Talgard Tome Two -

Talgard: Tome Two

by Gary Proudley + various

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Talgard is a sellsword. But a sword alone isn’t enough when you’re facing off against wizards, barbarians, monstrous creatures, and even gods. If he’s to survive, Talgard will need every ounce of his cunning and guile too. Follow Talgard’s journey as he travels the realms, earns some coin, fights some foes, and maybe even imparts a pearl of wisdom (or two) on his apprentice, Tydral.

This sword-and-sorcery anthology from Gestalt Publishing is 80 pages and comprises a series of four-page vignettes, all written by Gary Proudley and illustrated by 19 Australian artists, including Eisner-nominated Campbell Whyte, Al Barrionuevo (Batman, X-Men), Gary Chaloner (Will Eisner's John Law), and a host of others.