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Jim Starlin's THE BREED Omnibus

by Jim Starlin

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He has taken you to the stars and beyond, now Jim Starlin takes you to Hell. Starlin’s other epic creator-owned series, Breed, is the story of Raymond Stoner, a down-on-his-luck ex-soldier who discovers his true heritage: he is the half-breed spawn a demon father and a human mother. Now Raymond must defend our world from demonic hordes, all while trying not to lose own humanity.

Collected by Monkey Wrench Press for the first time ever in a hardcover, the Breed Omnibus contains all three Breed series, plus a wealth of extras, at more than 550 pages of Jim Starlin goodness!

My Second Favorite Monster
"Breed, like Dreadstar, came to being during a wildly transitory period in the comic book business: computers were getting added to the mix. With Dreadstar’s start we suddenly got double the number of colors we could use in a book, including never-before-available shades of gray.  By the time I started laboring away on ‘Breed the computers had taken over completely on both the lettering and the coloring.  Now an infinite number of hues could be utilized.  I started using the computer to write Dreadstar halfway through its initial run, the scripts being handwritten before then.
But the drawing, for me, remained analog, as it does to this day. Looking back at ‘Breed is a real pleasure.  I think I did some of my best ink work on that initial ‘Breed run. Having just recently reread the series, I’m still proud of the story.  Even decades later I find it engaging and Raymond Stoner’s tale fascinating.  I’m so pleased that we can now offer his journey to a new generation of readers and give the old fans a fancy omnibus edition to put on the ol’ bookshelf."
- Jim Starlin