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The Fury, The Maelstrom, and The Kiwi

by M.H. Cali, Elsa Charretier, Liana Kangas, Skylar Patridge, Alison Sampson & many more

This is a story about revenge.
A story about having nothing left to lose.
This is definitely not a tale about redemption.
Because once you’ve fallen this far, there’s no way back. Darkness will consume you until your soul is dimmed, and your ideals have vanished.
You’ve been warned.

It's Kill Bill meets Atomic Blonde in this sapphic spy tale by an all-star lineup of creators.

*EARLY BIRD SPECIAL* Free Exclusive Print of Kej's Illustration for all first week physical backers (see Early Bird section below)!


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Kangas - Digital PDF MockUp

Digital PDF

A digital copy of the whole 140 pages graphic novel





Paperback Cover A (Kangas)

One physical copy of the 140 pages graphic novel with spot gloss. Main cover by Liana Kangas





Paperback Cover B (Sampson)

One physical copy of the 140 pages graphic novel with spot gloss. Alison Sampson's variant cover




Skylar Patridge - Variant Cover

Paperback Cover C (Patridge)

One physical copy of the 140 pages graphic novel with spot gloss. Skylar Patridge's variant cover




JawsStoneVariantCover - Mockup

Paperback Cover D (Stone)

One physical copy of the 140 pages graphic novel with spot gloss. Jaws Stone's variant cover




Luce-Antoinette - Variant Cover E

Paperback Cover E (Luce-Antoinette)

One physical copy of the 140 pages graphic novel with spot gloss. Salomée Luce-Antoinette variant co...




Two Copies Choice

Custom Bundle Duo - Your Choice of Covers

Two copies of the 140 pages graphic novel with spot gloss. Any covers of your choice. Let us know in...




Bundle Reward

Paperback Cover A + Print Set Bundle

One physical copy of the 140 pages graphic novel with spot gloss (Main cover by Liana Kangas) + Prin...




Karma Bundle

Paperback Cover A + Print Set + T-Shirt Bundle

One physical copy of the 140 pages graphic novel with spot gloss (Main cover by Liana Kangas) + Prin...




Retailer Bundle

Retailers bundle

Five copies of the paperback at a special pricing. Can be any combination of covers. Let us know you...




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Tip Jar

If you want to add a little something extra for us hard workin' creators and administrators. You can...


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Kangas Commission Examples

Liana Kangas Artist Choice Commission

Single character headshot - Liana's choice


1 / 3


Jordan - Commission Examples

Jordan Brown 11x14 Commission

Full Body Single Character Commission - Minimal background. Let us know your request in the NOTES se...


0 / 5


Original Page - Jordan Brown

Jordan Brown Original Page

Your choice of an inked original page from Issue 2 drawn by Jordan. Pages will be sent to backers so...


0 / 5


Original Page - Laurie Ya

Laurie Ya Original Page

Your choice of an inked and colored original page from Issue 1 drawn by Laurie. Pages will be sent t...


0 / 3


Michiums - Commission Examples

Michiums Ink/Gouache Commission

Full Body Single Character Commission. Let us know your request in the NOTES section at checkout.




Print Set

Print set

Print Set of the Variant Covers + The Exclusive Elsa Charretier Illustration




Karma T-shirt

Elsa Charretier's Illustration Exclusive T-Shirt

Drawing by Elsa Charretier. Design by Liana Kangas. Quote from Kiwi Script. Unisex sizing S-2XL Bell...



Disclaimer: Each artist has their own style, and we think there’s beauty in seeing a story through different artistic visions. That’s why each of the five issues comprising this graphic novel is drawn by a different artist. We hope you’ll find the reading experience as rewarding and unique as us.

We think we assembled a stellar team to bring this tale to life, and with your support, we can finish making this graphic novel a reality for all to read!



#Early Bird

Free Limited Print by Karolina “Kej” Kruszewska exclusively for first week supporters (Physical Rewards)!




#Stretch Goals

Full disclosure: The ideal funding goal would be twice as much, but everyone involved really wants this project to see the light of day. Which means that interior artists agreed to start at a lower page rate with hope that we can surpass the initial goal and ultimately reach an optimal rate.

Each creator involved deserves to be paid a fair wage for their work, and so all the money from this campaign (except the part for production and shipping as seen in the budget chart) will serve to pay them.

As such, if we surpass our goal, every dollar in excess will be applied as a pay raise equally between everyone.

Thank you for supporting real human creators!




All covers and illustrations are already done as well as about 20% of the interiors.

Once the campaign is funded, the timeline will go as follows:

  • August 2024: Remaining interior art drawn and colored

  • October 2024: Lettering done

  • November-December 2024: Production and shipping of the rewards.

Every artist and creator involved has agreed to the schedule provided above and is set on respecting it. Rewards should be in backers hands this Fall.

While there are always hurdles we could face, everyone on the team has agreed to deliver the final files according to the timeline provided here, and are reliable creators. Plus, a good portion of the content is already done, and so the risks of running into delays on our side are minimal.

In the event where we are to face any hurdles during production, we will always be transparent and communicate with backers at every step of the way to keep you in the loop. We truly believe that communication is key during any project, and this won’t be any different.

Good news or bad news, you can expect to hear from us, and we’ll always be there to answer any inquiries you might have at any step.

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