The Black-Jack Demon vol. 1

by Nick Hermes

1894. Deep in grief, young Silas Pritchard races across the American West to kill the thing that brutally murdered his father. In this first chapter of The Black-Jack Demon, follow Silas as he begins to ask himself the question … what is the price of revenge?

This campaign features a Zoop exclusive cover for the trade paperback (which collects the first three issues, plus Hermes' little seen comic debut, the sci-fi one-shot, The Eternity Corridor), along with signed copies, retailer bundles, a limited amount of the sought-after "tall" version of issue #1, and other rare works.

Steven Leitman from GƎEKS raved, “it sounded good, but boy let me tell you this is so much better than I could have hoped for.”

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