by Juan Ponce, Gavin Guidry & Marco Finnegan

A middle-aged office drone and his dysfunctional family are confronted by his past; a league of genetically enhanced super assassins.

Thirty-Three is an over-the-top dark action comedy and family drama. Think John Wick meets Raising Arizona, with a dash of Die Hard for good measure. Fans of Barry and WandaVision will feel right at home here, as will readers of Birthright and The Vision.

This 116-page book collects the first five issues of Thirty-Three, a series that was created for the mature comic reader looking for high stakes action, but also nuance. Brought to you by writer Juan Ponce (Marvel Voices: Comunidades, The World's Strongest) and amazing artists Gavin Guidry (Captain America: The Ghost Army, Going to the Chapel) and Marco Finnegan (Lizard in a Zoot Zuit, The Keeper), this is a wild ride you won't want to miss!


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33 Digital Trade & Digital Issue Collection

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A PDF copy of 33 Volume 1: a 116 page digital book. The digital versions of the 5 issues that make up 33 Volume 1.


33 Volume 1 Main Cover

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33 Volume 1 Will Rosado Variant Cover

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33 Volume 1 Bex Glendining Variant Cover

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A physical copy of 33's first 116 page trade, with Bex Glendining's variant cover. This reward also includes the digital version of the trade and the digital verions of all 5 of 33's issues.


Two copies of 33 Volume 1

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2 physical copies of 33 Volume 1, any combination of same or different covers. 33 digital trade and five digital issues included.


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Digital Commission by Gavin Guidry (headshot & bust)

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Digital Commission by Marco Finnegan (headshot & bust)

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Twenty-five years ago Thirty-Three was literally one of the world's deadliest assassins, maybe even the deadliest. Until one day he escaped the world of a killer and created a whole new life, he became Andrew West. 


Cut to the present, Andrew is divorced, stuck in a soulless desk job, and is living in a crummy apartment. It’s not exactly the life Thirty-Three imagined. 


Unfortunately for Andrew, the past has come back to haunt him and his loved ones–his past being a league of superhuman assassins. Now, to ensure his family’s safety, Andrew must transport his ex-wife, young daughter, and teenage son across the state of California to a safe house. A safe house he's never actually seen! Throughout this journey Andrew will have to come face to face with those he's hurt, including himself, all while trying to fight off the world's deadliest mercenaries.


"If you enjoy National Lampoon’s Vacation or The Equalizer, you’ll want to back Thirty-Three. Ponce displays excellent storytelling, and I’m curious to see what he comes up with next. The life the Wests set up for each other based on trust, honesty and transparency is depicted beautifully in the final snowy pages by Guidry and Fisher. Back this project now if you’d like to see it in its full glory” -


Main trade cover by Gavin Guidry


Variant trade covers by Bex Glendining (Edmonia Lewis, Penultimate Quest, Rolled & Told, Lupina) and Will Rosado (Green Arrow, Detective Comics, G.I. Joe, Teen Titans, La Borinquena)











A comic book writer from Los Angeles, California. Juan has self-published multiple shorts and full length comics, he's also worked with publishers, such as Marvel Comics, A Wave Blue World, and Action Lab Entertainment. His most recent projects include Marvel Voices: Comunidades, The Dead Beats 2 Anthology, and The World’s Strongest. Twitter: @ElOzymandias



An amazing freelance illustrator and comic artist from the New Orleans area. Currently he's been working on Captain America: The Ghost Army for Marvel/Scholastic, as a Lineart Assistant for Brent Schoonover. Other credits include drawing the interiors for Going to the Chapel, and Deadly Living, as well as drawing covers for Army of Darkness, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Transformers: Beast Wars, along with several other shorts, single issues, and miniseries. Twitter: @gavinguidry


MARCO FINNEGAN, ARTIST (Pages 1-22, Issue 1)

Lives in Temecula, California. He's an educator by day and writes and draws comics by night. Marco has written and drawn beautiful graphic novels for Lerner Books, Abrams Books, and Image Comics. Some of his most recent titles include Lizard in a Zoot Zuit, The Keeper, and Crossroad Blues. Twitter: @marco949



Is making his comics debut in the pages of 33! Michael lives in Covington, Louisiana. In addition to being a brilliant colorist, Michael is a very skilled logo designer. Prepare to be blown away! Twitter: @deadly_colors


ELLIE WRIGHT, COLORIST (Pages 1-22, Issue 1)

An incredible and prolific freelance comic book colorist from Ireland. Ellie has worked for companies such as Dynamite Entertainment, DC, Top Cow, image, Oni Press, Comixology Originals, Vault and many more! Her most recent titles include: We Only Kill Each Other, Betty Page: The Secret Diary / Unbound, and The Black Ghost!Twitter: @elliewrightart



A powerhouse letterer and artist from California. Gabriela has worked with Image Comics, DC Comics, and well established indie creators. Some of her most recent titles are Superman: Future State, Stray Dogs,Sensational Wonder Woman, and Helm Greycastle; and that's not even scratching the surface! Twitter: @HARMZ_sh


ARIANA MAHER, LETTERER (Pages 1-22, Issue 1)

A super talented and prolific digital letterer from the Pacific Northwest. She's worked with both independent creators, as well as several notable comic book publishers, including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Boom Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, TKO, and Skybound. A few of her titles include Excalibur, Demon Days, Winter Guard, Marvel Voices:Comunidades, and Detective Comics! Twitter: @CommentAiry



Brittany Matter is a multi-genre writer and editor with a deep love for comics and coffee, and currently contributes to She edits the ongoing series Miranda in the Maelstrom and Super Best Friend. Her self-published comics are available on Gumroad, and she has a story in the forthcoming Off Into The Sunset anthology. Twitter: @brittanymatter



Taylor Esposito is a comic book lettering professional, owner of Ghost Glyph Studios and teacher at the legendary Kubert School. A former staff letterer at DC and production artist at Marvel, recently he has lettered titles such as Red Hood and The Outlaws and Harley Quinn: The Eat, BANG, Kill Tour. Twitter: @TaylorEspo

Stretch Goals

$6,000- A never before seen art print will be made available as an add-on.


$7,000- All five issues of 33 will be printed and be made available as a physical bundle pack add-on.


$8,000- A Zoop backer exclusive variant cover will be made available. 


Thirty-Three is complete. Given shipping and printing delays, the physical copies of the book are estimated to arrive to supporters in late April. Luckily you won’t have to wait long to read 33 -- two weeks after the campaign is complete, March 11, all digital rewards will be sent to backers.


6 months ago

Printing Is Done!

Hey team Thirty-Three!
Apologies for taking a while on this update. Please know that I have been doing my best to get Thirty-Three into your hands. 
Preparing a 120 page book for print proved to be a bit more challenging than originally expected. 
Unfortunately we missed our April delivery date, but I just got some BIG NEWS from the awesome people at Zoop! Printing is done, and the books are headed to fulfillment! The wait is almost over! Your books are about to ship!
Thanks a million for all your patience everyone, you’re all the best! I can’t tell you how much this means to me and the rest of the creative team. We couldn’t have done this without you!
I can’t wait for y’all to see what we created, and to hear your thoughts!
Thanks again, 
8 months ago

Digital copies being sent out!


As promised, digital copies will be sent out to all supporters tomorrow, 3/11, so look out for that in your inboxes!

In the meantime, we're prepping files for the printer and will keep you posted on how that's progressing.

9 months ago



I can’t say thank you enough, but here goes! 

Thank you to everyone who supported 33, whether it was by backing it or spreading the word, I love y’all! And thank you to @WeAreZoop!

We worked so hard on this series, to know it’ll finally be out in the world is incredible. ❤️🙏🏽

10 months ago


Hey everyone!
Juan Ponce, the writer of Thirty-Three here. First off, I’d like to say thank you so much for your support! We hit over $1,000 dollars in less than 24 hours! You’re all magic!
I’d like to welcome you all to team 33, if you’re a returning backer from KS, welcome back! We’re off to a great start 1/5 of the book is now funded and I have no doubt we’ll reach our goal this time.
Since 33 is complete, no backer has to wait long to read it. You can expect the e-version of the trade in your email no  later than two weeks after the campaign is over! In addition to this you’ll receive the digital versions of all of 33’s issues! These  issues will be full of cool bonus content!
Thanks again for coming onboard, and  thank you so much to Zoop for everything they’ve done for our crazy little indie book. 
More updates coming soon! 


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