Snow White Zombie Apocalypse #0 AND the 150+SWZA Vol. 1...




Variant Zombie (Signed Variant Copies of SWZA #0 + Your choice of two limited edition variants of SWZA Vol. 1 TPB)

Same rewards as "Fast Zombie" but with a twist: instead of the standard covers you get the super rar...




Big Bad Alpha Wolf (Signed SWZA #0 + SWZA Vol. 1 COLLECTOR'S EDITION HC)

The Alpha Wolf gets what he wants! Same rewards as Fast Zombie, but this time instead of the TPB you...


3 / 10


Rapunzel's Death Wish (Cameo)

Ever wanted to be in a comic? At this level your gruesome death (or shambling corpse) will be added...




Make Me One With Everything!

Can't choose? At this level you will receive 1 copy of everything that has been created for SWZA up...


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Through the (Bloody) Looking Glass (Cameo as a recurring character)

If you're going to step through the gateway between worlds and join the blood-soaked world of SWZA,...




Tip Jar

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SWZA Bookmark

A 2x7 double-sided Snow White Zombie Bookmark featuring Snow White and Rapunzel. Flip it to root for...




SWZA Sticker Sets 1 + 2

Ten custom stickers for five dollars!




SWZA "MtG" Pack 1

The first set of "MtG"/"Gwent" Homage Cards! This first pack includes 11 cards a PHENOMINAL deal at...




Midnight Sky #0 (Signed)

A signed and numbered copy of Scout's Midnight Sky #0. This comic was specially released for 2019's...




Durruti: Shadow of the People #1

A copy of "Durruti: Shadow of the People #1" first edition, signed by writer Brenton Lengel.




Patch and Pin Set! + Tarot Cards!

A phenominal deal! Three Enamel Pins and three High-Quality Patches AND the Devil, Death and Helios...




SWZA Tarot Sets 1-3

The official SWZA Tarot Cards have been one of the most popular premiums since the series' inception...




Magic Coin Set! (x3)

That's right you can have two *Magic Coins* from Prince Charming's Kingdom. The first features his f...


1 / 50


SWZA #1 Carla Cohen Variant (SIGNED Misprint)

The rarest of the rare covers! Carla Cohen did an incredible Dealer Exclusive for Collector's Cave....


0 / 10


SWZA #1 Silverbax Wolf Variant SIGNED + NUMBERED

A signed copy of one of the LAST Silverbax Wolf variant covers for SWZA #1. Only 250 were printed an...




Blood-Covered King Coin

That's right you can have an *actual coin* from Prince Charming's Kingdom featuring his father, the...




Patch Set

Two High Quality Iron/Sew on Patches



If you're just encountering it now, Snow White Zombie Apocalypse (SWZA to the cool kids) is a comic series created by Brenton Lengel. The first issue, drawn by Dark Horse Comics alumnus & Ringo Award-nominated Inker Hyeondo Park and colored by Jio Butler, was published by Scout Comics to widespread audience and critical acclaim; was rated one of the top 50 indie comics of 2019; and was nominated for TWO 2020 Ringo Awards along with titles from comics industry greats like Stan Sakai, Mariko Tamaki, David Pepose, Coleen Doran, & Neil Gaiman!


The second, third, and fourth issues were drawn by Luana Vecchio (of Image Comics) Now, with the full series about to launch nationwide Brent, Hyeondo, and Luana are asking for your help to create a special edition of the series's FIRST PREQUEL ISSUE and bring Snow White Zombie Apocalypse to comic readers around the world!


There's plenty of zombie and fairytale media out there, but you have never seen anything like Snow White Zombie Apocalypse. This isn't just a survival/horror story - SWZA is an epic dark-fantasy romance that pulls as much from Bruce Lee and Neil Gaiman as it does from J.R.R. Tolkien and George A. Romero.


If you’re a fan of Fables, Sandman, The Walking Dead, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer you will fall in LOVE with Snow White Zombie Apocalypse.


You'll want to read (and back) this comic because this is a story unlike any other: Snow White awakens to True Love's Kiss...twenty-eight days after the zombie apocalypse! With the seven dwarves dead, the quintessential fairy tale princess must join forces with her polyamorous Prince Charming and his tough-as-nails paramour, Rapunzel, to wage a losing battle against death itself. SWZA is a story of deep woodsand old magic mixed with a healthy dollop of blood, sex, kung fu, and gender politics. Way more than zombies and fairy tales as usual!





"SNOW WHITE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is one of those natural ideas that, as a writer, you smack yourself in the forehead and wonder why you didn't think of it yourself. Thankfully, we can all devour its tasty characters and delicious storytelling as readers."

Ron Marz (writer for Green LanternSilver SurferWitchblade, & Marvel vs. DC)


"S.W.Z.A. is one of the cool kids on the indie scene.  It's a fun, compelling blend of everything we loved growing up…fairy tales with magic and wizards, along with Sunday morning kung-fu, AND a mishmosh of monster movie moments.  It's survival horror and Hollywood romance.  The people who made this book love what they are doing and it shows on every page."

-Karl Moline (artist co/creator of Fray & Route 666)


"A brutal, bloody, and badass mashup of fairy tale magic and undead horror... if you like your comics with hyperkinetic action and pitch-black comedy, then look no further than SNOW WHITE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE."

- David Pepose (Ringo Award-Wining Writer of SPENCER & LOCKEThe OZ and Savage Avengers.)


Writer -

Brenton Christopher Lengel is a writer of plays, screenplays, comics, and novels. In addition to a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Kentucky, he has trained under comics legend Ron Marz, Kentucky Poet Laureate Gurney Norman, and Emmy-Award Winning screenwriterJacob Kruger.  Brent is the author of the Ringo-nominated comic series Snow White Zombie Apocalypse and Durruti: Shadow of the People. He is also a Professional International Wilderness Adventure Guide and Appalachian Trail 2000-Miler. Brent holds a black belt in Oyama-style Kyokushin karate. He is currently working in collaboration with Rogue, lead singer of the chart-topping goth/darkwave band The Crüxshadows.


Artists -

Hyeondo Park is a Ringo-nominated inker and comic book artist. Born in Soul South Korea, he holds a bachelor's degree in cartooning from the School of Visual Arts. His life and art are a work in progress.

Luana Vecchio studied comics at the International school of comics in Rome. She first broke into the comic book scene drawing a short story about 'Empress' for the Millarworld Annual 2017 published by Image Comics. Later she worked for Confidential Comics drawing the LGBTQ+ miniseries 'A Knight in Kansas City'. In 2020 she debuted as a writer and artist with 'LOVESICK' horror/erotic comic published on Comixology Submit.


Letterer -

Joel Rodriguez is the Head of Design at Scout Comics and Entertainment, Co-CEO/owner of Brink of Reality Productions, and Co-founder of Metal Ninja Studios. Joel has lettered multiple titles for Scout Comics (including Phantom Starkiller, Vlad Dracul, and Stake), Wannabe Press (Cthulhu is Hard to Spell: The Terrible Twos), and several Kickstarted titles, including his own series, The Dusk County Chronicles.


Editor -

Andrea Lorenzo Molinari is a co-writer/ co-creator of The Shepherd graphic novel series, originally with Caliber Comics but now with Scout Comics’ horror imprint Black Caravan. Molinari has a Ph.D. from Marquette University and is an editor for Scout, currently supervising over thirty titles. In addition, Molinari also has served as an editor for Caliber Comics, the Spanish publisher, Amigo Comics, Action Lab and Behemoth Comics.

Stretch Goals

At $6,000 we will create the final four Tarot Cards in the Major Arcana, one of which will be free to everyone who gives at least $20 (not including shipping)


At $7,500 we will release a commemorative SWZA D20 for Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop roleplay. Free to anyone who gives $20 or more (not including shipping)


At $10,000 we will release a custom SWZA Poker Chip, free to everyone who gives $30 or more 


At $12,000 we will create a Snow White Coin which will be free to everyone who give $50 or more (not including shipping)


At $16,000 we will create the first six full-color pages of “Reign of the Blood-Covered King #2” a prequel/parallel ashcan series featuring the further adventures of Jack the Giant Killer, a digital PDF will be free to all backers at $5 or more. 


All comics are done, with the exception of the bonus material for the SWZA Graphic Novel, which is currently being drawn and should be completed before the end of the year. 


Even after successfully funding and fulfilling FIVE kickstarters, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, there are always unforeseen delays. However, I’m motivated to get this fulfilled as quickly as possible. Everyone always gets their rewards and I always make sure to throw in something extra for the ones that got seriously delayed. 


As for the production of the physical pages, all the art coloring and lettering for issues #0-#5 and the Graphic Novel are DONE (with the exception of the new never-before-seen SWZA stories that Ralf Singh and Kit Buss are currently working on.) 


The main risks and challenges (as always) will center around printing and distribution, which can cause slight delays depending upon contractors.Paper supply is also an issue, but one I’ve been able to work with.

All we need to do now print, and ship SWZA #0 to you while we finish Vol. 1 and issues #5 & #6!

Bottom line: I will move heaven and earth to make sure you have the book as soon as is humanly possible!

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