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Lost Children of Andromeda: The Arrival

by Jason Michael Primrose

The awakening of humanity begins...just as the world starts to end

Already a succesful sci-fi book series, The Arrival is the first official comic book from the Lost Children of Andromeda universe. This story follows Allister Adams, the main character of the LCOA series, as we learn the origins of his abilities and the apocalypse. A catastrophic superstorm threatens the unsuspecting citizens of Cumberland Falls, sending Allister and his father Patrick on the run in hopes of survival.

You don’t want to miss out on the first edition of the first comic in the next global sci-fi franchise!

For fans of: Akolyte (Konktre Comics), Althea, Miles Morales Spider-Man, X-Men, Avengers, Justice League, Raising Dion, Black Panther. It's Harry Potter meets Black Panther meets Ready Player One.

Genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Dystopian, Apocalyptic, SuperHero


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The Arrival (Digital Only) (All 3 Covers)

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The Arrival - Digital Extravaganza

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The year is 2040. Twelve years before the projected apocalypse. A team of scientists contracted by the military known as The Andromeda Project are tracking the arrival of an alien energy from another galaxy. Lead on that project are two rivals, Captain Nicolas Delemar and Professor Patrick Adams. No one knows how the energy will arrive and what damage it could do to the planet, so Patrick has worked diligently to create protection mechanisms at the projected site of the landing, Cumberland Falls, Kentucky. 


Allister Adams, a boy with the curiosity and fear of any seven-year old, has accompanied his dad, Patrick, to his workplace at Andromeda Power, the nearby plant. In this story, we are plunged into the lingering aftermath of a severe thunderstorm. We feel a young boy’s angst and a protective parent’s uncertainty in lines like, “Storms aren’t meant to hurt us. That’s just Mother Nature telling us how she feels.” But the violence in the sky feels anything but natural. Something is coming that will change Earth forever. Could it be the beginning of the end? 


It soon becomes clear that courage will be the only light that can lead Allister and his dad. And even that may not be enough to survive.

The Ask

When I polled the community in 2022, I asked what other format they would enjoy LCOA in. The overwhelming majority chose comic books/graphic novels. Well, I listened, and here we are, ready to release ISSUE #1!! 


1. With your support today, Lost Children of Andromeda enters the realm of comic books and graphic novels. LCOA is a story that can be enjoyed across generations for years to come. It’s the perfect mix of sci-fi fantasy adventure and character driven narrative. What your support goes toward are the formatting costs, cover art costs, the comic’s interior pages, plus obviously the printing and shipping costs. 


2. As an Independent-publisher, the only way this comic gets to your bookshelf or to fellow sci-fi fantasy/speculative fiction fans is with your support. Word of mouth is essential in an ecosystem that doesn’t trust advertising, and in some cases, media. Trust each other, trust yourselves. Follow your intuition.


YOUR SUPPORT allows the Lost Children of Andromeda to expand into new formats in a world craving more inspiration and great stories. This page is for sci-fi fantasy film and TV enthusiasts, speculative fiction literature enthusiasts, comic book and anime enthusiasts, and any young creatives looking to break free and create and live with courage. You have the opportunity to cherish your imaginations, allowing yourself to escape into a new universe full of dynamic characters and supernatural lore.


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Jason Primrose (Script + Story)


As seen in Forbes, VentureBeat, and DeCrypt, Jason's thriving career began with him serving as “the storyteller behind the curtain”, and has blossomed into him unveiling his own power as a creative force.

A BIPOC author, who also identifies as LGBTQIA+, Primrose recognizes Web3's opportunity to provide equity and access for often overlooked artists of all disciplines from marginalized communities. Lost Children of Andromeda, his magnum opus, is story expressed as art, music, and literature, and underscores how our untapped potential is, in fact, our greatest superpower.

His approach to building LCOA follows this principle —illustrating to creatives the possibility in pursuit of what is seemingly “the impossible” — one can follow an untraditional artistic path, find innovative methods to grow community, and attain sustainable, possibly even scalable, success.


Alexis Vásquez (Interior Art)


Alexis is an illustrator who loves fantasy, science fiction and stories. Born in Peru, he started his journey in the field of biological science, and then switched to art after discovering his passion for painting, illustration and storytelling. He now works doing artwork for different types of projects.


AndWorld Design (Lettering + Formatting)


AndWorld Design is a design and production studio founded by veteran creator Deron Bennett. Our talented roster includes DC Hopkins, Erika Terriquez, Josh Reed, Justin Birch, JAME, Morgan Martinez, and Tom Napolitano. We provide lettering services for several publishers, such as BOOM!, Z2, Image, Dark Horse, Vault, IDW, Oni Press, AHOY, and DC Comics. In addition, we also produce typesetting, cover design, and illustration for Amazon Publishing. You can see our work on such acclaimed titles as Something is Killing the Children, Canto, and Nocterra. AndWorld’s team of artists has garnered multiple Harvey, Ringo, and Eisner nominations for Best Letterer.


Jared Olsever (Cover Formatting) 


Jared Olsever is a queer multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Toronto, Canada. After a Studio Arts education from George Brown College, he received a Digital Media Arts diploma from Seneca College at York University in 2011. He continued exploring various mediums such as painting, sculpture, digital media, portraiture, and figurative painting. Olsever explores his creativity using video, graphic design, digital illustration, and acrylics to develop narrative compositions around his identity.

Jared uses robotics, fantasy, cartoons, and religious themes to display the impact of programming in the world he grew up in. An amalgamation of these motifs in real life often forces people to become products of their environments, coded to act and feel a certain way. His work presents a crossover of psychedelic healing, confrontation of a problematic past and reclamation of one’s existence while calling for freedom from conformity.


Max Taquet (Cover Design - The Arrival Movie Poster)


Born in Brussels in 1989, Max Taquet makes visual fictions inspired by science fiction. His work seeks to express a sense of contemplation and exploration while leaving the field free to imagine your own stories. He invites you to observe these places with attention, and to get lost in them.


Caanan White (Cover Design B+W Cover)


Caanan White is an illustrator of of the mid west.  He began his career in 2008 working with Avatar Press, on a historical fiction book called Uber by famed Marvel writer Kieron Gillen, and the historical graphic novel Harlem Hellfighters, written by Max Brooks.  Since then he’s worked on covers for DC, Marvel, Zenescope, Image Comics, a host of various Indie comic projects.  Currently has a book in the works with Stranger Comics based on a story written by Sebastian Jones and Thuso Mbedu.


Ian Sebastian (Cover Design Color cover + Art Print)


Ian was born and lives in Indonesia. He loved everything about art since he was a child and that's when he started learning to draw. Like most Indonesian children his age, he was very influenced by art from Asia, especially Japanese manga. He really idolized Eichiro Oda at that time, then when he actually started his career as an artist after finishing his degree, his style was heavily influenced by Jorge Jimenez, and several other great Italian artists, such as Simone Di Meo, Federico Vicentini, Dike Ruan, and several senior Indonesian artists such as Ario Anindito, Admira Wijaya, and Ardian Shaf. Now Ian is stretching his gifts, working closely on Konkret Comics titles Luna and Dejavu. He did the full color cover for The Arrival, Lost Children of Andromeda's first comic. 

Stretch Goals

$25,000 - Unlock The Arrival Print “Movie Poster”

$30,000 - Unlock 205Z: Incursion Belladonna Print “Preview Poster” for all tiers


Completed: Full Inks, Lettering, Covers

To Be Completed: Formatting, Printing, Additional Rewards


2 months for formatting and comic/rewards Production including holidays (November through December 2023)

2 weeks shipping to fulfillment 

2 weeks to fulfill 


So estimated Ship Date: by late January / early February 2024 


The great news is...I've done this before, so the project comes with hardly any risk, as I have all of my partners sourced for formatting, editing, book design and printing. The comic is in a great place in terms of content, there are just a few final things needed to bring it over the finish line. Please reach out to hello@wearezoop.com if you have any questions!

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