Stone Harbor Comics Launch

by Royce Adkins

We are Stone Harbor Comics! An indie comic book company driven to provide new and engaging science fiction stories that champion diversity.

This is your chance to help some fresh new voices be heard in the comic book industry. Get in on the ground floor as we kick things off with the very first collections of our two flagship titles: Legend of Althea & BioPunks!


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Legend of Althea Vol. 1 (Standard Cover)

8 claimed

Collects all 5 issues in the Legend of Althea series
into a Softcover Trade Paperback.


Legend of Althea Vol. 1 (Zoop Exclusive Cover)

11 claimed

Collects all 5 issues in the Legend of Althea series
into a Softcover Trade Paperback.


BioPunks Vol. 1 (Standard Cover)

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Collects all 5 issues in the BioPunks series
into a Softcover Trade Paperback.


BioPunks Vol. 1 (Zoop Exclusive Cover)

4 claimed

Collects all 5 issues in the BioPunks series
into a Softcover Trade Paperback.


Stone Harbor Comics Launch Bundle Pack

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Get both Legend of Althea Vol. 1 and BioPunks Vol. 1
Zoop Exclusive Editions.



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Launch Bundle Pack, both books signed by Royce, and BioPunks Spinal Core Pin. Plus your name in a special Supporter Section in both books! Be a part of history and have your early support of Stone Harbor Comics' first releases documented in the books themselves!


Legend of Althea - Get BOTH Covers

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Get both Legend of Althea Vol. 1 covers:
Standard and Zoop Exclusive Edition.


BioPunks - Get BOTH Covers

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Get both BioPunks Vol. 1 covers:
Standard and Zoop Exclusive Edition.


Digital Legend of Althea Issue #1 & BioPunks Issue #1

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2 PDFs, DRM free



Digital Legend of Althea Vol. 1 & BioPunks Vol. 1

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2 PDFs, DRM free


Digital Sign Language Editions of Legend of Althea Vol. 1 & BioPunks Vol. 1

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2 PDFs, DRM free


Digital Spanish Language Editions of Legend of Althea Vol. 1 & BioPunks Vol. 1

2 PDFs, DRM free


Tip Jar

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If you want to add a little something extra to jumpstart Stone Harbor Comics' entry into the world of publishing, you can increase in increments of $1 by simply pressing '+' in the quantity field during checkout until you reach your desired amount. Much appreciated!


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Get your books signed by Royce

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Get it while it's hot!


BioPunks Spinal Core Pin

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Limited Edition, Glows in the Dark!


Get drawn into Legend of Althea

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Get drawn into issue #5 of Legend of Althea as a background character


Get drawn into BioPunks

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Get drawn into issue #5 of BioPunks as a background character

Video Intro

Our Story

Stone Harbor Comics is launching with two entertaining series, BIOPUNKS and LEGEND OF ALTHEA, with many more in development! We’re currently completing the first volume of both series and are aiming for an early 2022 release. Your support will not only help us finish and distribute each volume, but also allow us to achieve our goal of expanded accessibility, as we intend to provide a digital in-picture sign language interpretation, along with translating each volume into Spanish.

The Comics



Legend of Althea is a sci-fi/coming of age story about a teenage girl named Althea who receives the ability to heal people following an artificial heart transplant. After her dad succumbs to an unknown terminal illness, Althea must learn to harness her new powers to save her dad before his time runs out. But when The Wolf Pack, a notorious street gang, learns of her abilities, they seek to use Althea for their own selfish agenda. As if trying to finish high school wasn’t hard enough!



Preview pages:







BioPunks is a sci-fi/action story about three physically altered subjects who gain special powers from an experimental procedure meant to cure them. Now they must band together to fight off a relentless force who seeks to harness the source of their power, The Spinal Core. 



Preview pages:







Stone Harbor Comics Universe:


Legend of Althea and BioPunks occur in the same near-future/alternate reality where technology has advanced to the point where artificial heart transplants are standard practice, and a new age of neurotechnology is transpiring. In short, companies race to discover new ways to improve people's lives that will, in turn, make them lots of money. 


Socially it's the TikTok generation now grown up. Influencers are the new celebrities, making everything commodified. Late-stage capitalism is in full effect, and the wealth gap increases every quarter. Lower socioeconomic neighborhoods find themselves displaced to make room for more and more business. Overall, racial and economic tensions are rising due to this.


A shift is happening in the entertainment industry. People from all walks of life demand representation in the content they consume. It's a battle cry that we can no longer ignore. The arrival of Black Panther and Shang-Chi is proof of this. However, there is still much work to be done, especially in the science fiction space. These exuberant stories of amazement and wonder have historically targeted a particular group, thus excluding people of color. The purpose of Stone Harbor Comics is to place a more diverse group of characters in the captains' chair of their own spectacular folklores for the next generation to enjoy.



Funding received from this campaign will go into printing and distributing of each volume and paying for sign language interpreter. Additional funding from our stretch goal will go into paying for the Spanish translation of each volume.


Upon a successful campaign, we plan to finish up both series' issue #5's and then start shipping the comics out in Q1 2022. If we achieve our stretch goal, this will include the Spanish translation as well.

Stretch Goals


2022-05-06 18:24:55

Artwork is Complete!


Hey all,

Spoke with Royce, and he has great news!  The artwork for all the books is complete!  They are now going through the process of proofing, checking, and getting final page counts for the printers.

Once that is done, we'll start the configurations of the books, meaning the type of paper, the binding, covers, etc.  

Onward we proceed.  We thank you all for your support and patience!


2022-02-17 17:52:47

The final issue in BioPunks Vol. 1 is almost complete!


Royce's latest Instagram post

2022-01-18 21:23:53

Update from Royce!


2021-12-09 18:29:48

Quick update


Still taking care of a few special case supporters. Royce is hard at work on the creative. Printer discussions have begun and we'll be ready to move forward early '22!

2021-11-18 22:12:39

What a Finish!


Thank you everyone who came out to support on the final day. We got to the century mark in supporters, and over the $8k mark in pledges -- which means the second Stretch Goal was unlocked! What is the 'Digital Art & Media Package'? Stay tuned to find out!
As far as the next steps, credit cards will be charged over the next week, and then, after taking care of a few special cases, Royce is going to spend the rest of the year putting the final touches on the books, and then we should be heading off to the printer right at the beginning of 2022!
Things are in flux due to the pandemic and other factors, and shipping delays are common, but we're going to be honest and transparent and keep you updated through each step of the printing and shipping process.
Thanks again everyone!!

2021-11-15 07:19:23

Final Day!


Alright y'all, let's all get those last minute pledges in if you've been holding out for whatever reason. It's time to make some history and finish strong for Stone Harbor Comics' debut!


Oh, and here's a nice interview that Royce recently did with Wayne Hall from Major Spoilers:

2021-11-10 06:19:15

Spanish Language versions are a go!


Órale! You guys have now busted through the first stretch goal and unlocked the Digital Spanish Language Editions of both books! We can now use this extra funding to have everything translated and adapted for our Spanish speaking friends and family. Head to the Rewards section, where you'll now find that new option available for purchase. 
And, for everyone that has already gotten a digital copy, you'll have the option after the campaign is over to choose between the English or Spanish versions. We've got you covered!

2021-11-04 19:58:06

Funded! Thank You!!


Thanks to you fine supporters, we've blown past our goal! Now we can focus on getting it to $7000 so we can unlock Spanish language editions of Legend of Althea Vol. 1 and BioPunks Vol. 1!
Still plenty of time left to get more friends in the mix and tell them all about the great stories we've got cooking! Let's go!

2021-11-03 18:45:18

Approaching Funding + Some New Interviews

Royce Adkins

As our second week comes to an end, we’ve inched even closer to our goal! I’m excited to share that we are currently over 80% funded, and it’s all because of the tremendous support everyone has shown towards the campaign. I couldn’t be more grateful. But our work isn’t done yet. We have two more weeks left to reach our goal and, if time allows, check off some of our stretch goals as well. So, let’s keep the momentum going by spreading the word that Stone Harbor Comics is here to stay!


In the meantime, check out my latest live interview with “205Z: Time & Salvation” author Jason Michael Primrose, along with a few other talented creators of the future here:


Plus I just did an interview with Black Sands. Check it out!

2021-10-20 15:54:12

One More Day Left for First Week Specials!


Hey y'all - if you wanna get in on the sale, you best not let that ship sail! Tomorrow morning at 9am PST we'll be shifting the pricing on all of the physical rewards to the regular amounts, no longer discounted. If you're on the fence, you better commence! OK, we'll stop now.

2021-10-15 15:25:56

Great First Day!


We're making waves. The word is spreading. There's a new publisher in town! Stone Harbor Comics is here!
Thank you all so much to all of the supporters who have hopped on board so far. And for all the folks still on the fence, come on in, the water's fine! Grab some comics and, better yet, who's gonna be the first to be drawn into the final chapters of each book?!? Hurry up before someone else beats you to it...


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